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Italy has inspired some of the greatest stories ever told. With your help, we’re merely adding to the collection. We love to hear your fondest FIAT memories, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. Don’t forget, you can share your FIAT story with us over in the FIAT Story Booth. Who knows? Maybe your story will be featured in our next batch of favorites. You can see some of our previous favorites here. Hazen Nester One test drive. That’s all it took. After putting a ’12 500 Pop into Sport mode and leaving the Studio lot, the entire experience left me a giggling fool — from the exhaust note to the nimble handling to the aesthetics. It was no longer a question of if I would get it, but when. The answer was a week later! I smile every time I see it parked outside my building, and now that the weather’s warmer, I drive around with the windows down, feeling on top of the world and turning heads.

FIAT 500

This is the first car I’ve ever had that I feel reflects my personality. A fantastic piece of machinery! Rita Linda My first FIAT was a 4-door sedan, 4 on the floor — which my father bought for me when I graduated high school in 1969. In fact, he bought two of them — one for me and one for my brother. They were identical, except my brother’s had white walls. At that time my father paid $1,900 for each car. I drove it for more than 15 years before trading it in for a new car. I know it would have driven well for another 15 years if I had kept it. It was my baby before getting married and having a family. It stayed with me in college and after I got married, when I would tote the kids around. I really miss that car. Kurt Stevens   FIAT runs in my blood. My first car was a ’78 FIAT 128 Saloon. At that time my brother was driving a ’74 124 Saloon and my dad owned a 1968 850 Spider. Sadly, we were forced to try new things when FIAT left America. These days I’m loving my 500T and my brother is restoring a 124 Spider. Welcome back to the USA, FIAT!

Turbo FIAT

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