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  At 2012’s North American International Auto Show, the FIAT® 500 Abarth was on full display as it introduced itself to the North American market. That’s a lot of excitement to top, but with three fresh takes on classic Cinquecento style to share, we couldn’t be more excited to hit Detroit’s biggest stage. FIAT 500 Gucci II Edition The 2012 FIAT 500 By Gucci artfully combined fine Italian automotive and fashion design. In the new FIAT 500 and FIAT 500c by Gucci II models, the signature European flair inherent to both brands is even more pronounced. Again sporting Gucci’s iconic red and green “web” accents along either Bianco (white) or Nero (black) body panels – and across a black power top on the 500c – Gucci II models also feature Gucci-trimmed black wheels and new deep-tinted headlamp lenses, which add a major touch of sophistication. Inside, matte-black trim provides a sleek, strong compliment to black seats highlighted in red and green, topped with Gucci-logoed headrests. A new all-black Gucci-trimmed steering wheel and MTX sport shift knob complete the runway-ready look. FIAT 500 Abarth “Tenebra” Design Concept People expect (and receive) high style from the only Italian high-performance car in the market, but the Abarth Tenebra gives new meaning to our credo of passionate self-expression. Outside, matte Grigio (gray) paint makes for a striking contrast with gleaming Nero (black) chrome trim, Gloss Nero headlamp, tail lamp and parking lamp bezels, and new 16” Hyper Nero aluminum wheels. A gloss body-side stripe and mirror caps add extra sizzle, as does a Gloss Grigio roof-size scorpion. Yes, you read that correctly – a roof-size scorpion. The gray/black contrast continues inside, where Nero leather performance seats with Grigio accents combine with a signature Abarth flat-bottom, race inspired steering wheel and instrument cluster. Authentic matte carbon fiber runs the length of the instrument panel just above the Beats by Dr. Dre audio system, which operates six premium speakers, a trunk-mounted subwoofer and 8-channel amplifier.

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FIAT 500 “Cattiva” Design Concept We know that it was love at first sight, but get ready to fall in love all over again with an appropriately trendy take on the FIAT 500 Turbo. Inspired by the sporty excitement of the 500 Turbo’s innovative 1.4L MultiAir turbocharged engine, the 500 Cattiva’s exterior is finished in Rame (copper) with contrasting Nero Chrome accents. Tinted headlamp, tail lamp and parking lamp bezels add to the aggressive stance suggested by the Gloss Nero roof and outsized liftgate spoiler. Inside, Nero rules, with black leather seats, steering wheel and manual shift knob trimmed in hand-stitched Argento silver. The 500 Cattiva features the same dynamic sound system as the Abarth Tenebra concept, as no party would be complete without the block-rocking Beats. If you’re heading to NAIAS this year, let us know what you think of our new designs, and be sure to check out the recently announced 500 Abarth Cabrio, 500e and 500L models that will also be on display.
  • AgendaBuster

    Oh….. how I love these cars. I’m kinda a 500C guy, I’m hoping FIAT brings a dealership to Fort Collins, Colorado someday, as it is currantly we have to drive to Denver to look at cars. I truly am a SuperFan of Fiat!!!

  • BMcC

    Want an automatic TURBO CABRIO…TODAY ! MAKE IT, PLEASE !


      Learn to drive a stick shift, you sissy or stay away from European sports cars! Automatic?!?!?!?!?!? PLEEEASSEE! Ma dai! Buh!

  • Steve in Glendale

    I think Fiat is on a roll. Your 500 cars have such appealing personality. They’re cute and European, and I love the colors; different than any other car in many cases.

    This message however is about your upcoming electric car. I want my next car to be electric. I like the Fiat 500C and had expected to get the 500 when an electric version was offered. The problem is that white panel on the front and back. It clashes with every body color except white, and I’m not aware that you’re offering that car in white, nor would I buy a white car. That white panel, front and back, reminds me of my mom’s kitchen apron and makes the car look dowdy. I want a car that looks good, and I’m not here to run an advertisement for Fiat that they now have an electric car running around. I WILL NOT BUY that electric car until you paint those panels body color. Of course, I could buy the car and have the panels painted to match, but why should I have to? Your electric technology should be as transparent as possible, not a burden that the owners have to bear.

  • Tenebra soon please! When can I order this car?!?

  • I love the Cattiva Turbo…bring it on!

  • Robert Sullivan

    What I like about it is it’s connected to Chrysler-and I understand it is produced on their Assembly lines

  • Gary

    I love the 500. My Wife loved it, so she got one too. 😉
    The Cattiva is very cool, but bring out some more models….people are really attracted to the cars, but just need some more room.
    Keep up the good work. Ciao!

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