Introducing the FIAT® 500e

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FIAT 500e

Are you searching for a companion who, like you, is environmentally sexy? Look no further,because your match may only be a test drive away – meet the 2013 FIAT® 500e.

Available exclusively in the Golden State, California drivers will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of this electrified Cinquecento, but no matter which state you roam the roads in, we want to give you an inside look at what makes the 500e a truly unique driving experience.

FIAT 500e Structure

 If you lust after a partner with stamina, you’re in luck – the FIAT 500e is powered by a state-of-the-art battery-electric powertrain that allows the vehicle to cruise meaningful distances. Achieving a range of more than 80 miles, the 500e can reach an astonishing 108 MPGe* without sacrificing the modern features and style you've come to expect from us as well as from a potential suitor. This model’s unique chassis and suspension design delivers world-class electric vehicle (EV) handling and braking, adding to our lineup of vehicles with highly engaging driving dynamics. A date with a chiseled body is always an added bonus. An extensive wind-tunnel-sculpted take on the iconic FIAT 500 silhouette provides a 13 percent increase in aerodynamic efficiency and a fresh take on classic Italian style. Need a romantic getaway? We have the solution for 500e drivers whose adventures may take them beyond their battery’s charge. The 500e Pass program grants drivers up to 12 days of car rental service per year for three years after date of purchase or lease, through one of Enterprise Holdings’ rental companies which include, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental.

 FIAT 500e Charger

FIAT 500e Charging Dock

When it comes to turning on the 500e, all it takes is a little spark… of electricity. Choose one of two available charging platforms. The first allows you to reenergize within the comfort of your own garage** (4-hour full charge time) and the second conveniently in your car with the In Vehicle Cordset (23-hour full charge time).  Both charging options are housed in a convenient, space saving area that allows you to keep your charging cords safely stored out of the way.

In Vehicle Cord Set           FIAT 500e In Vehicle Cord Set

Never underestimate the allure of a partner with brains. With an intelligent TomTom navigation unit and a detailed instrument cluster, it only takes a quick glance to easily monitor the vehicle’s charge and locate the nearest charging stations.

FIAT 500e Info

FIAT 500e Information Cluster

In addition to all of the in-car technology available, the FIAT 500e also comes the all-new FIAT Access Smartphone App. Available for three year, it’s compatible with iPhone and Android, giving you real-time battery charge status, vehicle range and estimated time to full recharge right in the palm of your hand. If you think you’re a stylish driver who appreciates what an environmentally friendly partner has to offer, the solution to meeting an attractive, eco-friendly Italian car design is within reach. Our new website,, uses an exclusive matching formula, offering many advantages for eco-friendly individuals looking for “the one.” Like a fine custom-made Italian suit, some things just fit perfectly. What are you waiting for? Meet your soul mate here.   *EPA estimated miles per gallon of gasoline required (MPGe). Actual mileage may vary. ** In-home charging station professionally installed ($2,000 base cost)
  • J

    Cool, sell it worldwide!

  • Bacilo de Koch

    Why just California? Bring it to Seattle and I’ll sign a lease today!

  • iteachcomputers

    Bring it to Chicago, and I am in!

  • Ralph Minei Yamaguti

    Please, Miss Fiat; if there were a Fiat 500 “Hybrid” such as Toyota Yaris Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid, it’d be much more an amusing and sensible car without even depending on eletricity!

    For heavens sake, do us a favor to think about the Brazilian market!

  • Nam

    The dock for iPhone on Fiat is what you want to have for your booth, it’s promising. Check it out at . It will release in next year

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