“Score a Scorpion” Tempts Audiences with the Chance to Win a New FIAT 500 ABARTH

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The FIAT 500 Abarth seduced audiences with its Super Bowl commercial featuring European supermodel Catrinel Menghia. For 60 seconds, millions sat glued to their television sets, overwhelmed by a desire for the Abarth’s gripping performance...commanding presence…arresting slap…and a piping-hot café cappuccino (extra foam, please). But while FIAT 500 Abarth and its alter ego Catrinel were busy tempting viewers – online, the Abarth’s iconic “Scorpion” begged to be found. Where were they hiding? The FIAT USA Facebook page was transformed into a virtual hub for the “Score a Scorpion” challenge: a social contest with a small but wicked payoff. The goal? Find (or “score”) at least five scorpions, hidden across the Web, and become eligible to win one of three brand-new FIAT 500 Abarth vehicles.

Over the course of a month, clues were released every three to four days hinting at where the scorpions could be found. Some were easy:  “Start your search by going back in history and getting to know the man behind the car. Visit fiatusa.com/abarth to find your first scorpion. Hint: Don’t get caught in the headlight.” (Answer: On fiatusa.com/abarth in the headlight of Karl Abarth’s motorcycle) Others, a little wicked: “According to one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world, scorpions are masters of adaptation and have been around for hundreds of millions of years.” (Answer: The scorpion page of NationalGeographic.com) Those that played until the end became part of a narrowing pool of performance-driven die-hards – eager to get their hands on the race-inspired wheel of the Abarth. Some offered words of encouragement to their brethren while others simply poked fun. But in the end, three dedicated Facebook Fan-atics got the ultimate score. Congratulations to William S. of Bloomington, IL; Gary D. of Alexandria, MN; and Jose E. of Moreno Valley, CA. We’re glad to have you in the FIAT family.   Want more challenges like “Score a Scorpion”? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. 
  • Legion52497

    Heck yeah. Give us more opportunities! I want an Abarth really bad!!

    • Carlcavitt

      Maybe, Fiat should take some of the marketing money and actually use it to try to sell a car and stop playing childish games.    Another dumb idea was NOT to sell the Chrysler Fiat at Chrysler dealerships.  If there was no Fiat, there would be no Chrysler-right?

      • Noble_Cause

        Yeah, that worked out really well for them the last time around, selling through Buick dealers in the 70’s 80’s. Just like it did for Renault, Merkur, De Tomaso, Peugeot, Opel….

  • Kmart1941

    To difficult for old people!

  • Hizzy

    I found all 8 but was sad not to win.

  • Perrottalebanon

    I love to win one!

  • RJDutch

    Found all eight too…. It’s ok to keep on driving my 2010 PRIUS….
    but I am sooooooooo in Love with the FIAT 500..
    When I lived in Europe, FIAT was my choice I had a few: TIPO., TEMPRA, PUNTO, CINQUECENTO

  • chuck

    Bring on the challenge !!!! I want my Fiat !!

  • Lynn

    This was challenging, but lots of fun, please do it again!

  • d v

    I love the idea of contest sleuthing. Especially for a Fiat. Keep it up, can’t wait for the next promo. Don Draper would be proud.

  • Linda Rose

    I didn’t even know there was a contest. I would love the chance to win a Scorpion.. 

  • This did require some thinking and research – I love these types of challenges!!! Bring on another one soon… please…

  • Giovanni

    I always love a challenge, however I don’t know if I would be able to part with my cinquecento. Just celebrated her first birthday with a drive up the PCH with a surprise 8000 mile check up and spa treatment.

  • Carlcavitt

    Just spent today waiting for Gilt.  Ridiculous!  I honestly believe the many people (like me) who signed up with Gilt to try to place the winning bid for a new Fiat 500 are so angry that they will NOT buy ANYTHING from Gilt.  By the way, see the ex high prices on their site?
    Fiat did themselves a big disservice (at least with me) with this promotion.  Obviously, something was wrong (with me or the site).

    • rne

      Sorry to read your comments about the Gilt/Fiat promotion. You know there was only one vehicle available during each time slot. So what do you think your odds of being first were? Pretty slim dont ya think!

      It must have been something wrong with you because the site worked fine for me because….. I got the Abarth!

  • DohNutz

    Yeah, another chance to win an Abarth would be a dream come true!!!!! 

  • John

    frustrated, I “think” i found them, but there is no instruction on what happens when I do find them… come one, just becaust it’s Italian does not mean you get to forgo instructions. Think it through… I get the fact you want us to read the content, (check – done that) and think to solve (check did that too) now wher eis the reward… I found (one) I think, now what??? This could backfire of people get fristrated and quickly “tune-out” of FB marketing “game” by “unliking” – think about it.  Making it difficult means upsetting prospects. not exactly something social media lets people get away with… read the comments see a pattern? I’ve been part of some of the fasted high tech starts up’s that became industry icons, and you are clever, perhaps too clever.  Think “mad men” sell the sizzle not the stake.

  • cacoanoir

    I like the games so far.  I think it’s good to keep them coming.  Those who don’t like them don’t have to play.

  • Noble_Cause

    Score a Scorpion was brilliant! I’ve entered/engaged in all the giveaways for cars and even won some swag. I’m not really interested in the current promotion. 

    It’s just like “The Price Is Right”, pass on the trip showcase and wait fro the car.


  • Joasia


  • Joasia

    cool and easy

  • Pam Mighaccio

    We have the Fiat 500 Sport model, but I’d LOVE to get a chance at an Abarth!!

  • Bfdavi

    I love Fiat Lounge 500C.  I have a special license plate that says OMG SO SM

  • Monica Ciuffarin

    cool I want to win 🙂 that woul be nice 😉


  • Datadivea

    More power in a FIAT. I’m in!!




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