2015 FIAT® 500 Abarth – 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

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We know how much our drivers love taking the wheel of the FIAT® 500 Abarth, and now we've given drivers one more reason jump behind the wheel. For the upcoming 2015 Abarth & Abarth Cabrio models, we are happy to announce that we will be offering a six-speed automatic transmission option! And while you manual-maniacs out there will still be able to get the classic five-speed manual transmission, we think this new option will open up the wicked world of the Abarth to a whole new faction of drivers. FT013_136FH-1024x682 Don't let the transmission fool you. This Scorpion still packs the same legendary Abarth sting that has become synonymous with fun, exciting driving. To ensure the 2015 FIAT 500 Abarth and Abarth Cabrio remain true to their powerful design heritage, the six-speed automatic transmission has been reinforced with additional clutch plates with a more robust heat treatment to allow for higher torque capability. Enabling Sport mode allows for an even more engaged driving experience with special features such as fuel-cut upshifts, rev-matching downshifts, brake-assist downshifts, corner gear hold and fast-off gear hold, as well as a more aggressive pedal map.


Both automatic and manual transmission options for the 2015 FIAT 500 Abarth and Abarth Cabrio will come equipped with our high-performing 1.4-liter MultiAir Turbo engine. Plus, both models will continue to include the segment-exclusive Abarth Track Experience, which allows new Abarth owners to learn how to maximize their driving skills with a full day of professional driving instruction at a race track. abarth_int1 We figured you'd automatically be interested in this exciting new addition to the FIAT 500 line up. Tell us what you think of the new six-speed automatic transmission option for the Abarth in the comments below!
  • max

    does this new six- speed automatic transmission option come with paddle shifters?

  • GK

    exACTly what I was hoping for!!

  • Mike

    Automatic? LAME!!!!!

  • Joey Willhite

    Please tell me you can get a standard version also!

    • meat

      just READ the 1st paragraph — the answer is somehow, magically there.

  • Wilbmeister

    Mixed feelings on this one. This is a car that was made to be have a standard transmission. I think this takes away from what made the Abarth so special. Sorry, I don’t like it.

  • deidre k.

    I can’t wait! This is going to be awesome!

  • Sofia

    I like the extra gear, are paddle shifters involved?

    • hottweelz

      the autos were always 6 speed

  • Todd Brehm

    While I’m saddened that the Abarth will no longer be a manual only, I’m happy to see it become available to a broader market, thus meaning more sales and more longevity for FIAT.

  • hottweelz

    For those of us who are physically disabled, this is a long awaited God-Send

    • Jimbo99

      Not really a matter of physically disabled ? How about just tired of shifting a clutch from neutral and into 1st and maybe 2nd while sitting in gridlock with idiots that won’t go home from work any thing more than 2 car lengths at a time ? My sanity is easily worth the extra cost of an automatic transmission ? 30 years ago it probably would be no problem, but that was 30 years ago. People didn’t have smart phones then and you had to make a phone call from home or a pay phone. There was incentive to actually drive to your destination. Now a days we have losers sitting in traffic calling, texting and facebooking that should have never got off their couches and into a car in the first place ?

      • Donna GhostBear

        It really is a matter of physical disability for some of us. I have had knee surgery and an injury from a motorcycle accident that have left me with some pretty major pain when trying to shift. We are really looking forward to our dealership getting the automatics in. We love our 500 Sport but we really wanted an Abarth.

        • Jimbo99

          If the clutch is as light as the non-abarth 5 speed, the clutch isn’t a shifting issue. What I would fund irritating is the grid lock and having to shift the car for a car length of road. That was my concern only, otherwise I would have gone with a 5 speed. In that case, the turbo on a small engine was my next concern. Not sure if anyone with an automatic has the same sport button mode issue, but the engine holds nearer to red line for what I think is too long when you let up on the gas. That delay and higher rpm duration seems like it might cause damage ?

          • Donna GhostBear

            It doesn’t matter how light the clutch is, it’s still extremely painful for me. It’s the movement, not the clutch pressure.

