FIAT 500c “Beach Cruiser”

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While we couldn’t spill all our SEMA beans before the big show, some secrets were just too good to keep under wraps.  The FIAT 500c Beach Cruiser is one of those secrets. Inspired by the surf and hot rod culture of the West Coast, the Beach Cruiser was designed as a playful nod to all things laid-back and sun-drenched. “We modeled something I remembered from my childhood,” said exterior designer Jeremy Glover.  “If a kid out of high school had the opportunity to make anything he wanted…I was like, ‘The first thing I would do – surf car.’” A foot longer than a stock 500c in both the front and back, the Beach Cruiser’s exterior features a custom matte charcoal-gray paint job, tinted headlamps and vintage cues on its Mopar prototype hood and decklid.

Satin-brushed metal and teak wood trim is prominently featured on the Beach Cruiser’s door handles, mirrors, and Mopar roof rack – which carries a body-colored custom surfboard.  Inside, satin-brushed bezels complement boardwalk-inspired floor slats and high-gloss vinyl seats with red-and-white beach towel-inspired inserts. Performance was also tweaked.  A Mopar exhaust and cold-air intake give the Beach Cruiser extra horsepower, with enhanced handling courtesy of a Mopar strut tower brace. But even with top-to-bottom modifications, there’s nothing particularly unattainable about the Beach Cruiser. “I just tried to make it so that anyone interested in modifying their FIAT 500, they can feel like, ‘Oh, I can do this as well,’” said interior designer Adam Hubers. Just make sure you have a “hula girl” for the dashboard. “It’s a must.”

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