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Let’s assume that you love the Italian flair of the FIAT 500, but need just a little more kick.  There’s always the FIAT 500 Abarth, but that would be a lot more kick.  So, what to do?  Wander forlornly through the FIAT studio, nursing a considerable sadness?  No!  Just buck up and hold tight – the new 2013 FIAT 500 Turbo is on its way. The 500t hits the sweet spot between the 500 Sport and Abarth models.  Its deign echoes the iconic 500, but with more aggressive and athletic exterior enhancements that hint at the additional power and handling capability. The 500 Turbo features gloss black front and rear tail lamps, a sport-influenced interior and a performance-oriented front fascia specially designed to accommodate and cool its turbocharged engine.

Of course, it’s power that really sets the 500t apart.  A 1.4L 16V MultiAir engine, its turbocharger, twin intercoolers and sport-tuned exhaust combine to produce 135 horsepower and 150 lb.-ft. of torque – 34 and 53 percent boosts, respectively, over the naturally aspirated 1.4L. With a MSRP of $19,500 (excluding $700 dest.), the Fiat 500 Turbo comes in perfectly between the 500 Sport and 500 Abarth, giving performance enthusiasts serious bang for their buck.  It’ll also be an affordable canvas for those looking to customize inside, outside, or under the hood.  The previously shown FIAT 500 Abarth Venom concept gave you some idea of the performance parts and accessories options that may be available for the 500T, but stay tuned (no pun intended) – we’ll have more to share on that.  
  • <3

  • All the Fun of the Abarth at the price of a Sport. Now if only I had the money.

    • not all the fun….the abarth has a better suspension and 30 more horse under the hood as well as 2 intercoolers

  • Anon

    We need a telescoping steering wheel and heated front seats on all models please!

    • Silversclan

      Telescoping steering wheel? Really? On a car that 1/2 the length of my Buick? (I also have a 500 Pop and love it)

    • heated seats? Waste of money. I have a 2012 pop and dont feel heated seats are worth the extra money it would cost.

  • Will the 500T offer automatic trans? Unlike the Abarth…

    • Sead

      No only the 5-speed auto

    • AJ Quick

      Why would you want an auto?

  • Brett Melancon

    Very classy model. I can’t wait to see some interior photos.

  • Too expensive.

  • Very nice! With all that torque, I think this will be a fun street car. Don’t let the horsepower number fool you into thinking this car won’t be fast. Remember, torque wins races, horsepower sells cars to magazine comparison shoppers.

    Blank canvas indeed, let me get my hands on one and I’ll build a stealth track terror.

  • Carolina

    Will e 2013 Abarth come in automatic?

    • Carlo

      No, that’s why the new model was introduced, a compromise measure and more direct competition with Mini.

  • Aa Bosaz

    I used to drive the Fiat 500 of the ’60’s—I love this car.

  • Irodguy

    I find all the “automatic” questions interesting. Why would anybody buy an automatic with a sports car. I drive my Abarth daily here in Dallas traffic without issue.

    • u have an abarth !! me envy u

    • Some of us have wives and girl friends who can’t drive stick…

      • Very sexist post!

      • Then get a new wife!

      • chuck

        Exactly…Thanks for answering that…

      • Teach her, then. It’s a skill EVERY driver should have.

        • Not everyone wants to learn.

          • archkittens

            Those people’s lives are less valuable as a result of this missing item of information, and every other item of information they don’t “want to learn”

        • beduke

          It’s an increasingly useless skill that is mostly good for giving you a sore leg while creeping along in slow-moving traffic. It doesn’t even give you greater efficiency, which used to be the big selling point of manual shift. Also the Fiat automatic is nicely shiftable via the left side of the gate, and Sport mode also moves the shift points agressively. I am not saying that driving shift isn’t valid (I did it for 45 years;) it is just not a necessity and can be a downright pain in stop and go. Does save you $1,200 however.

          • entarr

            Not saying that someone would actually want to steal a fiat, but owning a stick is a great theft deterrent here in the US…

        • artshocx

          AGREED 🙂 almost every car i have ever owned has been a stick and i’m a woman so… 😉 for me it isn’t even a speed issue, it’s about feeling like i am in more control of my vehicle – automatics have always just felt iffy to me like i’m not as connected to the pavement. plus, it is a useful skill especially when having to woman up for designated driver responsibilities at the last second, for instance when the original D.D. ends up sloshed, etc.… i refuse to be the other D.D., Damsel in Distress, LOLOL.

      • Amen to that, brah.

      • Plenty of women know how to drive stick. That’s a completely unnecessary comment. Also, if they don’t know, then why don’t you teach her instead of being an ass about it?

        • What just happend?