          • Jimbo99

            Walking probably is a stretch for you in that case. Maybe you shouldn’t be driving at all until you get strength back in that leg and heal ?

          • Donna GhostBear

            It’s not going to get any better. Injury was over 5 years ago, surgery even longer. Bottom line is that I can no longer drive a manual. The automatic coming out is an option that finally lets me enjoy a car I’ve wanted for years.

          • Jimbo99

            What still gets me on the Abarth, regardless, 160hp is never going to be worth $34k fully loaded. And the base Abarth is little more than the turbo and not much more than the Sport in the traffic I drive in. I do have small car anxiety with the wrecks I see everyday. So too fast is actually a bad thing when cars pull out in front of you and cut you off. I like the Sporty, quick enough to keep up, but flies under the radar with the police dept..

            All three priced where they are and the Sport was the better value in my opinion. Any turbo still worries me for how long the turbo itself or a small engine will last ? I figure with 101 hp, the Sport isn’t going to tear up cv joints either. It’s not so much the tires that get eaten up with wheel spin, but the cv joint driveshafts that need replacement ?

          • Dickster

            While the Abarth engine has similar internal specs to the other Fiat 500’s, the Abarth’s is hand assembled and uses beefier parts designed for higher RPM and durability. Same for transaxle internals, suspension, brakes, exhaust, etc. Lots of important differences for the extra $$.
            While I understand the clutch issue for those physically unable to use it, I traded a Mini S six speed paddle shift auto for my Abarth and I have never wanted the auto back.
            My Abarth is FUN-FUN-FUN (although a little loud at times)!!

          • Wilbmeister
          • Wilbmeister
          • Wilbmeister
          • Mary Ann 60

            Jimbo, you must be very young! As you age you are in for a rude awakening!!!
            One can have trouble using a clutch because of a little arthritis in the hip, knee or ankle and still be an excellent driver and drive with no pain in an automatic!

          • Wilbmeister
          • Lulu

            JImbo, wondering where you got appointed Expert on Others. I’d like to apply so I could feel OK about advising you. As it is, I’ll just let you make friends and influence people with your kind and compassionate comments to Donna Ghostbear

          • Jimbo99

            Well, I’ve had my share of aches and pain. Sometimes these posts are too brief and folks like yourself take them the wrong way. Have to ask questions to determine capability. Again, internet and anyone comes off as insensitive. I found the clutch on the manual abarth had little resistance. Have you driven it ? I’d say the resistance is less than you’d apply for the brake while waiting for a light change. If one has a problem with the brake, the clutch is easier to apply. I’d be more concerned about an emergency stop than I would be the clutch engagements ? Especially if you’re the one in front of an injured motorist that admitted they had issues like that ? My concerns weren’t mean spirited, rather for the safety of everyone on the road. Accidents are cause and effect, very few if any are non-liability and non- responsibility. Especially being rear ended.

          • Wilbmeister
          • Wilbmeister
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        • Wilbmeister
      • Wilbmeister
    • Wilbmeister
  • Terry Hinckley


  • Hotelie1970

    Give me that sixth gear on my manual Abarth! Personally I wouldn’t want an automatic but it should be good for the Abarth brand.

  • Kachadurian

    the transmission has always needed a broader gear range, even the standard 5 sped tops out at 55. I hope the 6 speed will maintain 70MPH at 2,000 – 2,500 RPM. Having to run 3,500 RPM to cruise on the highway is crazy, and a real mileage killer.

    • backwoods modified

      38 MPG at 85 MPH

  • Hector

    When are the auto Abarths available??? I am sooooo looking forward to trade in my Gucci 500 for one of these!

  • David Riley

    Don’t like it either. Takes away from one of the main points of a “sports” car. Full driver control. It’s already sad that 90% or more of all cars in the US are automatics, including US bound Ferrari’s and Lambo’s and the such. I would never buy one with an auto. Just ordered from the factory, a 2014, thank goodness it will be a manual 5-Speed. A 6 speed would be nice, perhaps Fiat will consider that in the future for we manual shifters.

