Your Top 10 favorite FIAT® USA Instagram photos

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Fans, we hope you have been following us on Instagram, one of the web’s premier photo sharing sites, because we’ve been posting some amazing FIAT® 500 shots. You already know that we pride ourselves on our sense of style, and it’s this sense of aesthetic pride that extends not only to our entire vehicle lineup, but also to the way we showcase the FIAT 500 to you. Well, Instagram is definitely one place where we get to show off the FIAT 500 in beautiful and exciting ways. Our fans continue to double-tap our photos and leave their comments of love, and we want to make sure that all of our fans get to see some of our most popular images. That’s why today we’re going to count down our Top 10 most-favorited FIAT USA Instagram pics! #10 – Our debut shot of the FIAT 500 1957 Edition. 2427aa9e4e3811e3a7a90e7c491880f5_8 #9 – This beautiful shot of where the rubber of the FIAT 500 Abarth meets the road. daad4e8c5c4211e3a8e40ef055ffcfaa_8 #8 – The FIAT 500e looking absolutely electric in this stylish shot. 20316e3a7a2411e3baa70ee993691f36_8 #7 – Nothing like a topless shot from the rear! 82ea93344d6111e3a7be0e3a371770fe_8 #6 – This rosso beauty looks right at home zipping down the highway. 450f97163a7011e3a2ab22000a1fb84b_8 #5 – Double your Abarth, double your pleasure. 61f2895e82de11e3a8c912d80cc6bccf_8 #4 – Looking mean never looked so good. 2c99c17078a511e3a2c5125ea6d1b123_8 #3 – Fans loved this shot of the FIAT 500 GQ Edition sitting topless by the pool. 76cefbc41fa511e3818222000ae81e1a_7 #2 –  From our NYC Instameet for the FIAT Open Road Challenge, we caught this Scorpion on the streets and were able to snap a shot before it took off! 419fdcbe22f911e3a7361231392838b2_7 #1 –An Abarth in motion makes for a happy driver. e143a01c8d0b11e384450eb05695aaf4_8 Remember, this is just a small sample of the great images we have on our Instagram page – so be sure to follow us and prepare for your Instagram feed to get a little more attitude and lot sexier!
  • Greta Goetz

    Sind alle hot…, aber 3 und 5 sind meine favorites…:-)

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