The FIAT® USA Guide to Drinking Coffee Like an Italian

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  FIAT 500® drivers automatically increase their street smarts by displaying their love of racing-inspired power and European sophistication. But in order to fully embody the FIAT 500 lifestyle, drivers must demonstrate their Italian swagger both on and off the road. When it comes time to conquer your daily to-do list, having a FIAT 500 to efficiently maneuver from one errand to the next is quite advantageous. However, there comes a particular time in the day when you undoubtedly need to feel the jolt of caffeine to help get you through those tedious tasks, which likely means you’ll be pulling into a quaint coffee shop for an Espresso.


Italians hold caffe in much higher regard than most cultures. Coffee is so much a part of Italian culture that the idea of not drinking it is as foreign as the idea of having to explain its rituals. These rituals are never compromised and not always easy for outsiders to pick up on. To help our drivers personify the class and style that come along with their FIAT 500, we’re giving them a leg up with these tips for drinking coffee like a true Italian.

1)    Drink cappuccinos or any creamy, milk-based coffees only in the morning and never after a meal to prevent any uninviting glares. Italians find hot milk on a full stomach to be unsettling. Remember: The clock strikes noon, the coffee goes normale.

2)    With the exception of breakfast, wait to order caffe until after your final course, as it is considered the final touch to a meal.

3)    Use the word espresso sparingly, and correctly. This a technical term in Italian referring to the default setting on the espresso maker, which equates to a single dose or shot. Therefore ordering a single espresso is simply known as “un caffè.”

4)    Keep it simple. Italians believe less is more when it comes to coffee. Your venti, non-fat, no foam, no water, 6 pump, extra hot, chai tea latte will only confuse your barista, and you most likely will not get what you ordered.

5)    Don’t take your coffee to go. Italians typically consume their morning coffee in two or three sips while standing at the bar, leaving tables for tourists due to a significant increase in price for simply sitting down.

6)    Never drink your coffee out of a paper cup. Italians value drinking espresso out of a ceramic cup shaped like an egg (smaller on the bottom, larger on top). This shape enhances the flavor of the coffee and limits heat dispersion keeping your drink warm.

7)    Formal etiquette says you never take the cup only, but you raise your saucer with one hand and drink your coffee with the other.

Which of these rules do think will be the most difficult for you to get accustomed to? Find support from other caffeinated FIAT drivers in the comments below!
  • Geneo56

    ordering anything with caffeine … against doctors orders….

  • Dale Dearing

    Finally, a set of fundamental “un caffe” rules. Thanks!!

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