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  We know how much you love your FIAT 500®, which is why you take such good care of it. You have your tires rotated every 5,000 miles, and you get an oil change every 3,000. But before you cross off the last item on your checklist, whether you’re tuning up your FIAT 500 Abarth or 500c, we want to help you make sure you’re really doing everything you can to ensure a smooth ride. There are simple things FIAT vehicle owners can do on a regular basis in order to keep their vehicle in top condition. Check out this mileage check-up guide to see how you can improve the lifespan of your FIAT 500! Every 20,000 – 30,000 miles

Engine Air Filter: The exact timeframe on when to replace the internal combustion air filters in your vehicle depends on where you spend most of your time driving. If you often drive through areas where the air is filled with larger dust and dirt particles, these air filters might need to be replaced more often.

Automatic Transmission Fluid: The automatic transmission fluid works to keep parts of the transmission cool and running smoothly. It’s recommended you change your transmission fluid at least once every 20,000 to 30,000 miles to prevent any damage.

Cabin Air Filters: The cabin air filter affects the vehicle’s heating and cooling systems while preventing particles from entering the cabin. It is recommended the cabin air filter be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. It may be changed up to twice each year for maximum benefits.

Every 30,000+ miles

Crankcase Filter: The crankcase filter, also known as the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) filter, ensures that the fumes used by the engine are pollutant-free. If the filter is not working properly, the fumes in the engine can become contaminated, causing the vehicle to run inefficiently. The filter should be changed at least every 30,000 miles, but it can be changed once each year as a precautionary measure.

Fuel Filter: The fuel filter prevents contaminants from entering the fuel system. If the fuel filter is not working properly, fuel flow may become restricted. This may cause your vehicle to stall or start hard. The fuel filter should be checked at least every 30,000 miles or once each year.

Spark Plugs: The spark plugs, as the name implies, provide your vehicle with the spark that gets your engine started. Because spark plugs are such a vital component in your vehicle, it is recommended they be replaced every 30,000 miles.

Spark Plug Wires: Like the spark plugs, the spark plug wires undergo a lot of use. The wires carry the charge from your vehicle’s distributor to the spark plugs. It is recommended the spark plug wires be tested before being replaced. They should be checked regularly with the spark plugs every 30,000 miles and replaced as necessary.

Extra Checks to Keep in Mind

Distributor Cap: The distributor cap is the component that directs high voltage from the ignition coil to the spark plugs. You should keep an eye on your vehicle’s distributor cap for signs of damage, particularly as your vehicle ages. It should be replaced immediately if you notice signs of excess dirt, fire damage, or cracks and breakage.

Brakes: It is recommended that your brakes be checked every 20,000 miles and repaired as necessary. If the brakes are making unusual sounds or are not responding as normal, this could be a sign they need a tune-up. If the brake pads are less than ¼ inch thick, it is time to replace them.

As you take your FIAT 500 in for its regular tune-ups, be sure to remember these necessary checks to keep your car running as smooth as the day you first bought it. And as always, please consult your owner’s manual for vehicle-specific recommendations or contact your local Studio to speak with our certified technicians. What other checks or replacements do you do to make sure your FIAT 500 is always ready to hit the road? Tell us in the comments below!
  • Abarth owner

    As a Fiat blog you should know that the recommended oil change interval for these cars is much more than 3,000 miles. The recommended interval for my Abarth is 8,000 miles. Please help to stop the myth that modern engines need oil changes every 3,000 miles. It is a waste of oil and a waste of money for car owners.

  • MReneeSimmons

    I am livid! My local dealer insisted on rotating the tires when they saw wear to the front. As a result, I had to buy a full set of tires 2.5 years from date of purchase of a brand new vehicle! I didn’t believe that tires should wear as fast. They say the life of the tires is 30K anyway, but I’m sure those tires could have lasted longer if they were rotated at every service or 5K miles. Between zero and 32K, those knuckleheads never rotated the tires! I had to ask them to move the rear to the front to “buy time” before I replaced all four tires. Then they were mad that I did not purchase the tires from them — paid less for longer wearing tires. Perhaps if they told me the TRUTH or serviced the tires accordingly, I wouldn’t have opted for the same type of tires. How can you expect customers to be LOYAL when the service department is LAX? I would name the dealer in question, but my case has already been escalated, I’m just mad that I came across this, which confirms what I suspected.

    • Mike

      Your post is a little confusing. You say your dealer insisted on rotating the tires, but then you say that the dealer didn’t properly rotate the tires. Saying that the dealer was insistent suggests you were resistant to them being rotated… If you were the one resistant to them being rotated, why are you upset that they weren’t rotated more? You wanted the dealer to be more insistent?

      I understand your overall problem is that the dealer didn’t rotate the tires properly and then got pissy when you didn’t buy new ones from them… but the way you wrote it makes that pretty confusing, since the first thing you say is that the dealer insisted on rotating them.

      • MReneeSimmons

        Correct: The dealer ONLY insisted on rotating the tires AFTER I had the car for 30K miles. Since it’s a front wheel drive, I thought that was a natural part of the way the tires wore, but alas…

        • Mike

          Ah, that makes sense then. Yeah, they were definitely wrong. My dealership rotates my tires with every oil change without question. Sorry to hear.

          • MReneeSimmons

            Me too! I know I would have needed the tires either way — just not as soon. That was $350 I didn’t have to spend during Christmas. They’ve since granted me 3 free oil changes, which is about $72 -$102. They also replaced a battery, which was something like $200 with labor and took a nail out of my tire free of charge. The service tech who had been stiffing customers on maintenance is no longer there so things should be better going forward

      • Teresa Scott Halldorson

        I just wanted to let you know, that your tires have a warranty on them for the amount of millage they are rated for. i.e. 35,000. In the event they don’t last that long, then you can take it back to place of purchase and have them replace tires and claim with warranty. I just learned this process myself.

  • Francis

    I changed the spark plugs and the air filter on my 2012 fiat 500c lounge. after I finished the car run very smooth but the CEL (check engine light) is on . Can any one tell me what did I do wrong and how to reset the CEL. Thanks a lot.

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