New Year Resolutions with FIAT®

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  The dawn of 365 shiny new days is the perfect time to plot a fresh path forward. If you’ll be traveling that fresh path in a FIAT® 500, why not include it in the hallowed New Year’s resolution tradition? Here are a few suggestions for making 2013 a great year for both you and your ride.   Get Fit You: Almost everyone promises to hit the gym more often after the holidays, but then work or school or…pasta gets in the way, and you’re back at square one. This year, focus on a specific, attainable goal – say, training for your first 5K – and you’ll be more likely to stick with your new program. Your FIAT: Fresh air and hydration are vital to you and your 500. Pledge to change its oil and filters at recommended intervals. Also keep its fluids topped off and its tires inflated to the proper pressure. Peak performance throughout the year is as easy as committing to this regular (and easy) maintenance.   Learn Something You: Have you always wanted to dice through a pepper like the chefs on TV? Strum a guitar like a coffeehouse hipster? Draw a person not composed of sticks? Let this be your year! Enroll in one of the inexpensive enrichment classes your community center or college most likely offers. Your FIAT: It can be hard to keep up with a modern car’s advanced features, so learn what it’s really capable of. For instance, did you know you can elevate your the steering, engine and shifting response  of your 500 with one push of its standard “Sport” button? Now you do! And there’s more to discover. Take a driving course, or spend the day out on the track. You can always fine tune your skills and a little quality time with your Cinquecento never hurt.   Live Out Loud You: Yes, fitness and learning are important, but we’re FIAT, so we can’t have you spending all of 2013 doing what you’ve always done. You have a passion for life! It’s about time that you take the leap. Get that edgy haircut (it’ll always grow back). Ask out someone way hotter than you (maybe while standing next to an Abarth). Go shark diving (in a cage, with licensed professionals). Your FIAT: Pick a weekend to drive off in a new direction. Find a new national park and invite friends for a winter tailgate. If it’s warm where you live, pop the top on your FIAT 500 Cabrio and discover a new coast to cruise. Hit your local amateur track and put your Abarth or  FIAT 500 Turbo through its paces. There’s really no wrong way to spend quality time with your FIAT.   Just make sure that throughout 2013, you take time to unplug and reconnect with what truly matters. It’s often the little things that pack the most reward – something we know well at FIAT.

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