          Simmer down, I think your over reading and adding your own over emotional opinion to the guys comment. Maybe take some deep breathes before you go all out hawk eye.

    • TechnoPancake

      Because some of us want the little extra power (really needed here in Houston too) but don’t to be shifting constantly. That and six is better than 5. The manual should come in 6 as well really.

      • The turbo & abarth come in a 5 speed manual rather than a six speed manual because more gears in a turbo car mean more opportunities to drop out of boost.

    • myspark1

      Well, some of us are Disabled Veterans with only one good hand. I still like spirited driving and think dual-clutch boxes that rev-match and can shift quicker than I could have, even were my other hand still available, are a Godsend.

      • That’s fair enough. You’ve sacrificed more than enough for your nation; you shouldn’t be asked to sacrifice fun behind the wheel in your civilian life.

    • Manda

      Or if you live where you have to drive in snow. An automatic is easier to drive in the snow and makes it heavier.

      • New Hampshire Guy

        I disagree, as a manual gives the driver much more control in the snow, specifically slowing down and utilizing engine breaking when traveling downhill. Many automatics careen downhill which then necessitates the use of brakes, which, in turn, can result in a loss of control. ABS does not make one invincible.

        As for additional weight, every overturned, abandoned 4X4 SUV I pass during New England storms would suggest otherwise. That being said, I would welcome an AWD Fiat, either in the 500 or the upcoming 500L.

    • Could not agree more! (From a woman on her fourth manual car who also rides a VIctory Vegas motorcycle)

      • Vin

        Glad to see another manual driver and motorcyclist!

    • KK

      Dallas is flat. Try driving a stick in San Francisco and tell me how fun it is.

      • Laki

        A stick is the best way to drive in San Francisco. It’s a blast and impresses the socks off of outta towners!

  • I love my wifes 500C and cant wait to buy me one of my own, was going to be the ABARTH but the 500T sounds like a possible winner. Id love a stick in an ABARTH but my wife can’t/won’t drive a stick. I know how im going to pay for it too..check out my blog to see how

  • Casey

    Chrysler Airflow Homage!

  • Looks a lot like a Volkswagon bug. And that is probably a good thing

  • Threeer

    For right around $20k…now I have to seriously consider this…what color options will it have (hopefully all of the usual…I really want a 500 in Rame…one of the few drawbacks to the Abarth). 135 HP would certainly be entertaining enough, with (the hopeful) suspension upgrade goodies. Any idea on what the interior changes will look like? And when can we expect the first ones in dealerships?

  • mizino

    Will we be able to upgrade our normal sport model to the turbo through add on parts? It seems to me it wouldn’t be right to leave us out just cause we were loyal customers and bought early…

  • 12064599largo04

    For consideration: Fiat Abarth Zagato with a 1.8 L twin turbos. 160 Horsepower and contact Alfa Romeo and build a larger car (based on a 1969 1750 GTV design) V8 with 300 Horsepower. Thank you.

  • Sean Smith

    automatic option on the turbo?

  • Dr Jim


  • Jacki A

    Bummer for me…should have waited a few more months to buy.

    • Silversclan

      If you have a Fiat, they may give you a great deal on on it as a trade-in.

      • I sure hope so! my ’12 Rame pop will be traded in if they give me the right deal.

  • Jacki A

    As far as the automatic comments…my husband has an automatic simply because it was a demo car and he got a smoking deal on it. I have the 5-speed. He completely prefers driving mine. Much faster and much more fun to drive. Don’t fear the manual transmission!!! Embrace it 🙂

    • turtle

      Shifting no fun not on the hills of San Francisco

  • Nice looking addition to the 500 line. Heated seats? Telescoping steering wheel? Give me a break!

  • Amazing! I wanted the Abarth but this is so tempting!!

  • Will there be an option to get a 500C with the T engine?

  • Teresa

    How big is the gas tank? What is the mpg? Nice looking car.

  • Talisman

    Will the 6-speed automatic be available in the 500T? City traffic and lots of hills here in the Metro Phoenix area… and I love the changes for the “T” version.

  • I had a 1974 4-door model 300(?) in Lima Bean Green. L,L,Loved it! Wish I could afford a new one now. Although, I think I would miss the manual choke……

  • Michael Bekefi

    Great idea!

  • ~Love~

  • exciting

  • Gelegy Messina

    I need this car I have been teaching in the ciiy fore 29yrs I need a new beautiful a new car to retire with so I can travel after working so long

  • db

    I love, love, love my black and red 500C !!!!

