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Remember riding in your 1971 FIAT Spider? How about the time you travelled to Italy and drove a Cinquecento from Rome to Naples? Or maybe your FIAT story is about how much more exciting your new FIAT 500 makes your morning commute. We want to hear your FIAT story – and even feature it on FIAT Backstage! That’s why we’re introducing a new functionality to FIAT Backstage called Story Booth.  On August 2, you will be able to click on the “Talk to Us” button at the top of the page. That button will take you to a form where you can share your FIAT story. On August 2-5, we will also offer a real-life version of the Story Booth in the Olympic Lounge at FIAT FreakOut in Charlottesville, VA. We will be reading your submissions and sharing the best ones as featured posts on FIAT Backstage. So, get your stories ready! Visit the Story Booth beginning on August 2, right here.
  • VivianWright

    Best car I’ve ever owned was my little gold 1979 Fiat X19 Bertone! I’ve owned a 1976 MG, 1992 Miata M5, still own a 1960 Nash Metropolitan – all 2-door convertible sports cars… but the car I hope to one day own again is a Fiat X19! Fiat builds quality inside and out! 

  • I took it down for a ride to DC from New England and it runs so smooth I enjoyed the long ride. Plus, gas/mileage is so efficient. Simply: love it! 


    • K5bell

      That is what I am having delivered to me, tomorrow!

  • K5bell

    I have searched until I found what I want. First it was to upgrade my Mercedes. Nah. Then I was encouraged to test drive an Audi. I did. So I left the urge of a new and different car alone. Then out of nowhere, I was watching those cute Fiats drive into and out of the water on tv. I began to research Fiats. ( I already own a Bentley, but I wanted something unique.). Having read about Fiats via information about the different ones, I then went to the local ‘new’Fiat Dealer and sat inside the cars to test drive and compare the feel, looks, and outside presentation.

    The right color combination was not available. My task was at hand to see if I could find what I was looking for. Lo and behold, I found it! Made the phone call….and tomorrow the Fiat will be driven by a salesperson to my house, because she wanted to make a sale. I will trade one of my cars for the Fiat! Her drive from Texas to Louisiana is what I call dedication!

    • LGEMS1


  • Spsloan27944

    When I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee I had an orange Strada which got thumbs up all over town (UT Orange). When I lived in Florida, I had a little green 600D. Now that I live in Virginia, I have no problems knowing what color 500 I want. Its got to be a black Abarth. I have a huge need for that car!

  • Nando’s Mom

    I love my olive green Lounge–Nando!  He is a blast to drive and beautiful as they come.  

  • xoxo, robin goldberg

    I am so in love with my  Rosso 500C with her cool white graphics. It’s such a happy, friendly car. Everywhere I go, people wave and smile They come up to me and ask about it as I drive around the DC area. If you see me drive by, give me a FIAT five!

    I just got back from a vacation in Spain, Italy, France and the Netherlands. There are so many FIATs over there that it’s no big deal to them, but seeing all the different models was cool for me. I took dozens of photos of “Viva’s” European cousins – even though the locals thought I was a bit crazy.

  • Lfbrodsky

    My first car was a 1967 850 spyder, British Racing Green, with an 8 track tape player in it…as soon as I got it, my big sister and I hopped in in the middle of he night cause we couldnt wait til morning, and took off on a road trip through New England, hitting 5 states in as many days! Of course, I really didn’t have the whole manual transmission thing quite down yet, so some of those mountain roads were a real adventure ( read, sliding backwards down hills cause I thought the higher you went, the higher gear you should be in!) I loved that car til it totally fell apart at which point it happened to be parked in a parking spot at QueensCollege, in Flushing, NY, and I just left it there and made my father go get it…

  • Rabbitrunner9

    I had wanted the new Abarth, until I found out it is no longer an Italian car!! it’s made in mexico, I would prefer a true Italian car

  • Jondavidsonguitarman

    I saw the FIAT 500 on the internet 2 years ago and just had to have one!  It’s the perfect combination of retro style,economy,handling and just plain fun. Mine is verde chairo and got it last december…it’s been the best car for my purposes.The comments are always favorable and it gets a lot of them! What’s great about driving it is this…a relaxed yet stable manner.( I installed lowering springs to help it a bit ) Soon, it will have whitewalls on body colored wheels with moon hubcaps and trim rings for a 60’s vibe. FIAT of Bloomington is great!  The 500 is the best thing to come down the pike in years!

