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The FIAT 500 is a world traveler (as you can plainly see in our latest commercial). The iconic lines, definitive design and joy that comes from sitting behind the wheel has been felt and seen in numerous continents, countries and cities for more than 50 years. Now that the Cinquecento has made its way to American shores, we want you to have the chance to return to the place where the commercial was shot. As a reader of FIAT Backstage, you now have the opportunity to win an exclusive vacation to the Amalfi Coast! From now until the end of August, we’ll be putting your sleuthing skills to the test. With your passport in hand, the only thing you’ll have left to do is get your boarding pass. This is where we come in. In order to gain your boarding pass, twice a week we’ll send you on a hunt through FIAT Backstage blog posts in order to find FIVE hidden words. These five words will make up a secret phrase that will bring you one step closer to the grand prize. Sounds simple enough, right? Here’s how it will work:
  1. On the dates listed below, we’ll give you the first word in that day’s secret phrase.
  2. This word will be a hyperlink to the blog post where your next secret word is hidden.
  3. To identify the secret word, you’ll need to read through the post and find the next CAPITALIZED and hyperlinked word.
  4. This word will take you to the blog post where the next word is hiding.
  5. The process repeats itself until you have found all five of the hidden words for the day.
  6. Be sure to keep track of your hidden words along the way, as you will need to unscramble the words to make up that day’s secret phrase.
We’ll be giving you a new secret phrase on the following dates:
  • Monday, August 6 : NOW CLOSED. ANSWER: The Italian Coast is calling.
  • Thursday, August 9: NOW CLOSED. ANSWER: Where style and speed meet.
  • Monday, August 13: NOW CLOSED. ANSWER: Italian design comes to America.
  • Thursday, August 16: NOW CLOSED. ANSWER: FIAT has come to party.
  • Monday, August 20: NOW CLOSED. ANSWER: Travel just got more exciting.
  • Thursday, August 23: NOW CLOSED. ANSWER: Made with passion and creativity.
  • Monday, August 27: NOW CLOSED. ANSWER: Hello New York, we’ve arrived!
  • Thursday, August 30: NOW CLOSED. ANSWER: Here comes the next wave.
Happy travels!
  • Pace212

    Greetings all,  I had the privilege of owning and driving an Abarth 850 OT.  Rear deck propped open and all.  It was a blast.  Looking to driving a current one!!  It should be a great ride. 

  • Tcgcompliance

    And when I find all the words I do what with them??

    • Tesana


      • ladydi6677

        some of us do not speak that language. Can you translate?

        • taif500

          if you can not figure how to play this game, then you most likely would not be able to find the airport if you won.

          • Carlcavitt

            That’s why I have a GPS.

          • taif500

            just doing the traslation.

          • luvmyfiat


        • themaltese

          You might want to brush up on this language if you win ladydi, because it’s Italian (-;

    • carlcavitt

      Ask Toni.

  • BJ Barrow

     Hello everyone, gosh I would rather have a Fiat than the trip however, since August 31st is my birthday who knows perhaps I, will not have to wait until I graduate next year yes it is I who every time I see the commercial add on my page salivate on owning one tested a 500 red when they first came out loaded and gosh love it love it !!!!!!!

  • Ladydi6677

    I can not find where to register.

    • ladydi6677

      I think I found it. But it was above this comments area. Is this the correct spot?

  • Louspag

    How does one win?

  • Click on the first word (listed on this page) and then go to each page and find the next word, so on and so on. Once you have gone thru the whole thing to find the words (click on each word for a new page) it automatically takes you to the registration page to sign up and to enter the phrase using the found words. 

    • Carlcavitt

      I’m retired and I still don’t have the time for this crap.


      I got every word but it did not advance me to page to enter phrase

  • Saeedrasheed

    Love the yellow.

  • Gotmothra

    All this effort for a “chance to win” is not fun and way too complex to be a success. I liked the commercial a lot but this is just silly. I assure you an Italian didn’t come up with these contest rules. 

    • Waltfossett1

      I agree. For all of this,you should have a chance at winning the car!

    • mattt1977

      Good less people will enter. I would not mind oing on a vacation. Don’t enter if you dont like it.

      • Carlcavitt

        And it’s not rigged?

  • Txjadman22

    Redundant wow also insulted can’t believe you people wow…Really wow

  • Angeideb


  • Samuel Aryeh

    Thank you for this great enlightenment.

  • Hallelshalom

    I think this is really, really fun and am game for much more!

