Your FIAT® Story – Collection 7

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  Italy has inspired some of the greatest stories ever told. With your help, we’re merely adding to the collection. We love to hear your fondest FIAT® memories, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. Don’t forget, you can share your FIAT story with us over in the FIAT Story Booth. Who knows? Maybe your story will be featured in our next batch of favorites. You can see some of our previous favorites here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Leah Getchell

We arrived at the car rental counter late upon arriving in Halifax for a quick 5 day trip for a friend’s wedding. I had been begging my boyfriend that since we were going to be doing so much driving (up to Cape Breton and back) we should ride in style. Alas, paying the extra fee to rent a premium car just wasn't in our budget. You can then imagine our surprise when the guy working the rental counter said, "Here are your keys, your car is a new FIAT Convertible!" We were totally shocked and super stoked--it was the hottest little car we'd ever been in and it served us well (especially on gas!) as we jetted around Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island! Thanks FIAT, you made our trip!

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  Jannine Malicki

My first FIAT is my FIAT 500 Lounge, and she gets approving looks wherever we are! She is a joy to drive and holds the road without a problem, even next to tractor trailers when driving in the rain. I am a happy woman, listening to my SiriusXM radio, top down, and singing while enjoying my FIAT. FIAT = Love

  James Fanelli

Our journey was our attempt to conquer Italy's famous Colle-Follonica "Motocavalcata". This challenge is not against other men but man and his machine against the terrain, the distance and mostly himself. We joined 1,000 riders in the quest to complete this 240K challenge originating in Colle di Val d'Elsa and finishing in Follonica by the sea! It was all accomplished while we crossed the Italian countryside in our trusty FIAT and enjoying the culture!

FIAT in Italy - Story Booth 7

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