  • Karen Gallo

    When my husband told me he was going to Canada via Buffalo from PA on black Friday 2011, I wondered what hot deals they might have.  Well, it wasn’t hot deals but HOT WHEELS!  From across the border came our first Fiat, the 1981 Fiat 124 Spider painted and decaled in a racing car style!  So, for Christmas, what does he get me?  Matching black and red jewelry to make me feel as special as the car!

    • Vkgallo

      Actually posted by me Karen Gallo, same email address as husband Vince!

  • Vincent Gallo

    It all started back the week of thanksgiving in 2010.  Being a car nut I often visit exotic car places to see what is fresh, even though I dont have any intention to but anything (mostly cause I cant afford…)  I was checking out a 1980’s rolls royce with an image of Ronald Reagan next to it.  I walked past what I thought was a two seater red ferrari from the 60’s since they are to way off for me to even dream about.  On my way back I noticed the car was for sale for $6500 and asked the person if it was missing a zero.  He said no and that it was a Fiat 124.  I took an imediate likeing to the car.  Has looks and is not ridiculously expensive.  On the following thanksgiving, I drove to Buffalo NY in a one way rental car to purchase an 1981Fiat 124 Spyder.  Even after winning the car on ebay, I had still never driven one of these cars.  I was taking a risk buying a 30 year old car, and driving it back 6 hours back home to Lancaster PA.  I froze my butt on the way home because of delays of the seller getting the car across the border I did not start my drive until it was getting dark.  I did not know how to work the heat and thought it was broken.  Unfortunately, I just did not how to understand Italian cause it works if you know what you are doing.  What can I say I’m Fiat crazy!

  • Lfuccella

    The X19 was a great first sports car in high school. No one was sure what it was.  Cool looking at any speed but the speeds were somewhat slow.  That was 1981, in 1983 I spotted a lonesome and forgotten hulk of a 76 Spider behind the BP station.  No motor and no top.  No problem.  The X19 had to go and the process began to make it right again. Many trials many tears but within a year it was good to go.  I attended the 1990 Freakout at Summit Point with the car and on a track lap threw a cam belt.  It was a great place to hold a tech session on valve replacement and adjustment.  24 hours later back on the track.  Still have that car and a turbo Spider.  Next comes an Abarth. 

  • When my son was growing up, we lived in a fairly upscale bedroom community.  He had a job of some kind since he was twelve.  He was about to turn 16 and all his friends parents were getting their kids Firebirds and Mustangs with a porsche or two sprinkled in.  There was NO way we could afford to swing something like that, and he didn’t want us to, but he wanted something really cool.

    We found a Fiat 124 that had pretty much been neglected.  It was “baby poop yellow”, had a luggage rack on the back, and steel wheels—-He liked the style, but had some reservations.  The very first thing was to trash the luggage rack.  We ordered aftermarket ground effects and a front spoiler and fender flares—-later came a roll bar.  We made fast friends with the local import salvage facility.  We replaced the points system with a magnito, from our new friends from the salvage yard.  They were letting us take off just about anything, for very little if we would remove it ourselves, including some killer mags from a later model.

    We got an old instrument panel, made a template and got a screp piece of 1/4 inch walnut venier from his schools woodshop and proceeded to transfer everything from old to new, and used micro toggle switches with lights to indicate if it was “on”

    We got everything ready BEFORE he turned 16, INCLUDING having painted it “arrest me” red. We ordered two small Scorpion decals and two metal badges.  Had small “dohc” and an “Abarth” small decal across the back..

    The first day he drove it to school, he drew quite a crowd, Including all his buds with the new pony cars etc.  Everyong was claiming that this was the coolest cat they had ever seen.

    We have a photo of him sitting behind the wheel in a tux (before the prom, I think)  I truly think he fancied himself as “BOND, James Bond”  — The guy STILL goes to all the Premiers — This was a GREAT father/son project and great memories for both of us


    I have always been a car girl. Which is strange but my
    parents always drove economical (boring) cars. For as long as I can remember I
    have noticed cars- I remember their lines and their personalities. I will never
    forget the first time I saw a Fiat Spider, at the time I had no clue what it
    was but I was in love. I swear that she had a sparkle in her headlights and
    when she flashed her smiley grill at me my heart melted. I met her in the
    parking lot of Amherst County High School in 1995 (just down the mountain from
    Wintergreen Resort, home of FFO12) and I knew instantly that I had to get that
    car’s driver to ask me to prom…thankfully he was already one of my closest
    friends and my plan worked. I even bought a dress that matched “Baby Car!”