  • Raf

    il posto ideale per una pubblicita spettacolare…….facciamo vedere nel mondo la nostra costa e la piccola 500 che l’attraversa che emozione!!!!!!!!mi piace tantissimo

  • TechnoPancake

    Maybe now I can just get the turbo and intercoolers and put it on my sport. I’d have the first sleeper fiat lol

  • SFPaul

    Any tuners yet with chip upgrades for the turbos?

  • peppermill

    this is precisely the cinquicento that i’ve been waiting for – a bit more horsepower with impressive torque values, and more aggressive styling yet retaining all the tossable spirit, maneuverability and cheeky charm of the delightful 500 Sport – by all indications the new 500Turbo should delight the senses at real world, semi-legai speeds-ie: a near perfect blend of practicality, economy and dynamics.

    my only wishes would have been for a smallish diameter rear anti-sway bar option to better control body roll and perhaps a little deeper side bolstering for the seats.

  • Arthur

    paddle shifters please.

  • isfer

    how can i order a silver 500T? mail or online? 🙂

  • hhegwood

    Mathis ,,,you are correct, My wife cant drive a stick,,,it is a lost art>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Joshie

    Hmm add the zero gravity seats like the ones offered in the nissan altima with memory foam, six speed manual/seven speed dual clutch, more amps in the bose sound system, bush button start, and electric power assisted steering

  • Phillip Kleinmann


  • rick

    Exciting is Abarth!

  • mikenato

    learn to drive a stick. A manual really connects you to the car and the road, providing you with a pleasurable experience.

    • Its also just a hassle that some people would happily sacrifice a few HP to avoid.

  • Carlo

    Good move by Fiat to compete more agressively with Mini, they needed to upgrade the torque and horsepower. People have to realize that manual clutch cars are on their way out of the automotive business. In the racing world manual clutch cars are now considered “old school”. A lot of upscale sports car brands are phasing out the manual clutch cars. In another decade they will be gone from most car model lines.

  • Carlo

    I would like to see Fiat expand their option lists, with the addition of items like Xenon headlights, which the Mini offers for a mere $500. They don’t have to offer all those interior options like the Mini does, just a few basic items like different wheel combinations and the Xenon headlights. I would also like to see them move away from Bose and consider Harmon Kardon, a much better car application, IMO.

    • Not as old as I feel

      Nothing wrong with my headlights. Sometimes I get approaching vehicles flashing their lights because they think the low beam is the high beam!

  • Carlo

    Colors available for the new Turbo model, Argento(silver), Bianco(white), Grigio(gray), Nero(black), Rame(Cooper), Rosso(red), and a new color, Verde Azzurro(green and blue).

  • Carlo

    Looks like they moved away from Bose for this model by offering a Beats audio system as an option, which Chrysler uses on their 300S model. They also have taken the chrysler 300S wheel design with the black inserts, very nice and subtle on the Fiat. Unfortunately it looks like they dropped the ball on the automatic transmission by using the C510 5 speed manual as the only choice, which won’t help them compete with the Mini Cooper.

  • GT

    I want a cabrio Abarth!!!

  • Ernesto

    I love the turbo but will wait patiently for an all wheel drive system. Sergio, soon please?

  • John

    I live in the Asheville area of North Carolina, and there are no dealerships in this area. Come on guys, lets get this thing going……..

  • $19,500 USD …I believe that like I believed the Abarth was gonna be $22,000…to start. only you cant find one below $25K

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  • I probably won’t be winning the trip, but I must say it’s been a fun and enlightening contest 🙂 Thanks, Fiat.

  • Northside FIAT

    Great comments, to have all your 500T questions answered, contact Northside FIAT 281.907.8819. We will have a demo here for you to see, drive and spec one out for yourself.

  • scuba queen

    how many miles to the gallon does this fun little car get???? I drove one in Boston for the past 4 days and had a blast.

  • Chris Pearce

    I hope they have an automatic too. My wife is looking to buy a new Fiat in the next few months and she wants an auto. I would love her to get the new Turbo for the extra power, but it will be a no go for us if it only comes in manual. She’s tired of shifting and only wants an auto transmission.

  • Magic Ed

    for 24k I think I’ll buy a Huyndai Genesis. Auto trans A/C GPS. If I want to go fast I’ll get on my Kawasaki zrx1200r. 30 less horsepower but a little lighter than the Abarth.

  • mthmoses

    We would buy one of these in a heartbeat if they would find a way to lower the seat! My husband is 6’4″ but is long in the torso. He always has plenty of legroom, just can’t see out of the windshield and his head scrapes the roof. Why Fiat didn’t think of this is beyond me as most cars today have a seat lowering/raising feature.

    • nolalou

      There is a seat lowering feature, but maybe it doesn’t go low enough for your husband?

