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Italy has inspired some of the greatest stories ever told. With your help, we’re merely adding to the collection. We love to hear your fondest FIAT® vehicle memories, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. Don’t forget, you can share your FIAT vehicle story with us over in the FIAT Story Booth. Who knows? Maybe your story will be featured in our next batch of favorites. You can see some of our previous favorites here. Nick Vadala In 1961 we arrived in Messina, Italy, aboard the ship Olympia. Two steamer trunks with many other pieces of luggage were loaded on top of a FIAT Multipla along with seven of us, plus the driver. That car, with all of us, drove us to Torre Faro; my first ride in a FIAT vehicle! It didn't skip a beat. With all its strength it brought us to our ancestral home. That's why, today, FIAT vehicles are and always will be a part of our family. 

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Doug Bies My wife were at Fall Fest in Sister Bay, WI, when we saw a raffle for a FIAT 500. I had seen one only once before and thought they looked really neat. My wife and I bought a $20 raffle ticket, and I knew right away that we were going to win that car. I kept telling my wife the whole next week that I couldn't wait till we could pick up our FIAT 500. The following Sunday we were sitting watching TV and my phone rang, and sure enough it was the raffle people and we had won it! We love our FIAT 500 and will never part with it. I tell everyone how much I love my FIAT 500, the best car ever!   Bert Whetstone   The first time I heard about the new FIAT 500 was in an automotive magazine back around 2008. I loved the look of the interior! It wasn't long afterwards I heard that the 500 might be coming to the USA, and I was looking forward to seeing one. But what really put it over the top for me was in 2009 when I saw a segment on TV where the host drove the Abarth. I had to have one after that, and I was thrilled when I learned that the FIAT brand planned to bring the Abarth to the USA. I bought a 500 Lounge as soon as they went on sale here, and I traded the Lounge in for an Abarth as soon as they became available at my local studio. I've loved it ever since and have been fortunate enough to have the Abarth out on the track twice at Daytona Speedway! FIAT Storybooth 22   Do you have a FIAT vehicle story of your own? Share it with us!

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