    • David Riley

      I am 100% disabled myself, but still doesn’t keep me from a clutch pedal, its a light one in both the Abarth and the regular Fiat 500 line

  • OHNOOO!!!

    Traded in my Pop 500 automatic after I put some miles on it and discovered the transmission was sealed. I knew it did not have a dip stick, but I never dreamed the fluid was for life. Studio said they could not change the transmission fluid. How long will these transmissions last with never a fluid change? Alien tech, maybe? In our world heat and debris from wearing parts are the enemy of lubrication fluids. Not for me. Not until it is proven to me. Other than this I loved the 6 speed auto tranny. Like the 5 speed manual in my Abarth, too. It needs a higher top gear (6th) for economy sake.

  • Old Raison

    Great! I’m an older driver, had my share of manual transmissions when I was younger. This will give an option for a sportier ride without the bother of all the shifting. I don’t think it takes away from the experience. It’s just a matter of preference. I’ve been hoping for an automatic option for the Abarth. I may trade my 500C for an Abarth convertible when it becomes available.

  • Dennis

    I would prefer a telescoping steering wheel.

  • nancy

    good idea the 500c we have is slow, did not purchase the Abarth because no auto trans.
    Knee problems, painful shifting.

  • Bob

    I owned a 2003 BMW M3 with paddle shifters and an automatic transmission which was a big mistake. If I would of had the 6-speed clutch I would still own it. I own a 2013 5-speed clutch Abarth now and love it. Real sports cars should have a clutch as there is nothing like being one with the car. You just cannot get that feeling with an automatic. Sorry but anyone that buys a sports car with an automatic trans is in for a big disappointment. Learn to drive a clutch in that type of car and you will then truly understand what I am saying.

    • hambdiscus

      Hmmmm-Formula One, a vehicle that is commonly recognized as about the quickest road-goer on the planet, exclusively uses dual-clutch ‘automatic’ transmissions and put the lie to your slavish pitch for manual transmissions. In almost every case, a modern automatic, be it a SMG or a dual clutch gearbox will return better acceleration and higher fuel milage compared to a manual box.

      The only valid complaint about an automatic is that they generally carry a weight penalty. On the other hand, overall reliability is much better due to the absence of an often troublesome pressure plate/clutch disk/throw out bearing/clutch master-slave hydraulics package.

      I pity the folks who think that waggling a wiggle stick whist exercising their left leg adds to driving pleasure. I prefer to use my left leg/foot to tease the brake pedal as my right foot manages the throttle. That is the fast way through the twisty bits in a front-drive hot hatch that wants to understeer you straight off the road.

      • Scott

        Formula 1, quickest “road-goer.” I think you might mean quickest road racing car? Also it is not really an automatic transmision of the sort you describe the does not have the “troublesome pressure plate/clutch disk/throw out bearing/clutch master-slave hydraulics package”. I think you missed throwing in another clutch. The transmisions in an F1 car are automatically shifted manuals. The internals have more in common with a manual than an automatic. That is why they are able to give the lightning fast shifts.
        Yes if I am racing, on a race track, then certainly a Double clutch automatic is what I would want in my car. but than I doubt an Abarth even as much fun as they are to drive would be my first choice as a race car. A rear wheel drive car would be of greater interest than the gains an automatically shifted manual gets you.
        And yes if I was cursed to have a commute that left me sitting in traffic I’d likely want an automatic. However if I did have the displeasure of such a commute (and I would not stand for it very long if I did) I would likely choose a more comfort oriented car than an Abarth. Thankfully I have always avoided the bad commutes, and currently have a long commute on twisty, back country roads. Roads that I don’t need to shave off a 1/10th or 1/100th of a second, because they are public roads and I have no desire to act like a boy racer morron.
        Thats not to say I drive like an old man, I love a spirited drive, but I do not need to be on the absolute edge like a Formula 1 driver does. Nothing like a heal n toe down shift into a twisty set of esses, and than accerating out and finessing a perfect shift. If I get slowed down a bit more I may just skip using the clutch all together and practice matching the revs for a seamless, clutchless shift.
        The Abarth is a fun car, I love driving it. But I have no dilussions of being a racer, nore would I subject myself to driving it in terrible traffic on a regular basis. (although I can see that more than racing it) As a result a standard manual fits right in with the spirit of the car.

