A Closer Look at the FIAT® 500 Special Editions

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When it comes to providing drivers with a special kind of driving experience, we’re partial to recommend the economical fun and unmistakable style of the FIAT® 500, from the Pop to the Abarth, the entire 500 lineup can give any driver a reason to smile. But some drivers want to go outside the realm of the conventional. That is why we began to offer FIAT 500 special edition models, to remind drivers that even though the standard FIAT 500 lineup is amazing, we don’t think personal style and tastes should have limitations. FIAT 500 Cattiva When most people hear the name of this FIAT 500 special edition, their first question is usually, What does Cattiva mean? Well, it is used to describe a person or situation that, while naughty, is also cool. To us, it’s a notion that speaks to the aggressive style and attitude of the black sheep in the FIAT 500 family. Available in both Sport and Turbo trims, the Cattiva boasts some attributes that will make even a seasoned FIAT 500 fan take notice. 2013 Fiat 500 Cattiva. This limited-edition Fiat 500 will debut Let’s start on the inside, where the unique aspects of the Cattiva are not only seen, but felt. The cockpit features Nero (black) and Grigio (gray) sport seats with silver accent stitching or the available all-black leather-trimmed sport seats. Standard satin chrome interior accents are a subtly serious touch. Designed with conveniently placed features like speed control and audio controls, the FIAT 500 Cattiva black sport-styled steering wheel is the striking focal point of a provocative car. Finally, easy access to your vehicle’s controls is not a luxury, but a necessity. Reaching for them on the matte black instrument panel will keep you looking good. When you take all these interior customizations and match them with a 1.4L MultiAir® engine (or an available 1.4L MultiAir® Turbo engine,) black-trimmed headlamps and tail lamps, and hyper black 16-inch sport wheels – you’ll start to see this black sheep in a whole new light. FIAT 500c GQ Edition We’ve geared this next FIAT 500 special edition to our male drivers whose tastes for the finer things in life extend into their garages. The limited edition FIAT 500c GQ Edition brings classic design and style to the modern gentlemen of the world. Defined both by its powerful engine and desirable customizations, this handsome automobile captures the spirit of the confident (and well-dressed) man. The FIAT brand partners with Condé Nast for the limited-edition Along with the 1.4L 16v MultiAir® Turbo Engine, this special edition comes with the iconic FIAT 500 design lines and aggressive hyper black turbo wheels plus the universal symbol of all things sophisticated: the GQ badge. The amenities extend from the outside to the inside of the vehicle. The FIAT 500c GQ Edition delivers a leather-wrapped steering wheel with white accents and satin chrome accents throughout the interior. Featuring embossed GQ badging, the leather-trimmed seats are rich with Grigio (gray) stitching and careful touches, while the turbo boost gauge and performance shift knob hint at the power of the driver inside. Who said a stylish man can’t be a powerful one too? FIAT 500 1957 Edition Since its official unveiling at the 2013 LA Auto Show, the FIAT 500 1957 Edition has been the aim of envy for many fans of the FIAT brand. Melding the old-school and new-school, the 1957 Edition offers drivers a retro ride while not sacrificing the modern amenities that are synonymous with the FIAT 500 lineup. Inspired by the original FIAT 500, which debuted on July 4, 1957, this incarnation speaks to where the 500 has been and where it is going. 2014 Fiat 500 1957 Edition The 1957 Edition features retro FIAT brand badging and 16-inch wheels that match the automobile’s exterior color and also feature the retro FIAT brand logo. Inside the FIAT 500 1957 Edition, you’ll find premium leather trim in subtle tones and an Avorio (ivory) trim. The shift knob, shift boot and steering wheel are all wrapped in leather, providing that old-world look with a modern feel. The Bianco (white) dash and retro FIAT badging on the steering wheel connect our current styling to the designs of the past. You can learn more about the FIAT 500 special editions on our website, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to catch more stunning images of all the great FIAT 500 vehicles. Which FIAT 500 special edition piques your interest? Tell us which one and why in the comments below!
  • darlene

    I got so excited to see the 1957 edition. I was 15 then & it brings back memories of days gone by and makes me feel young again. My first car was blue and one since then has been blue also. So you guessed it; the blue one is for me. I am excitedly waiting for it to come. Thank you for bringing back the nostalgic.

    • pterodactyl

      So true, Darlene. Unfortunately, the engineers “missed the boat” on the platform — the 1957 Edition should have been based on the Lounge version rather than the Sport — with softer suspension, higher profile tires, to look and feel “modern retro”.

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