  • Anyone else having trouble with the hyperlinks? 

  • Brenda Nonamaker

    Calling all FIAT 500’s front and center. I loved this commercial and how they handle on the windy roads there. They are so bright and shiny in different colors I would love to have one as mine has died. Need to have a car and how great it would be to sport around town in a FIAT 500. Hoping you would pick me to have one. Thanks.

  • Nanades1


  • Carlcavitt

    This is basically B.S.  Every contest Fiat is throwing at us is NUTS.
    Any one who understands this crap should win a car.
    The more I waste my time trying to understand the instructions, the madder I get and the less chance I’m going to actually buy my Abarth.

  • Westmajors

    It has been my dream to spend an holiday in Italy, I agree 

  • Chuckod

    Bunch of babies complaining about something that took me 5 minutes to complete. I can’t see how this is time intensive or complex. I do hope no one enters and the few of us who are not impatient or ADD will win!!!

    • Chelseavicky119

       It’s simple. It took me no effort to find them.

    • luvmyfiat

      Agreed! FIAT is NOT forcing anyone to enter. If you can not figure it out, great that will increase my chances of winning! I want a trip to Italy.

  • Ashleyjim1988

    This is so easy! Why are people complaining and saying this is soo complex and shiz. Its pretty simple and took all of 5 minutes to complete. Now if all contest were this simple. Sigh. Now the contest for the abarth was hard and even I needed help with

  • I thought is was a bit of fun. Hope the haters don’t enter so I have a better chance to win 😛

  • Ill post you some pictures when we get back.Too lazy to work a computer your already on.Ive got Hawaii pictures i won that trip too.Las vegas was sweet you cant win if you dont play,good luck or not.

  • cacoanoir

    I love this game!  I just got my espresso lounge cabrio and love it! bacis!

  • Mark

    at’s a nice!


    What do you do with the “Secret Phrase”?

  • Megs

    Ummm… Yeah.  It took me two minutes and was kind of fun. Chuckod – maybe those of us who are more patient would enjoy the vacation more, too!

  • If this takes anybody more then 3 minutes you are an absolute moron.

  • TTD

    TTD, it would be nice to enter this contest yet each time I try to submit, this page shuts down my IE9. Frustrating when you want to participate. And yes, I did try more than once, as well as on the 6th. Multiple shuts downs or as IE state, IE has stopped working. Any suggestions FIAT on how to submit the statement of the day?

  • geektastic2011


  • I’m surprised that I didn’t need an anagram for any of the words that make the phrase…. Maybe the later ones will be more challenging. 

  • kb

    this contest stinks

  • Fug

    If you have three minutes, and internet connection, and a brain, this shouldn’t be difficult for you. If it is, you must be missing one of those three things. 

  • Wolfgang von Manowski


  • Kenneth Barclay, Sr.

    I know I’ll not win and I know the reason I’ll not enter either. I’m retired from Chrysler. Wonder how many were betting on a different reason/answer?

  • Aliji

    I wish to join. 

  • I hope you give this 100% Disabled American Veteran a free Fiat ?

  • Brenda Nonamaker

    I just love the FIAT and looking forward to winning one. Thank you for giving me a chance.

  • caterina

    hwo remembers what the first phrase was?

  • Heather

    i would love to win as i always enter but i have never won anything and i think its time i win something…….

  • nd’ipp

    Man, this was easy and kind of fun.

  • HomesickVIGirl

    I’m in it to win it baby !!!

  • themaltese

    Although I could do each one of these in a few minutes, I still read all the articles.  So little and simple work for a payout that would make me VERY happy, as I am from Napoli (a short jump from Amalfi).  Let’s see… a trip back home and all I have to do is read some articles and fill-in a few pass phrases?  If this is too hard or too complex for some of you, fine, don’t play… but I got to ask… how in the world did you figure out how to get online in the first place? LOL


  • Italian design comes to America.

  • Murielarleneerinn

    I have a 1975 Fiat Spider that I purchased new and enjoyed for years; do not have the heart to sell it.  Also have a 1982 Alfa Romeo Spyder in my garage.   I would give anything to find someone in the Sacramento, CA area to repair them.  I  USED TO use “Barber Shop”, but never again.   My Fiat was a great car – and fun – glad to see them back in the U.S.  

  • SFPaul

    Can’t wait to win this!  Bags are packed.

  • Editor

    how do you register?