      • mthmoses

        Wonder if that’s new? We sat in one at a dealer here in NYC last year and they told us it wouldn’t go any lower. I don’t remember adjusting anything (we kept looking for it) so either the guy didn’t know what he was talking about (and lost a sale!) or they added that feature. Either way, we’ll take another look. Thanks!

        • The elevated seat was always in the 2012 Fiat 500’s. It is a “car-jack” type of lever located at the bottom left of the driver seat. I have had 6’4″ people in my Fiat with no problem. Mind you, the sunroof feature is impossibly low so the head touches no matter how low you take the seat.

  • Firefighter 69

    What fuel mileage does this auto get? anyone know? wants to know…

  • fac

    So when will we see the 1.3 turbo diesel?

  • william jones

    now if they open the top my wife will buy it. convertible turbo or bust

  • Personally, I want a paddle shifter on the steering wheel please…..

  • FIAT Paul

    A great Performance/Price Point mix. I’m really glad they did this. Most daily drivers don’t really need the all-out, no compromise Abarth but still desire that extra punch and panache.
    Pick from one of the 15 great available colors, throw a $1,500 Katzkin custom leather interior into it and drive out with a car that leaves the competition in the $$/performance/stylistic dust.

  • zagatosz

    Dual clutch is the answer to the auto question. Fiat makes the best, they should make one available on the 500T.

  • Jon

    Does anyone know if the new Fiat 500t come with a sunroof? And XM radio?

  • Expo305

    does any know how fast in seconds, the 500T can go from 1-60mph? and if so let me know im curious

  • leadfoot

    Just read many comments below. A number of years ago, I had to teach my husband to drive a stick. I learned when I was learning to drive. I’m sure a lot of men don’t know how to drive a stick as well as many women. I do agree that everyone should be able to drive a stick shift.
    Love the looks of the Fiat 500. Looking forward to more horsepower.

  • zephyrnation

    I wish Fiat would come out with an eight speed automatic. Manual transmissions are passe. Also, how about an in-dash navigation system?


    On the subject of auto transmissions… I don’t have a new one yet but my first car 45 years ago was a 600d and auto transmissions were not an option. I learned to get 4 gears and stop in our 60 foot driveway before I was 12!

  • I love this car and now they have 500T! what is better than a turbo! But now I have to make a decision between this and the new bettle, the 2.5 littler manual of course….hmmm. I am really curious about relablity on both. I have always had a Chevy, Dodoge, or Ford. Which i know how to work on those but not real sure about either of these, any ideas on how to help make this decision? 🙂

    • The Driving Man

      Hi, I just read about the reliability for the new Beetle in Consumer Reports and they said the new Beetle rates too low to be recommended. As for the Fiat, they didn’t have enough data on it since it’s a new model. However, they did say the ride was a bit choppy, the steering column was too far away for some drivers. Another great resource is They can provide you with additional information. I hope that helped you out!

  • Hai N

    Hertz gave me one of these for my rental. I absolutely fell in love with the car. so roomy, lots of zip, looks nice. Love it

  • Driving Man

    I’m looking at a new car that’s more of a personal vehicle. What has me hooked on Fiat, especially the 500 Abarth, is that customers who purchase the car will receive a full day’s worth of training by professional instructors. That is way cool! Mini, Honda, Mazda, Subaru, and Scion are you listening??? So, if you’re new to learning how to drive a manual transmission, then I’m sure these instructors can help you learn how to handle said transmission the right way! Long Live the 500 Abarth!

  • My parents bought the 500 pop, and they’re planning to trade it in for the new turbo. And for me, I’ll buy the Abarth with six speed manual. These cars are killing the streets, and we love ’em. Ciao bambino!!! molto bene!!!.

  • Courtney


  • Jim Bodman

    I have a 500 sport.Great car,Plenty power ( above 3000 RPM) test drove the abarth. My downside is the LOUD exhaust. Being 72, I like a quiet car. If the 500T is just as loud. I choose to forget it

  • The Fiat 500 Turbo looks sick. But I am in total love with my Fiat 500 sport I bought earlier this year. I drive a manual gear box in Atlanta traffic. LOOOVE IT! Easy to swing in and out of traffic. It fits in motorcycle parking spots. Ha!

  • Civilator

    While you are at it please include a diesel engine and i promise to sell my golf tdi and get in the line for it.
    i know fiat has excellent diesel engines but somehow seem to be afraid to get those into US.


    Emilios: Such toodo about the stick; With the six speed auto, I can play the thottle as long as i want that lower gear and get away plenty quick!

  • Emilios

    Emilios: Whitewall tires like the 1960 classic fiat, I lived it. Balloon tires would be an asset to the ride/comfort.
    bring it back.

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  • froggy

    A lot of girls and women know how to drive a stick but how many know how to “flat” shift ????

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