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  MAKIAH Green We recently awarded the winner of the DRIVE TO SUCCESS program, an initiative that helps promising underserved students,  with a brand-new 2013 FIAT® 500. This year we were fortunate to meet University of Southern California student, Makiah Green, who is also a graduating scholar of Magic Johnson’s Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program. We hop into the passenger seat as Makiah tells us a little more about her newfound independence in her FIAT 500. When I declared myself an English-creative writing major, I couldnt have imagined that my words would win me anything other than a voice and a hypothetical book deal. In response to the question “What drives you to success?” I wrote a short essay about how my personal success is measured not by the number of commas on my paycheck, but by my ability to induce change within the entertainment industry and society at large. In it, I outlined my plans to create comprehensive and uplifting media content for minorities who have grown weary of one-dimensional representations of their people. At the culminating awards brunch of the 15th Annual Magic Johnson Foundation Taylor Michaels Scholarship Leadership Conference, I was awarded a brand-new 2013 FIAT 500 for winning the first-ever Drive to Success Essay Contest. After I got over my initial bout of disbelief, I made my way to the stage in tears. I was crying for all of the people who would hear my story and finally realize that its profitable to be themselves.  Makiah Green Like most children, I grew up thinking that success was equivalent to embroidered lab coats and law degrees. In college, I faced a lot of opposition from my peers, family and superiors, who constantly asked me why I was majoring in English, as if it were a complete and utter waste of time. I find it both interesting and divine that my words have now matched me with a vehicle that shares some of my strongest values.  My 2013 FIAT 500 Pop is fiercely unapologetic, modest, yet bold and remarkably efficient. During my first drive, it became clear that I had been inducted into a new family of class, elegance and utility. It just so happens that I was already aspiring to live up to these qualities long before I was introduced to the FIAT brand. My 500, affectionately named “The Destiny Mobile,” is the physical entity that will carry me through my new life as a professional writer and social activist.The daring, individualistic spirit behind it will propel me even further. Over the past few weeks, Ive had an absolute blast fitting into parking spaces that arent options for most, waving to members of the FIAT family on the freeway and simply getting to know my new partner in excellence. My destiny is only beginning to unfold—Im just along for the ride!   Congratulations, Makiah, from all of us here at FIAT USA!    

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