  • Reinaldohz


  • Elaguilajz


  • Freedms

    Help please.  There doesn’t seem to be a new word on the second page after your click on COMES?  Am I missing something?

  • 5 minutes maybe…got a moth couldn’t be italian…

  • Jannine

    I like where this is going…lots of fun playing and learning more about my Fiat.

  • Yup…….this Fiat would fit me to a T….

  • TF

    What a stupid fucking game

  • I love Fiat

  • Aliciahatch

    I’ve got all the words for the day, now how do I enter? Maybe it’s just not clear because I’m on mobile



  • Debbiepeluso

    I just got my first e-mail.  Do we have to have the phrases for the whole month for a chance to win?  I’ve already missed three.

  • laptoprepairdata

    Excellent Vacation 

  • total time investment = 1 minute … whine somewhere else while we enjoy a trip to Italy! Go FIAT!

  • Celeucia

    Mi Piace il Fiat!!!  E benisimmo!!!

  • Sharpxia

    Drive a Italian car in Italian street is my dream.

  • Joanne Ryles

    I’ve been incommunicato (out of the country) so I’ve missed too much to enter……..but, WOW, would I love a Fiat and a trip to Italy!!  Both are on my bucket list after just retiring (after 45 years of teaching high schoolers)!!!

  • momsellshomes

    I’m so excited about the contest, but don’t know where to put my answer.  Any help?


  • Bellasunrise

    Where do you enter the phrase?…

  • I’ve got the phrase, how do I actually enter?

  • Would love one. Is Catrinel an option?

  • Caribbeanautoglass

    I just got my Abarth 500,and many so call sports cars on the road are surprised by it’s speed and handling.Camaros,Mustangs,BMW 3 Series,Audis.They were a little rattled to see a little Fiat running so fast.This is an awesome car,and I have not put on my ECU upgrade from Magnetti Marelli yet.

  • Bluocchi

    Party, ti amo il mio Abarth!

  • Do I have to read all the comments/ I’m a bit confused but would love to enter~!! GLE1~!

  • Gianfranco


  • Rdbianchi

    Fiat has come to Party

  • Rboysel

    Fiat has come to party

  • Angeideb


  • sodwn2earth

    Am I supposed to enter the phrase here? It’s not specified where. “FIAT has come to party”

  • What do you do with your phrase once you figure it out? Is there someplace,a form,to enter it andenter the contest?

  • Vbarana

    This was fun and informative!

  • Great contest, lots to veiw and enjoy. The Amalfi Coast is my dream bucket list item !

  • beverly annon

    The trip sounds fantastic, & I sure would like to drive the itailian coastal highways in a fiat. What an experience!

  • beverly annon

    I would love to travel the italian coastal highways in a new fiat &meet some of the wonderful people in italy.

  • Debra Smeenge


  • Patrick

    Love my FIAT!

  • Laatzen73

    What if you miss a day?



  • Floridaze1

    Mi Fiat Sport e il piu bella macchina nel mondo.

  • Not as old as I feel!

    You make the turns at a briski pace and you feel it in the seat of your pants, just like flying!

  • Mary Genovese Capaccio

    FIAT has to come party!

  • FRAG

    Really? Complex? Does anyone remember trying to figure out the clues to win the 500 Abarth a few months ago? Now THAT was time consuming (for some of the clues), they didn’t even tell you where to look most of the time 😛

  • Marcela

    How do you enter?? once you find the words, then what?????

    • Marcela

      Ughh duh, never mind! lol, they should say that you get to enter the phrase for a chance to win!!

  • Michelle

    I think where the place of Island of Capri, Italy to NYC….

  • Papa Bear-18

    Awww, c’mon. It isn’t that hard or time consuming. Lighten up, people. Just go with it or don’t. Proud owner of a rosso 500 Sport. Modified a bit. About my FIAT, all I can say is:
    Che bella macchina!!!

  • Ladybug

    Love the game and Love FIAT

  • Fiat has come to party 🙂

  • nguyen

    well it takes long time for they to ship my car part from Italy, i have to spend $800 out of my pocket for a old rental car.


  • Caroline Couto Ortiz

    I don’t care how difficult some of you think it is but for Amalfi Coast vacation I will do my best to win. Piu grande cosi !!!