      • Wilbmeister
    • Wilbmeister
  • fiat500C

    Cannot wait for the 2015 Abarth six-speed automatic transmission to come out!!!’

  • Peter Ullmann

    I like the idea, It will give the public more choices and if the six speed will allow you to use it like a standard transmission just without the clutch or as a full auto it would be perfect and probably appeal to more people.

  • holystjohn

    how much

  • Jared Porter

    I love my 5-speed manual 500C because I am interested in maximum MPG. And my Fiat delivers since I am averaging over 43 MPG all day long. I do admit to driving conservatively except on fun-filled curvy two-lane roads near home. The Fiat is actually more enjoyable to drive on twisties than my 6-speed Audi TT plus the Milage is 25% better. I don’t mind Fiat adding automatic transmission though, if it means more sales. I think they are great, practical cars for the money. I’ve done some small aftermarket upgrades like leather, heated seats and subwoofer, and my Fiat gives me everything I need, including Italian style, and leaves off everything I don’t need, like excessive costs of ownership.

  • Christonyc

    I live in NYC – the auto is welcome-no arguments-Thanks Fiat

  • Artafern Sartippour

    I know that many clients in US are waiting to see Fiat Abarth with automatic Trans. But I like the Abarth with stick the most..!

  • Luigi

    Can’t wait getting to old to shift. Still want to have a little fun, can’t wait to test drive the rocket.

  • gsg

    Now my grandma can drive and abarth

    • gdl

      Awesome…. You go Grandma!!

  • Nancy

    Lov it! I drove manual for years, and now I am at the age for thinking more about ease, but with the exhilaration for driving.

  • KD


  • Joe

    I have been waiting for this for 2 years. Finally here . I hope to see a good colour combo’s

  • Tim

    Just went to my abarth experience last week and the first thing that comes to mind is are they going to have to have both versions once the autos are released or are the auto people going to have to drive manual….

  • Vic

    Excellent solution for Abarth enthusiasts who get impatient and tired legs and feet while dealing with gridlock. I think I can talk my wife into one now!

  • vdawg

    I’m at the age where I have no desire to shift gears….give me the automatic.

  • Okay, forget the debate on whether or not the Abarth should be offered in an automatic (I prefer the manual, but it WILL sell more with an auto), the REAL question is: Are there paddle shifters or not???

  • Tjs

    How about a 500L Abarth Cabrio? At 6’3″ I don’t fit in the 500… I’d sign up right now! I love my 500L Lounge!

  • Fernando Garcia

    When will we see the abarth fully convertible and does it come with Bose systems for luxury music playing

  • Elfro

    I wonder if it’s possible to replace the speedo in an older model with the new one. I like the big mph number a lot better than the tiny one in the previous models.

  • David

    This addition to the Fiat lineup is awesome. Now the Mini Cooper S has true competition plus the fact just like Jimbo99 – who wants to be using the clutch on those long slow commutes unless you are into pain.
    Traditionalist out there need to chill….!!!!!!!!

  • Kandyce Kahn

    Moto bene

  • Spanky

    Sometimes life kicks you in the knee…
    You cannot shift so…..
    Shut up. Drive fast and take chances.

  • 0shooter

    Thinking of trading in my 2013 Abarth 500c for automatic. Clutch is tough on 64,yr old legs!?!

  • Bill

    Understand having a auto trans in gridlock places such as Los Angeles or Houston ( lived in both places).
    Where I live now, there is pure enjoyment in shifting gears with my Abarth and Challenger SRT. Would only go back to an automatic in a Chrysler 300C for long road trips.
    But glad to hear that a auto version of the Abarth is being offered to give more people a chance to enjoy the driving experience of the little “pocket rocket”.

  • SpottyTao

    Why didn’t they use the buttons from the Abarth 595? How well will this trans hold up if you tune the engine for more HP/Torque?


    This is awesome. Can’t wait to upgrade from my 2013 Sport!

