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  Welcome to FIAT Backstage, your online destination for everything FIAT.

  Everything FIAT. You might be reading that first line and wondering, “What exactly does that mean?” Well, let’s start by talking about what it doesn’t mean. First and foremost, it doesn’t mean boring, taking a backseat, driving in the slow lane, or settling for the status quo. This is not your run-of-the-mill automotive blog space. Yes, we will talk about our vehicles, but this is a place where all facets of the FIAT lifestyle will be explored and embraced. FIAT Backstage will be a place for celebrating the heritage forged by innovators who tested limits and made living life on the edge accessible to anyone with a driver’s license. It’s the online home for that FIAT essence that is the heartbeat of all we do. This is a space for discovery, for sharing your passion, and for truly embracing the aspects of life that make it all worthwhile. HERE you’ll find the latest news about what’s going on at FIAT, as well as a regular dose of fresh, interesting content about everything FIAT drivers love. You get to hear the conversations and stories that we share every day. You see the FIAT world from a whole new perspective: the inside. Instead of sitting in the audience, we’re giving you a backstage pass. While reading this blog, you can look forward to articles focusing on everything from the latest in the worlds of art, fashion, design, food, travel, entertainment, and automotive to real glimpses into the amazing lives of FIAT owners. Last, but certainly not least, “everything FIAT” means having something to say and being heard. You’re on the inside now. That’s why we want to know what you are thinking and what you want to see from this blog, so be sure to make good use of the comment section. Now, sit back and allow us to pull back the curtain. Welcome to FIAT Backstage.
  • Stephine Dixon

    I love my Fiat <3

  • Khalil Williams

    Yay! This is really cool! I am looking forward to seeing more from this blog!

  • Italned

    fiat 500..wow

  • Italned

    Fiat is booooming, quality is very good!

  • Abarthuno

    Hello Everyone! I LOVE my Fiat Abarth! Keep up the GR8 work Sergio and Co….

  • Artur Damaso Lara i Vasquez

    My 500c lounge has changed my lifestyle for the better.  I grew up with Fiats in my life, then they were gone.. Fortunately, they are back again and i couldn’t be happier. 

  • Larryt@fieldsauto.com

    I love FIAT….working with them for the last year and watching it grow and grow…makes me proud to be a part of it!

  • Asauerwein

    I pre-ordered a 2013 – 500c in the expresso brown color with leather seats, counting down only about 30 more days!!!!

  • Eileen Nemeroff

    I have the Fiat 500 c Lounge in the espresso brown and leather seats.  I love it. It is very zippy and compact.
    I have to learn how to not take off so fast from a stop.  I am told I would get better gas mileage.

  • I saw a lot of Fiats in South America but never saw many in the states. I saw the new Fiat500 introduced on Top Gear UK and was pretty stoked when I learned they were coming to the US!!!

  • Spreganemail

    Sorry Tony…   you’ll have to fix some other kinda car now.

  • Paul

    Looking forward to all news Fiat in the US!

  • Shayne

    I have my little Fiat 500 and absolutely love it. I think it is one of the best cars I have ever owned and I see having one in my garage for a very long time.

  • Sueakapinky

    I bought a Fiat 500 c pop 2 months ago and ” I LOVE MY FIAT” it charcol gray and so cute

    Thank you Chrysler … U Rock  🙂

  • Pmighaccio

    We bought our Fiat 500 the end of February and never looked back!  It is positively the most fun to drive of any car we ever had, except (of course!) our 1969 Fiat Spyder!

  • Einar Jakobsen

    This site is Great! Cant wait to see how it grows! Congradulations!

  • Laurie Ballard

    Ok…I’m tired of the old Fix it again Tony comment everytime I tell someone I bought a Fiat. So I wrote my own marketing slogan, and I am a gonna share with everyone.

    It’s time you work less and play more.
    Play hooky. Call in sick to work. Take a vacation day.
    Test drive the new Fiat 500 today.
    Think less. It’s better.

    • StephineD

      That’s a great slogan Laurie! When people give me the Tony line, I just tell them “It’s Fixed!” 

      • chynna

        My slogan is: “Fiat, if you don’t own one you just aren’t living!” I love my girl swanked out Red Fiat 500 convertible. Her name is Bella and she is awesome!

  • Itsa Rivera

    My mother use to have FIAT when I was a little girl, and we loved it. That was about 45 years ago LOL

  • Itsa Rivera

    LOVE the white convertible with red top <3

  • We are in the market for a FIAT 500. My inlaws live outside of Palermo & we want them to feel at home while they visit the states with their very own FIAT in Kentucky for them to drive 🙂

  • Dduller1952

    I owned a Fiat while living in Spain back in the early 70s. Wish I still had it – though it would be a bit worn my now, Looking foreward to having the chance to get one again.

  • CathyzCottage

    WOW!!! How many ways can a lady say ‘AWESOME’ – only one – FIAT!!!  I’m sure if you could read the fine print on the picture above that you’d all see my name on the white convertible with red top.  I’m also sure that an awesome trip awaits me – Italy, here I come!!!

  • Mo_ka_ching

    love them but can’t afford one,bill phillips.

