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  One of the greatest features of our country is its abundance of protected wilderness areas. From coast to coast, Americans have been conscious of protecting the natural beauty of our national landscape. The nationalistic design of conservation has changed over the years, evolving with the rest of the country, but the goal has remained the same: to preserve, to the best of our abilities, the natural features of our country for future generations to enjoy. The FIAT® brand will continue the idea of evolving conservation by introducing the FIAT 500e. The 500e, powered by a battery-electric powertrain, will travel up to 116 MPGe without sacrificing the stylish design and modern features our drivers have come to expect from us. While the 500e is the first electric vehicle for FIAT USA, the path that led to our introduction of this vehicle started long ago. We are talking a very long time ago – before America had seen its first highway or stoplight.

2013 FIAT 500e

This week, we celebrate the anniversary of what can be viewed as the catalyst to the rise in environmental awareness – the Congressional Act of 1872. This act set aside a portion of land in Wyoming to remain untouched by the industrialism that was sweeping the nation. This portion of land became known as Yellowstone, and in 1872, it became the first national park in America’s history. Ever since then, there has been a commitment to keep Yellowstone as pristine and clean as when renowned conservationist John Muir wrote about it more than 100 years ago. Muir was instrumental in convincing President Theodore Roosevelt to urge Congress to give the same national park status to the Yosemite Valley in California. In what many consider the most important camping trip in American history, Roosevelt insisted that Muir be his guide to the area in question. As they camped in the Mariposa Valley, Muir regaled the president with his stories of travel and the amazing natural wonders he had seen. After this trip, President Roosevelt returned to Washington, where he pressured Congress both personally and politically. Finally, in 1890, California got its first federally recognized national park. This spring, California residents will have their first chance to experience the sleek and economical FIAT 500e. For those lucky enough to drive the first wave of the 500e, we recommend a road trip to Ribbon Fall in Yosemite. At 1,612 ft., it is recognized as North America’s tallest single waterfall. Some say seeing Ribbon Fall alone is worth the drive to the park, but we think a ride in a 500e makes any destination worth the drive. Do you have a favorite outdoor spot that you love to visit? Tell us about them in the comments below!
  • aroe831

    What happens when this thing runs of out sparks in the middle of Wyoming? That’s a big state.

    • Josepherous

      Well, best not to drive it in the middle of Wyoming. This car won’t fit every lifestyle or location. My wife and I will be able to do most of our driving in this car, but will retain a gas powered car for longer trips. Our next car may be a range extended hybrid, like the Volt, unless charging, range and cost all improve by the time we are ready for our next car. The lease payment on this car will be offset by our gas savings, so this is a no brainer for us financially. It’s a bonus that we like the style and performance that we’ve seen. It has been our goal for a long time now to plug our next car into to our solar powered home so sometimes we will only burn sunshine when we drive. 🙂

  • Josepherous

    We’ve put a deposit down for one in San Jose, CA. The dealer doesn’t seem to know much about when delivery will actually happen. Is there a good place for those of us who are excited to receive ours to track when shipment will actually occur?

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