  • AbarthBing

    my computer has no place to run the provided disc. How can I get info on attending a track day?

    • Ciao2

      Hi AbarthBing,

      Below is the # you can call to attend a rece track day…
      “If you are a non-Abarth owner, we are not accepting registrations at this time. To be added to the event waiting list, please call (800) 998-1110.”
      Also check out Abarthexperience.com for more info where and when they are driving…
      Good Luck!

  • rogerk

    Is it the dual dry clutch like I have in my 500L?

  • fiatmaniac

    Just the thing for fat lazy Americans.

  • martin hymanson

    the abarth is automatic ! fantastic !

  • Dave

    Great… Now every high school girl who would be getting a scion, is probably going to be looking to get there hands on this abarth. Thank you fiat… You finally made the abarth a chick car. You pretty much pooped on all the enthusiast drivers like myself.

  • anotherdreamer

    Now punch out to 1.6 liter turbo over 200 hp and I am ready to trade my 2013 Abarth Cabrio. Love it as it is but would like to really blow the Mini Cooper off the road!!!!

  • Eh Luigi

    I bought a 13 Abarth (new 13 leftover) in Feb 14 . only option was stripes/mirrors for ………are you sitting down?????(well of course you are if you are at a computer )……….for $ 17350 plus tax /tags…….honest as the day is long . Yes you could say I am enjoying LL Luigi ……….and the price makes me giggle too. Came out of an 11 MINI Cooper S -was ~24k with few options when new 4/11……When you consider price and similarity it is hands down ABARTH for me.

  • Ahmad Kudo

    I did not buy the abarth before because I HATE MANUAL ! now I will buy the automatic 2015 abarth!!! 🙂 IM SOOO HAPPY they did that !

  • Fiat500C

    I cannot wait!!!!! I have a 2013 Fiat Cabriolet. I really love it but I want the 2015 Abarth Automatic!!!!!

  • billmo

    I am interested in a a/t do you feel the shift points slowing down, like so many cars in this segment

  • Vic

    When will it be available to purchase?

  • Bob

    Hambdiscus, you must realize that we are not driving Formula one racing cars on the street everyday in our normal commute to work, or to the local grocery store. The total driving experience is what I am talking about here and NOT how fast you can go from point a to point b or which is faster in the quarter mile a manual gearbox or a SMG transmission. Yeah, you can get in your car and push on the gas pedal and take off really quickly using launch control now or some other gimmick or gadget that helps poor drivers appear to be better drivers than they actually are. You seem to fall into that category, sorry for you. You probably also keep your traction control on too! As for me I much prefer the real feel and thrill of driving without al of that assistance which is why a manual clutch car is my preference over all. There are only 6 cars manufactured now with only a manual clutch and a Shelby 500 is one of them. Why would they only put a 6-speed manual transmission in a 700hp muscle car you ask? Because that is the way it is supposed to be. Nice try though with your modern techno nonsense.

  • Robert Albright Jr.

    As someone who commutes 25 miles twice a day (in Houston, where every highway is perpetually under destruction), I can identify with those that want an automatic. Personally, I prefer the manual I just wish Fiat would give us a 6 speed manual. That, and the option to put the Abarth power train in a 1957 edition body… That would be sweet.

  • AdamAugust

    I’ve driven the Ferrari 458 on the track with an “automatic,” paddle shift or full auto, and the shifts are 1/3 second, faster than any conventional gearbox can be shifted. If the automatic tranny can take that kind of torque, I’d say automatics just as sporty and are the wave of the future for high performance.

  • AnalogMan

    Greetings. I have the 500L six-speed turbo and it is a hoot to drive!
    I find it significantly more useful for our overall purposes than the smaller 500 which we almost bought.
    After years of automatics, it was great nostalgic trip for my wife to finally own and drive another 500 and stir its gears as she did in her younger days.

