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  Italy has inspired some of the greatest stories ever told. With your help, we’re merely adding to the collection. We love to hear your fondest FIAT® memories, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. Don’t forget, you can share your FIAT story with us over in the FIAT Story Booth. Who knows? Maybe your story will be featured in our next batch of favorites. You can see some of our previous favorites here: Alexandra Stewart

I had been seeing these attractive little cars all over for some time in 2012. In October 2012, I was going on vacation and the trip would be over 1600 miles, so I rented a car. I requested an economy car and when I arrived to pick up the rental, it was a royal blue FIAT 500. I was so excited! I could now find out for myself what it was like to drive one, and on such a long drive I would really know what all the hype was about regarding gas mileage and comfort.


When I returned home from my 1600-mile vacation I added up all my receipts and was amazed at the fuel total for the trip. Only $130.00. The next day after returning the 500, I went to the dealership and purchased my own Chiaro Verde FIAT 500 Pop! I am thrilled! I am a FIAT devotee and I love it! 

Catherine Hauser

My partner and I had been looking for a new car since the start of 2013. Several different makes and models crossed our mind, but it wasn't until March that our minds were made up. Participating in our local St. Patrick's Day parade, my float was directly behind our local FIAT dealership. Their "float" was a 500 Cabrio, and I could not stop staring at it!



After doing some research as soon as I got home, visiting the dealership and test driving to our heart's content, it only took two more weeks from the first day I spotted the FIAT 500 to make our purchase - a Sport, the very first one we test drove!

We could not be more in love with our choice. The features, the look, the value and the excellent buying experience make us want to go for a ride everyday - even if it's just down the block!

Tomm Furch

I love this '79 X 1/9! A small racing accident with the original forced me to build the current version out of three: running gear from one, body from another (only 635 S/Ns apart!), and the engine from a third. This little car loves it here on the mountain roads in the High Rockies of Montana. And I love to be the one to point it where we want to go


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