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  With more models than ever before, finding your FIAT® soulmate can be tough. But this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a few questions that may help you close the Cinquecento-shaped hole in your heart. You value…

A. Efficiency B. Safety and Security C. Style

Or maybe all of the above? Look no further than the timeless FIAT 500. With a manual transmission capable of an EPA estimated 40 mpg highway (where you’ll cruise with plenty of power, precise steering and a sport-tuned suspension), the 500 boasts 35 available safety and security features, including seven standard airbags. Throw in a unique, Italian-inspired interior and exterior ripe for customization and you’ve got yourself the elusive total package.

FIAT 500

You prefer to sunbathe…

A. Dressed B. Nude C. Topless

If you chose A, we’ll assume you’re very pale. If you chose B, we’ll assume you’re from Vegas. But if you chose C, let us introduce you to the FIAT 500 Cabrio. The perfect FIAT for the mild exhibitionist, the 500c offers 15 exterior color options, 12 interior color/textile schemes and a durable power top you can drop when the sun comes out to play (or quickly close when it starts to rain on your parade). You get your rush…

A. Swimming with sharks B. Rock climbing (at the gym) C. Skydiving

There’s a practical way to walk on the wild side. If you chose B, the FIAT 500 Turbo is the FIAT for you. Driven by 135 turbocharged horses and a specially tuned suspension, this 500 prowls like a well-mannered beast – and dresses the part. The 500 Turbo’s aggressively re-styled front and sides combine with blacked-out tail lamps and unique wheels for a menacing take on classic form. You’re frequently on the run from…

A. Clowns B. Angry villagers C. Zombies

Does it really matter? You can outpace them all in the FIAT 500 Abarth. The perfect match for any performance junkie, we promise you’ll feel like a first-rate rebel whether you’re pacing this Scorpion at the track or just picking up your dry cleaning. And if you’re the kind who prefers to do your rebelling topless, the soon-to-be-available FIAT 500 Abarth Cabrio has your presumably bare back.

FIAT 500 Abarth

The mother you most identify with is…

A. Mother Hubbard B. Mother Earth C. Whistler’s Mother

If you chose B, we assure you that she’d agree the FIAT 500e* is the right ride for you. Combining 116 MPGe-level sustainability with style featuring a slick white front fascia, model-specific cast aluminum wheels and a uniquely electric interior, no other emission-free vehicle achieves 0-60 in nine seconds while looking this good. And you can always take it to get your dog a bone. While wearing grey and black. You need more room for…

A. Cargo B. Passengers C. Cargo and Passengers

If you need a ride that will give you space, no matter what it’s for, then the FIAT 500L is the ride for you. At 26” longer, 6” higher and 6” wider than the base 500 (with three extra doors), the 500L shows just how much is possible when a little ingenuity is applied to one versatile platform. Turbocharged, well-equipped and highly customizable, the 500L is a flexible, and functional.

2014 FIAT 500L Lounge

So, did you find your FIAT soulmate? We may be biased, but we wouldn’t kick any of ’em out of the garage. Let us know which FIAT 500 is the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle in the comments! *FIAT 500e available Spring 2013, only in California.
  • Drew

    Abarth cabrio, I wish I have that car, I love it, I have just bought the pop cuz no money 🙁 but someday.

  • Monica

    The 500L is only available in CA in the Spring of 2013? What, I’m not driving over there to buy a car, unless I just move there.. that is an excellent idea. I really, really, really want the 500L, thank you very much

    • Monica, you confused that with the FIAT 500E.
      The FIAT 500L should be available in all states later this year 😉

  • The new FIAT 500L is my favorite, waiting for pricing being released …

  • Sheri

    Love the 500L but I am really interested in the Panda 4×4.Please bring it to the States!!!!

  • Stephanie

    I love them all. I would get the lounge for practical reasons but I love the Abarth especially.

  • dan

    I bought the brown 500c and the white (glow in the sun) 500 Lounge. I must have a split personally. I love them both !!! We Fiat 500 owners are all special, very, very special.

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