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It’s good to know that an extra dose of horsepower is met with an extra dose of safety and security in the 2014 FIAT 500 ABARTH and ABARTH Cabrio. abarth The ABARTH Three-Mode Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with performance four-wheel disc antilock braking system (ABS) allows the vehicle to adapt to changing driving conditions. ESC helps to enhances driver control and helps maintain directional stability in critical driving situations, such as on snow, ice or gravel. When the system senses a difference between driver input and the vehicle path – if, for instance your wheels slip – it applies selective braking and reduces throttle input, helping you to regain stability and control. The default Full ON mode provides maximum traction control for normal everyday driving. The driver-selected Partial OFF mode allows limited wheel-slip for more aggressive high-performance driving dynamics. For the experienced track-driving enthusiast, traction control can be disabled completely by turning ESC into Full OFF mode. With power under the hood and a design that turns heads, it’s nice to know that the  FIAT 500 ABARTH and ABARTH Cabrio are there to help you keep it all under control. To find out more about the ABARTH’s 35+ advanced standard and available safety features, visit

    We’ve had a rough winter so far and the 500 Abarth goes great in the snow! The advanced traction control really makes a difference.

  • Our Sombrita (Tiny Shadow), the name of our nero puro Abarth, has done as well through a rough… and long… Wisconsin winter as did our former verde chiaro Pop. Pairing the ESC with the demand of operator input, from these little Italians, make the weather that much more bearable.

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