Excuses to Buy a 2013 FIAT® 500 Abarth Cabrio

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  As temperatures begin to heat up, naturally the desire to drop your top becomes increasingly persistent. There are few better ways to commence summer than hitting the highway for a ride in a convertible. Keep these rebuttals on hand for the next time someone attempts to talk you out of fulfilling your fantasy of going topless in a 2013 FIAT 500 Abarth Cabrio. Because my personal life could use some action The envious looks that emanate from both drivers and pedestrians as you cruise by in your Abarth Cabrio validate the perceived attractiveness and stinging power of the Scorpion. This drop-top is designed to drop jaws. Just as scorpions attract mates with vibrational communication, the humming from the Abarth’s signature performance-tuned dual exhausts will draw the attention of admirers.  Feel the power of the roar for yourself in the clip below.

Topless Abarth

The stylish characteristics of the Abarth Cabrio are sure to have multiple suitors vying for a ride in your passenger seat. The elegance and comfort of the ride will cause endorphins to enter the bloodstream, where they’ll combine with adrenaline from the intense acceleration. Euphoria meets exhilaration. Because I won’t have to sacrifice practicality The Abarth Cabrio is a convertible of a different sort that brings about a carefree feeling, a panorama of the landscape impossible with the top on. The unique power roll-top retains more of its structural rigidity compared to traditional convertibles for year-round practicality. You’ll actually be able to raise and lower the roof at up to 60 mph, which is an advantage over other ragtops, whose drivers would typically have to stop their vehicles completely for open-air driving excitement.

Abarth Cabrio

The power-operated cloth top was intelligently designed to retract to the rear-spoiler position to avoid any obstruction. A middle position that retracts the top above the front passengers can be activated at any time regardless of speed. Headroom is optimized in the Abarth Cabrio, with 38.6 inches of front headroom with the top secured. However, we highly recommend going topless for the definitive stretch. Because I’ll be the torque of the town Whether you want to take a relaxed drive along the coast or feel the power of the track the Abarth Cabrio can accommodate a diverse mix of driving scenarios.  For a more aggressive drive a standard-equipped “Sport” mode calibration can be prompted with the touch of a button. Unleash the full power of the 1.4-liter MultiAir® Turbo in Sport mode, for an increase in torque from 150 ft.-lb. to 170 ft.-lb. With the touch of a button you can change the throttle mapping and add heft to the column-assist electric power steering. When Sport mode is not engaged, the Abarth Cabrio returns to “Normal” mode and limits the torque in first and second gears to help enhance fuel efficiency. Because I will never miss out on my daily dose of Vitamin D

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Your body makes essential vitamin D when it’s exposed to ultraviolet B-rays given off by the sun. And when, exactly, was the last time you were in the sun? If your daily routine includes spending eight or so hours in the office just to drive home and repeat the next day, that’s precious little time spent in the sun. Sure, you could take a vitamin every day, but then you’d be denying yourself the joy of open-air motoring. Savor the commute and get a better suntan when cruising around the city streets in your Abarth Cabrio. Because higher knowledge comes standard Included with each 2013 FIAT 500 Abarth Cabrio is the opportunity for new owners to attend a segment-exclusive driving experience at no additional charge. The Abarth Driving Experience is an entire day of full-throttle training, guided by professional instructors from the Richard Petty Driving Experience to ensure fun and top-level instruction in a safe and structured setting. When it comes time to purchase your new Abarth Cabrio, which excuse will you use? Tell us in the comments below!
  • Scott

    I own one AND LOVE IT…

  • mr_steveb

    It just leaves you with a smile every time you drive it, whether to the store or a 2 hour drive and yes guys can be seen in them too.

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