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We always knew you liked to watch. And we have the numbers to prove it. Just last year, you helped contribute to the 4.4 million YouTube video views on our page. That’s a lot of eyes on our uploads! We went through all of the videos we posted last year to see exactly which ones you love the most, from the commercials to our exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and even our handy instructional videos. The numbers are in, and we’re happy that today, on FIAT® Backstage, we will count down the top four most-viewed FIAT USA YouTube videos of all time! #4 – Italian Invasion Kicking off our countdown at number four with just over 490,000 views is our revolutionary spot for the new, spacious FIAT 500L. Fans loved it when we put the FIAT brand spin on one of the most famous invasions in history. Want to learn more about the 500L? Check out our other FIAT Backstage posts here. #3 – Test Track With over 730,000 views, our number three video introduced the world to the sexy efficiency of the all-electric FIAT 500e*. Proving that the 500e carries as much style and appeal as the rest of the 500 lineup, this video puts you right in the middle of a 500e test run that takes an interesting turn. Read about how environmentally sexy the 500e is here. #2 - Behind the Scenes: FIAT Body Paint Shoot We figured this video would make the list. Last year, we took you behind the scenes of the epic photo shoot for the FIAT 500 Abarth body paint ad. Symbolizing the Abarth in many ways, photographers used a bevy of strong, beautiful women to … well, go ahead and see for yourself below. Need to get more of the Abarth in your life? Check out all the specs and then build your own. #1 – Immigrants And our number one most-viewed YouTube video of all time, with nearly 4 million total views, is our Immigrants television spot. Featuring stunning special effects and an amazing soundtrack, this spot quickly became one of your favorites, and remains so nearly two years later! Head over to to check out the entire FIAT 500 lineup and to discover even more FIAT 500 fun at FIAT Nation. Don’t forget to follow our YouTube channel, too, because if you thought we had some good stuff already, just wait to see what we have in store!     *The FIAT 500e is currently available only in California.

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