FIAT USA wins 2013 Polk Automotive Loyalty Award

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We’ve always loved our drivers and consider them to be a part of the FIAT® 500 family, so winning a 2013 Polk Automotive Loyalty Award comes as a pleasant surprise, and one that we hold in especially high regard. Presented by IHS Automotive, the Polk Loyalty Award recognizes brands that demonstrate the qualities that ensure owners remain loyal customers across multiple purchases. Part of their criteria is based on when a household that owns a new vehicle returns to market and purchases or leases another new vehicle of the same model or make. With the irresistible style and Italian racing-inspired power of the entire FIAT 500 lineup, our aim is to turn our drivers into FIAT 500 fans for life. DSC_7986 What spurs our owners to be so loyal to the FIAT 500? We have a few ideas. For starters, the FIAT 500 allows for more customization than most vehicles. From the outer aesthetics to what’s going on under the hood, there’s a FIAT 500 combination that will satisfy any personality. We like to think our fans also remain loyal to us because we constantly strive to remain loyal to them, not only by giving them so many customizable options, but also by integrating key safety options. Options such as electronic stability control (ESC), all-speed traction control and a specially designed steel frame that channels the energy away from the driver and passengers by absorbing it in defined front and rear crumple zones. All these add up to a ride designed to keep you stylish and riding smoothly down the road, no matter what the world throws your way – and those are concepts we’ll always remain loyal to. Are you a repeat FIAT 500 owner? Tell us what drives you to remain loyal to the FIAT brand in the comments below. Want even more FIAT 500 news and information? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
  • Amacento

    I am a repeat/loyal FIAT 500 owner. The missus & I started our FIAT life experience with an early 2012 Pretty Green Pop (featured in the ‘YOU’ section) we called La Fee Verte. We are, now, living happily with a late 2013 nero puro Abarth we call La Sombrita (The Tiny Shadow). FIAT 500s are the perfect roundabout. They bring joy to the driver as well as pedestrians & drivers of other cars. We are happy to share the joy of the ‘cento as well as life, in general, with our local group… Città Crema Cinquecento Club (Cream City Cinquecento Club). Go FIAT!

  • Mohsin K.

    Agree. GO FIAT! I live in Dubai, finally Fiat 500X is coming to GCC!!!!!

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