    Everyone should understand that today’s bumper-to-bumper traffic converts manual transmissions into torture devices regardless of the clutch’s lightness. You wish to shorten the life of a clutch without abusing it? Bumper-to-bumper traffic will do it. I am lucky that I can afford more than one car and plan my driving missions accordingly (e.g.: automatic for traffic, commuting…) I do have knee and shoulder sport injuries so I sympathize with my colleagues on this blog. Shifting my old MG-B’s short-throw 4-speed with a bad shoulder was an “experience”.

    Although I still prefer to stir the gears than a “slushbox”, its not a “purist’s” thing but with the proper behind-the-wheel technique, one can motivate the auto-trans 500 (or comparable wheels) pretty close to the manual’s performance envelope. The manual vs. auto debate is a user preference issue and the experience the owner/driver wishes to indulge in. There is no right or wrong as each has its perceived strengths and weaknesses. As an old “geezer”, performance back then was only available via manual gearboxes. All “supercars” come with automatics except maybe the Ford GT as a throwback to the GT-40 racing days.

    Turbo owners, do not forget that after driving “spiritedly”, and you park the car, you need to wait a minute or two at idle for the circulating oil to cool the turbo’s bearings and not to fry/cook the residual hot oil on its bearings. Synthetic oil or not, you need to cool the turbo’s bearings a bit. Some later car systems do this automatically but I am not aware if the FIAT does.
    Current set up not “sporty” enough? You can always shoe-horn 350~500 HP on the stiffer Abarth setup.
    Gives a whole new meaning to driving a “pocket rocket” !!

  • Blacksword

    Paddle shifters? Does it have paddle shifters? I used to have a GTI with them and I drove a Ferrari 360 with them and I don’t think an auto trans is much fun without them. The Abarth Tributo Ferrari had them so it should not be an issue to put them in.

  • James Kelly

    Hey guys, I just discovered a new product – a dock for iPhone on Fiat 500. I think you should take a look at it

  • Wazie

    WHY don’t you offer a paddle shift option??! Get with the times!

  • Joel Brennan

    I’ve had leg issues and won’t be able to own a manual transmission car, so this is an answered prayer. I can’t wait for the new models!

  • Fiat man

    As a Fiat Specialist all im going to say is that the italian automaker is catering to both sides of the market. 🙂 My personal preference?? Seeing that this is a perfomance car id go for the manual, but i have drove the automatic. To be honest it is fun as well. In my opinion i have no compliants either way.

  • Jimbo99

    FWIW, the car gets my seal of approval for a 6 speed automatic.

    “Power for the 1.4-liter turbo engine is rated for the automatic at 157
    horsepower and up to 183 pound-feet of torque, which is quite different
    from the 160 horsepower and 170 pound-feet of torque you get on the
    manual version.”

    Another article indicated the 2 are identical for torque at 170 ft lbs, but the hp penalty for the automatic is still 3 hp (157 vs 160). Regardless, the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times are identical. Top speed to 129 mph.

    Turn on the Sport mode and you’d be hard pressed to find a motorist that can shift with the tuned computer settings that Fiat has programmed into sport mode. That’s what I enjoyed about the automatic, I could flog it and get indiscernable performance for what I put it thru and never worried about shifting the automatic on that back road course they let me test drive it on. The auto probably keeps the driver from blowing something out trying to get a little more than is really there in the car ?

  • dan

    I have no trouble going fast in my automatic 500c, very, very fast. Ask any Mini driver I come across. My Lounge I don’t race because it tells me its for Lounging. I love my Fiats and will never, ever switch.

  • Tarzanite

    I have had a Miata and GTI manual, but now that Im older my knees are not so good. So an automatic sounds good.

  • Jay

    How about a five-year manual transmission??

  • Jay

    How about a seven-speed manual transmission??

  • Jwilly

    It is quite annoying to go to a dealer and be unable to find an Abarth with a manual. The Abarth is the sporty version of the 500 and I prefer a manual.
    The real question is when will Fiat offer a transmission like the Alfa 4C in an Abarth?

  • Sassey Easton

    I have a 2012 Abarth C and I love it. Would not have a automatic. My BMW 2005 Z4 is a 6 speed with only 34000 miles but the Abarth is so much fun that I drive it all the time.

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