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Italy has inspired some of the greatest stories ever told. With your help, we’re merely adding to the collection. We love to hear your fondest FIAT® vehicle memories, and we’ve gathered a few of our favorites. Don’t forget, you can share your FIAT vehicle story with us over in the FIAT Story Booth. Who knows? Maybe your story will be featured in our next batch of favorites. You can see some of our previous favorites here. Richard Matthies

While my car was getting serviced at the dealer I walked across the street to the new FIAT Studio. After seeing the Abarth in the lot I asked to take a test drive. The next day I traded my other car for a Rosso Abarth with sunroof!


This was in March 2013 and now 9,000 miles later I have no regrets. My other car was fun but the Abarth is even more fun. I regularly find myself going out of the way to go somewhere just to spend more smile time behind the steering wheel. Whenever I want an extra thrill I just hit the Sport Button and hang on!

Randal Shepard

I work for a corporation who provides a car for marketing and outside sales. I have a choice of vehicles consisting of about 6 makes and models. The FIAT 500 had been my last six choices as it has been the MOST fun to drive by far. I never spend much time looking for a parking space, spend only moments at the gas station, get constant looks and conversations generated by the Fiat's cuteness and overall fun looks and get a handful of takers when I offer them a chance to drive this incredibly agile, stylish, solid, creative, sleek li'l sexy car.


I have experienced more joy and excitement with the 500 than ANY other car I've EVER driven and absolutely appreciate the tight handling and overall performance and just LOVE the sporty growl of the exhaust system that confirms "yes" this is a sports car with a petite small build that delivers a tremendous feeling of excitement, expression, appeal, firm fitting, gracious, solid, build quality NOT found in any other. From the outside, it appears very small... But from the inside... It appears to be very big with panoramic unobscured sight with so much window, you feel the impression you're in a much larger vehicle that you will only experience if you drive one. I recommend you drive one. I recommend you drive one soon. I'm driving one and I REALLY like it! REALLY, REALLY like it! You will too.

Chaleise Everly

When it came time to start planning the purchase of my next car (with graduating college, and my old car starting to show its mileage and age), when my dad first recommended I think about a FIAT. I had seen a few pictures of the little cars in magazines and online, and much like when he recommended I get a Bug as my first car, I just didn't see myself in some tiny, cute "girlie" car. Then, I saw a FIAT 500, a red one, on the road in my town. After watching it pass me, I had to admit, it was one wicked looking little car. So, I started some research, and found out about the Abarth. For a girl who likes a bit of speed, sound, and power to her car (not to mention customization, I personalized my old car from day one of ownership), the Abarth was the fit for me.

After graduating college, and spending the summer researching car choices (and studying and passing the CPA was a busy summer), when the time came to actually start going to dealerships, I already knew the car I wanted, a 2013 Abarth. Red, convertible, with the red/black interior, and the Beats premium sound system (I love my music). I wasn't going to settle for anything less. The only issue, I had never driven a stick shift in my life.

When we actually went to the dealer to "look," I had exactly 20 minutes of stick shift driving experience. I intended to get a lot more, but we found a dealer close by with the exact model, color, and features I wanted in my Abarth, so we just had to check it out. My dad did most of the test driving in the car, and I killed it probably at least 15 sometimes just trying to get it .2 miles from a store parking lot back to the dealership (and got a lot of laughs when we returned back to the dealership). But, I was sold, and ready for more. Some hours later, I was driving it home (and killing it fewer times) amazed that it was mine.


Now a few months later, I am still in love with my car, and planning out the first bit of customization (wheels, some interior lights, and a rally strip down the hood) to fully make the car mine. I am now an avid fan of stick shifts, and always start and end my drive with a wicked smile on my face. My car stands out, it gets stares and looks everywhere (at stop lights, in parking lots, by people driving around me) and everyone I know can't stop saying how the car is just "me."

I am a firm believer that a car is more than just a car. It's not just a method of getting from point A to point B. It is a source of enjoyment and fun, another way of expressing ourselves. It is a tool of excitement, and makes even the 5 minute daily drive to work an adventure. I can't want to take my "little red Italian" as I call it, to car shows, cruises, and FIAT meet ups. I am excited for warmer weather so I can cruise with my top down (only been able to do it a few times thus far) and I am excited to customize and make my Abarth, totally my own!

Do you have a FIAT vehicle story of your own? Share it with us!

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