Your FIAT Story – Collection 4

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Italy has inspired some of the greatest stories ever told. With your help, we’re merely adding to the collection. We love to hear your fondest FIAT memories, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. Don’t forget, you can share your FIAT story with us over in the FIAT Story Booth. Who knows? Maybe your story will be featured in our next batch of favorites. You can see some of our previous favorites here: 12, 3. Ginny Llames

I knew I wanted to buy a FIAT 500 Pop with manual transmission; however, I didn't know how to drive stick. In September 2011, I went on a few (shaky!!!) test drives with my sales representative, and eventually drove my little Bumblebee off the lot with the bare minimum of stick shift driving skills. Since then, I have become notably fluent in driving stick. I like to think that my FIAT 500 and I have grown together!

Often when I'm driving and I have my window down, someone from the car next to me will ask how I like my FIAT. I always say that I enjoy every minute of driving it. Additionally, when fellow FIAT 500's pass me by, they give a friendly honk, which is a reminder of the sense of community this charming car generates.

Peter Mason

In the early 70's when I was stationed in Germany during my 7 year stint in the Army I owned a FIAT 125 sedan. It was a red 1968 model with a tan interior. I really loved this car, it ran so well and it didn't matter if there were 4 people in the car and I was going uphill, it still performed beyond my expectations. A friend of mine later in life owned an 850 Spyder which I had the pleasure of driving now and then. That too was a fun car to drive. Then in the 80's I traded cars with a co-worker who owned a FIAT X 1/9. Now that one was really a blast to Drive. When my son was still a baby and would not go to sleep at night I would take him for a drive in the X 1/9 and the hum of the engine would put him right to sleep.

All in all, I have had a lot of fun with the FIAT. Want another.

Sharon Carlisle

I remember driving the little FIAT Bienchena back and forth to the University of Georgia in the Sixties. We also had a FIAT bus that took us (a family of seven) to Daytona every summer where my Grandparents would be waiting for us. Pictures of our FIAT vehicles, my little sister Bambi and my Grandparents are still waiting for us in Daytona.

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