  • Caroline Couto Ortiz

    I will love to go back to ITALY. I did not have the time to visit the gorgeous coast of Amalfi.
    Vorrei qualcosa per va dinuovo.♡

  • Ninth

    This took literally a minute at max, its not hard to read through and find capitalized and underlined words that are IN COLOR… people have bad eyesight

  • FIAT in Iowa

    I agree, it’s really simple, spend as much time as you want reading the information or click tot the end, probably took less than 5 minutes to complete!

  • Beverly Marcum

    Given: Life is a ride. Come to Life’s party. Ride a Fiat

  • Good for you guys who are savy to this promotion. I as a geezer do not have the time or patients for this, plus I don’t blog. I worked for Olivetti for 20 years, so I will relinquis my time and lack of effort to youse guys who deserve it more than me.. Have fun and be safe. This should be a trip you will never forget. Good Luck!

  • OH I forgot. Loved my 1974 Fiat Spyder convert. What a fun car to drive. I was red and satified my mid life crisis!

  • OK this will be my last post. I hear the cheers going up. So far all the Fiat contests have been way to complicated for old dummies like me. I am sure now that these marketing efforts ain’t for those of us who are long in tooth.. I do know this however If I ever get the chance to own a Scorpian I will race with the best of you.

  • Party

  • Nancy

    I don’t get this contest. I have a master’s degree and find this difficult to follow.

    • Nancy

      Changed my mind. I got it.

  • Fiat has come to party :^)

  • sandra rafolskui

    Holy Moly was a fantastic car………would love to own one.

  • Jamie Ferrari

    Love this website. Love the FIAT. A red one please.

  • Brenda

    Only intelligent people can figure this contest out is the way I see it.

  • Sandy

    I have the phrase…now what am I supposed to do with it? It’s not clear at all from these instructions…help!

  • Travel just got more exciting.

  • Ive goyt the phrase …registered now the Enter the phrase section is blank….

  • littleluigi

    I did not receive the first three quizzes —– so sad !! 🙁

  • CIAO

    EXCITING! My Birthday Present to myself = ABARTH!

  • Darryl Smith

    Where do you put the words once you find them

  • Darryl Smith

    Travel Just Got More Exciting


    I like I cold be one of the winner. I like and love fiat

  • PAUL


  • Patricia Wasel


  • Mark Notarian

    I love the 500 ABARTH but still remember fondly driving my 78 124 when is FIAT going to make and import an update of the BARCHETTA to the USA?

  • Scott Stellmon

    I can smell the coast already…

  • db

    This new Fiat MADE me happy!



  • afeez aribidesi

    i wish traveling to italy to see cavani

  • Awesome Car Fiat

  • We’ve Only Just Begun??

  • We’ve Arrived

  • wish i had the fiat 500… it will bring back memory’s . when i 1st been in one wen i was 9 , was in italy visiting my grandparents …WE’VE


  • Emmy

    Too late. Next time.


  • db

    You are the WAVE of the future, today!

  • i love my lil yellow fiat! (-; fiat rocks!!! (-;

  • Done and Ready….

  • DM

    Can’t wait to hear who’s won (hope it’s me!)

  • I entered from the first day it was easy peasy and I hope I win the trip to Italy since I have never been anywhere except for a few US states. And with working from paycheck to paycheck its hard to ever save any money just to take a small road trip as well being a widow with a 9 year old son I hardly have any time to myself…

  • Tell me I won 🙂

  • WHEN DO YOU annouce the winner =)

  • Hugo Rodriguez

    So now what??? I’ve respond all the questions!

  • I am now much too late, per tardi !

  • SFPaul

    So…..did I win?

  • Carrie Tanner

    Did they announce a winner somewhere?

  • when is the winner annouced?

  • Brian Kissel

    When do we hear about winners?

    • zevadd

      Yea! Who are the winners??!!

  • I heart FIAT

    So sad I missed this!

  • Julius Andriusis

    I am curious to find if I won the trip to Italy? I am all ready to go, my bags are packed, just waiting for my 2 tickets for airplane! Com’on Fiat, I want to visit your home country, taste some good wine with pasta, see some mountains and hear some Italian jokes! Do not make me wait too long!

  • suzi2007

    Wow!! Some pretty harsh comments for a give-a-way! If you can’t figure this one out, you have a serious learning problem.

  • ncbronte

    I have yet to see a winner announced in any of these contests.

  • SFPaul

    We demand to know who won!

  • Who Won?????? Why has it not been posted????

  • SFPaul

    I bought into the FIAT thing here and started to follow but you won’t even post up who won this so I’m out. You lost what you were trying to have…followers.

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