  • Donnahoffner

    it really looks cool drive one.

  • Esther Ellioitt

    When the Yugo came out I bought one and loved it. It was my first new car. I was told that the Yugo was related to the Fiat. Not sure if that is true, but I would love to have a ”

  • Pam Mighaccio

    We bought the 2012 Fiat 500 Sport the end of February and have never had so much fun!  I realize they market to the younger crowd, but we’re retired and this is our “Just Us” car!  Kids are grown and gone and grandkids don’t live near us.  My Bose speakers can blow out those who play their Gangsta Rap music right out of the water!

  • Rgknyc

    Fell in love with the Fiat 500 Lounge in Yellow with Avorio interior but am now heartbroken. When they delivered it to me in Nola from Tx it had a crooked steering wheel.  Was so looking forward to driving it but its been in and out of the shop for the 8 weeks since I got it.  Anyone else hear of an issue like this?  Can’t wait to post a happy story like everyone else 🙁

  • Guest

    The 500’s are nice but I wish they had a line of Pandas for the U.S.

    • StephineD

      We may not be getting the Panda, but next year Fiat will introduce the Fiat 500L! You can see photos and videos of it on our Facebook page Fiat of Birmingham.

  • Next car…Fiat.

  • I love the look of the FIAT’s. Is there a way they can be affordable for a widow with a 9 year old son, having had 2 back surgeries, living on survivors benefits while paying a mortgage and trying to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck from a part time job?

    • Pam Mighaccio

      I’m not sure, but if you have a good credit rating, Fiat has a 0% interest rate for 5 years.  If you already have a car, it might be worth lookin into trading it in.  I hope you can get one – it is the most fun car we’ve ever owned!  I hope you can buy one!

  • Birthday is August 31st I plan to win always loved Fiat been into them since the “60’s my best friend Jacki had one green convertible and we would put our scarfs on and drive shi

  • I have a 500 Sport since November 2011, I already have 15,000 miles on it…… here is my story

    So I traded my Jeep Cherokee for an Verde 500 Sport, let my wife choose colour and drive it back home from dealership, as we get out, she smiles, drops the keys into her purse, and pulls out the keys to her honda fit, and I quote ” if you don’t like the Hello Kitty stickers in the back window you can always take them off…”

    3 days later I traded her Honda fit for my own Expresso Fiat 500 Sport

  • Smith715


  • Diane_bianconi

    I love my Fiat!!!!!!!

  • Kotakis38


  • PamC

    I traded my BMW X5 for the Fiat GUCCI Edition and I LOVE IT—I’ve never had so many people ask me about my car –even took pictures of it! Drives GREAT and great gas mileage!

  • When I was a child, living in Switzerland, my father bought a Fiat Topolino. Later, living in Roma, I bought a Fiat X1-9, blue, just as they came on the market and then some time later I bought a Fiat 130 Coupé Pininfarina


    metallic. What a fabulous car that was! Now, living in Las Vegas I’d love to win the latest Fiat 500 Sport.

  • Tomball Lady

    I bought my 2012 Fiat 500C last October. Coming out of a Ford King Ranch F-150, double cab 4×4 made me a bit skeptical about the adjustment to such a small car. Well, I have been absolutely blown away!!!! There was truly no adjustment. I feel safe in the car because it rides like mid-size vehicle, not like a compact. I, too, am retired and this is our “fun” car. I love the looks, stares, and questions I get from people. I even have people following me out of the grocery store to ask me about the car. Pretty cool!!! First convertible I have ever had so that makes it all that much more fun.

  • I love my Fiat!

  • Bob

    Planning to order a 2013 Abarth soon. Just one more thing to sort out – Black or White?

  • I WANT one!!!

  • clbarnett

    I have had my Fiat 500 less than 72 hours and it is a joy! So much fun to ride around in, it is so distinct and distinguished! Thanks Fiat for the wonderful new man in my life!

  • paul has a fiat

    FIAT to me is the best FIAT to me is Fun-Icredible-Amazing-Touch of a legend. PAUL

  • all fiats are trash buy one and see===plain junk

  • Edwin

    Me gusta mi pop negro tengo 15 Dias con mi carro y me gusta

  • Brokersaurus

    This will be a little longer than most. Just waiting for delivery of an Abarth near a dealership near a place I just bought in Naples, Fl. At 14 years old I could “operate” a car. My father’s jeep. I never learned how to drive until in the Navy at 17, was sent to Naples, Italy where I really learned how to DRIVE! A Fiat Topilino. Peddle to the floorboard, the gearshift and the horn. No one in Naples ever knew what the brake was for. Back to the states, when I could eventually buy a 124 Spyder, then an 850 Spyder. Time caught up with me and have been driving Mercedes for the past 25 years. Currently an Ml 550 for winter, a CL 65 AMG for not winter. Great rides, but little driver involvement. With 625 hp, you will be arrested and your car impounded before you are out of first gear. I’m looking forward to my first drive in my Abarth like it was a date with the high school prom queen. I believe I will rediscover the fun in really DRIVING a car.

  • mamun rikil

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