57 for 57: Celebrating the 57th Anniversary of the FIAT® 500

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On July 4th, 1957, fireworks were certainly going off. But we’re not talking bottle rockets and Roman candles. We’re talking about the excitement that followed the debut of the FIAT® 500 Nuova – the very first FIAT 500 model to be released to the world. This year marks the 57th anniversary of this historic debut and we’re commemorating this monumental event with a little history lesson, FIAT style. 123Though we were already known for our domination of the racetrack, thanks to the automotive genius, Karl Abarth, the Nuova was the first vehicle we released that was specifically intended for city driving. At 9 feet, 9 inches long, the 2-door vehicle’s compact body made it easy to maneuver through the city streets, and parking in tight spaces all of a sudden became a breeze. Under the hood, the Nuova was powered by a 479 cc two-cylinder, air-cooled engine. The interior featured a – get this – fabric roof that folded all the way to the back of the car. To say that it was stylish and sleek for its day is an understatement. h45 The Nuova was produced from 1957-1960, with different versions – including a Sport edition that featured adistinctive red stripe and more powerful engine – seeing the light of day. Following the discontinuation of the Nuova, models like the D, K, F, L and R were produced throughout the 1970s, all building off the compact, slick design that the modern 500 would become known for. In 2007, after stepping away from the Nuova-inspired design, we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the original FIAT 500 with the release of a new version of the iconic vehicle. Certainly much more powerful, the 2007 FIAT 500 has never strayed from its original concept: to create a distinct, practical and maneuverable car fit for city driving. This year we have come all the way back to square one (well, sort of) by debuting the FIAT 500 1957 Edition. The 1957 Edition features retro FIAT brand badging, 16-inch wheels that match the automobile’s exterior color and also feature the retro FIAT brand logo. Inside the FIAT 500 1957 Edition, you’ll find premium leather trim in subtle tones and an Avorio (ivory) trim. The shift knob, shift boot and steering wheel are all wrapped in leather, providing that old-world look with a modern feel. The Bianco (white) dash and retro fit badging on the steering wheel connect our current styling to the designs of the past. w45rw5weSo whether you’re navigating a modern metropolis, or on a simple grocery run, the FIAT 500 has always ensured that you’ll be getting to where you need to go in style. Are you a fan of the FIAT 500 1957 Edition? Tell us why in the comments below.
  • Pam H

    I fell in love with this 1957 model the minute I saw your first commercial. It is darling! I would love to have one in ANY color….The idea of such a nostalgic and classic style in a ‘new’ car, is spectacular! Maybe Fiat will start a trend (the older car models are some of the sexiest cars ever!). I’ve hinted at my husband that I would just adore the 1957 Fiat – – – doubtful that I’ll get one….but a girl can dream, can’t she? I hope to see one of these precious cars in person some day. Thanks for the eye candy – – – she’s really special.

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