Smart, Modern Security: Standard on Every FIAT® 500

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  When it comes to designing a car, one of the most important things to consider is keeping the driver and passengers secure and comfortable while riding. Today we’re taking a special look into the safety and security of the FIAT 500. Let’s start at ground level and work our way up. When you look at the wheels of a FIAT® 500, you see the exterior of polished aluminum alloy, but behind that style is something that helps drivers every day on the road: Electronic Stability Control (ESC) & All-Speed Traction Control. Now what do these fancy-sounding systems have to do with keeping you on the road? Using strategically placed sensors throughout the car, ESC determines which direction you intend to drive and compares that with which way the car is actually going. If it senses the two don’t match, it applies individual or all brakes to correct the direction and bring the car back under control. When it comes to inclement weather, the All-Speed Traction Control’s abilities are felt as the system works in tandem with the braking system and torque limitation to prevent wheel slip. 445 The stability of the FIAT 500 doesn't stop at road level. FIAT has spent countless hours crafting, designing, and testing the best-suited frame for the 500. What we came up with is a computer-designed steel cage that channels the energy away from the driver and passengers by absorbing it in defined front and rear crumple zones. How does that transfer into terms you can appreciate? Well, being awarded a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an accolade we can definitely appreciate. Now that you know some of the facts behind what helped the 2013 FIAT 500 receive a 4-Star Overall Crash Test Rating by the NHTSA, why not experience some of the fun? Find your nearest FIAT Studio or click here to schedule a test drive!

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