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When you first lay eyes on the FIAT® 500e*, you can tell it’s unlike any other vehicle on the market today. With its sleek curves and unmistakable Italian-inspired design, the 500e is a feast for the eyes – not just for owners, but for everyone they drive past on the road. But today we’re taking a look at the inner beauty of the 500e by taking you on a tour of what the FIAT 500e has going on under the hood – because we believe that you can’t give drivers the total package unless you have the right technology to get the job done. FT013_222FH Under the hood, the FIAT 500e boasts one of the most sophisticated electrical automotive systems available to date. From the overall electric powertrain, to the electric-drive motor, to the 24-kWh Lithium-ion battery, the FIAT 500e gives drives the option to finally break free of traditional transmission engines. All of the FIAT-designed innovations in the 500e add up to a ride that is not only stylish and quiet, but also offers drivers up to 108 hwy MPGe**.


The FIAT 500e electric powertrain is composed of three main components: an advanced high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack, a high-power electric-drive motor and a power inverter module to help manage the flow of power throughout the vehicle. When using electricity to power the vehicle, the inverter is an essential piece of hardware. It works like the fuel pump in a conventional engine, but with the electric inverter the fuel is electricity and is stored in the battery pack of the FIAT 500e.

500e engine

This lithium-ion battery is full of benefits, including holding a long-term charge. Another benefit of the FIAT 500e battery is there it has no memory effect, meaning that you do not have to completely discharge the battery before recharging. And our lithium-ion batteries will handle hundreds of charge and discharge cycles.

5003 battery

Even though this vehicle is electric, it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to drive. Just get in and test it for yourself. The electric-drive motor is a device that uses electrical energy to produce movement. Internally, electric motors use electrical energy to spin. Anything attached to an electric motor will benefit from the spinning motion, including the FIAT 500e. The 500e uses an 83-kW electric-drive motor that delivers 111 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque!

500e motor

These are just a few of the parts that make the FIAT 500e a truly remarkable achievement, not only for the FIAT brand, but for the continued commitment to offering new and innovative ways for drivers to experience the thrill of the FIAT 500. You can learn more about all the features of the 500e here, and don’t forget to visit our Environmentally Sexy website to find your perfect FIAT 500 match! Already a 500e owner? Tell us what you love about the ride your 500e has to offer in the comments below! *The FIAT 500e is currently available only in California ** EPA estimated miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent. Actual mileage may vary.

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