Presenting the FIAT 500L-Vans Design Concept

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10509512_10152586060824485_7854260146920978538_n We are excited to announce our new partnership with Vans! For decades, Vans has been a brand for those who choose to live a lifestyle that revolves around creativity, fun and competition. And these are all things that ring true with the FIAT brand; from the hundreds of customization options we offer on our vehicles, to our heritage of Italian racing, we’ve learned that self-expression and the drive to succeed is what fuels our drivers. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Vans at the 2014 US Open of Surfing (USOS), an event that embodies the best of creative competition. The USOS is a week-long surfing competition held annually during the summer in Huntington Beach, California. The U.S. Open is part of the qualification process for the ASP World Tour and is an ASP Prime event. It’s the largest surfing competition in the world! Starting today, the USOS brings together the top surfers from across the globe to compete at one of the most popular surfing competitions in the world. And we’re going to be right in the middle of all the action, bringing you live coverage on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. But we didn’t want to just team up with Vans during this year’s USOS, we wanted to totally immerse fans into the worlds of both Vans and FIAT USA throughout one of surfing world’s most eagerly anticipated events. That’s why we are proud to debut the FIAT 500L-Vans design concept. This slick ride features tons of customizations that make it unmistakably Vans while keeping it undeniably FIAT. The FIAT 500L-Vans design concept will be on display at the USOS for fans to get an up close look at all of the sweet features. Can’t make it out to Huntington Beach? Well, don’t worry we’ve got the full run down of what makes the FIAT 500L-Vans design concept so special. Inspired by Vans’ Sk8-Hi, which is a Vans classic shoe, and created as a joint effort between Vans and FIAT USA designers, the FIAT 500L-Vans design concept  features many custom aesthetics, both inside and out: Interior features –
    • Vans Canvas Pattern fabric with white and blue leatherette and leather accents
    • Vintage Vans Logo Stickers through the years detail on instrument panel trim
    • Vans waffle pattern Sole Texture on rubber surfaces and pedals
10525796_10152586060809485_1480186433315713770_n 10552491_10152586060799485_6526829640240408446_n 10519179_10152586060819485_6000065271219601825_n 10553588_10152586060789485_6533832990741712213_n Exterior features –
    • Unique Vans Checker roof
    • Matte and gloss paint with gloss black accents
    • Off-road LED daytime running lamps in integrated brush guard
    • Unique cladding with pronounced fenders
    • Roof rack with basket and surf board double decker
    • Shoe sole waffle pattern accents (grille, step pad and rear cladding)
    • 18” wheels with higher ground clearance and wider track
10492173_10152586060849485_592773660553597631_n We’re excited for our fans to get an up close look at the FIAT 500L-Vans design concept at the USOS! What do you think of our newest concept vehicle? Tell us below in the comments!
  • saltysurfer

    Bring back the spider. Had friends who loved their two seater.

  • WQ

    Love it! would love to have one! Or maybe a matching pair. hehe.

  • Christa Richard

    I had a spider for 13 years. Loved that car.

  • Robyn

    That looks badass!!!

  • Rebekah Burns

    I love it! I would love to be seen riving this around!

  • Dane

    We love our Fiat 500 Lounge did not think the current new 4 door fiat was very cool but this one is off the charts. I do think you should offer it with out all that van logo stuff on the inside. Some will like some wont. Also I would love to see a two door version. Very cool !!

  • AJ Mecca

    Put this in an all wheel drive.

  • OR Nurse

    I have a 2012 FIAT Lounge. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. Great handling, even in snow. And terrific gas mileage (34/42). But give me back my 1977 FIAT Spider manual. That was true love.

  • Redabarth2013

    Looks great. I will buy one when you ditch the roof rack and make it awd.

  • angelo b

    I have a 500l lounge fully loaded…love the car…but ill tell you what if you make it in all wheel drive I would definitely by another one for the winter months

  • Lars Samuelsson

    I love my Abarth 500 but for winter here in Ohio I would love to add a 500 L with the european version diesel
    and 4 wheel drive.

  • Kiona Ona Silvertooth

    Way cool!!!!

  • Mike

    Absolutely love our 500 Lounge, but never really considered the 500L. However, this could design would mean two Fiats in the garage! Love the Vans version – especially the graphics.

  • Fiat 500e owner

    Just fell in LOVE with the four door! MAGNIFICENT!!! VANS Rock and now the four door does too!

  • melinda

    Very cute….as others have said, AWD would make it even better…regardless, good job!

  • Gazza

    Make it a Turbo Diesel and AWD and I will buy one tomorrow !!!!

  • Jef Krohn

    Proud owner of the 500L – Would love to get my hands on the trim kit for the front bumper for mine. Any chance you could make that an accessorie?

  • T W

    Way cool, surfs up! From the cal kid who owns a black 500L would gladly trade for this one!

  • Jane

    Hey guys, check out the iPhone Dock for Fiat at It looks promising, unlike its name.

  • Dan

    Very nice. Reminds me of the Panda Cross, which I hope we see in the U.S. What a fun SUV that looks like.

  • Wow. Thank you for sharing this experience with
    us………..and for the challenge.amazing piece of work!

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