    Fast forward through about 4 years of adventures and break downs in that narcissistic
    and slightly vindictive 1981 Aztec Pearl Spider and the inevitable happened…someone
    slashed the top and at about the same time her exhaust system got cancer. We
    were just finishing up college, planning a wedding, and buying our first
    house…sadly our bank account or our calendar could not afford to make fixing
    her up a priority. She stayed at my husband’s parents’ house and waited for us.
    Well, after five years and two kids the opportunity finally came up. My husband
    was going to be out of town for work for 6 weeks and I had managed to stash enough
    money for the restore. She was really angry that she had been ignored and could
    not handle that she was no longer the only girl in my husband’s life.  I really thought that we would work everything
    out but I finally had to admit that she was too moody and unstable to trust.  When my husband got home I told him everything
    and ask him to find us a new Spider that didn’t come with so much baggage.

    He found “Black Betty” and we went on a weekend adventure to pick up
    our black and red 80’. She was a former rally car and even though her body was
    rough she made up for it in performance. She was the first convertible our girls
    rode  in. I know that “Black Betty” loved
    feeling their hair tickling her roll bar and hearing us sing along to Ram Jam
    as she zoomed us from one adventure to the next. Her happiest moment was when
    we took her to see Denise and let her play on the auto cross course.

    About a year later “Veronica” joined the family. She was a special
    girl that was in need of a good home. Her family was moving cross country and
    couldn’t take her along. If they couldn’t find her a new family within 3 days she
    was going to the junkyard. The problem was she was living in the national
    forest of West Virginia under two feet of snow and her owners wouldn’t even
    send pictures….but we couldn’t just turn our backs on her. Michael and his best
    friend went to rescue her. Amazingly, her body was nearly perfect, she was a survivor!
    “Veronica” has the best disposition of any Fiat I have ever met. She has been a
    loyal girl that has taken care of our family. She has been pretty much drama
    free since Michael nursed her back to health. Our cute little red 81’ will
    always be cherished member of our family.

    After two years of fun we sold Betty to a friend that wanted
    to get her back in her natural habitat. It was hard to let her go, but we knew
    she would never be happy unless she was on the track.  

    Last summer Michael was trying to help a gentleman get his
    82’ blue turbo back up and going. The man had already moved her to 3 separate garages
    and replaced a ton of parts without figuring out what was going on with her.
    Her owner gave up on her and asked us to post her bail at the garage and take
    her home. At first we said no but then our girls saw the old Disney Short, “Suzie
    the Little Blue Coupe,” and begged us to try and help her.  Right now, we are serving as her foster family
    and trying to help her work through her issues. At this point we are not sure
    if she is a good match for our family or if we will be her forever home.
    The next chapter of our Fiat Story is attending FFO12 tomorrow!

  • afterallthat

    In 1965, while in the Air Force, I purchased a red Fiat 850 Spider.  Awesome vehicle.  I became very adept at racing against higher performance cars, such as Porches, on winding roads. I drove it throughout europe and brought it back to the U.S.  It never failed to attract attention.  I sold it for more than what I paid for ($1,400) new and then bought a green Fiat 850 so that my newborn son, my wife and I could ride together.  I loved my Fiats because I was able to do my own mechanical repairs even though I knew little about anything mechanical.  If I could, I would purchase a new Fiat today.  I have nothing but fond remembrances of these wonderful little vehicles.

  • My ’78 Spider story:

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  • telecompros

    I’ve owned numerous Fiats over the years but my all-time favorite is still my 1974 X-19. I picked up this red beauty on a Thursday and the next day we did an oil change, new tires, installed a CB radio, and packed both trunks full of luggage. Hours later we were headed north form Los Angeles at a brisk pace. First destination, Klammath Falls, Oregon. We made it in record time and gas consumption.

    Since we were having such a blast driving and my friend had never been there, we decided the next day to visit Seattle. Back behind the wheel and flying up I-97, that little car got more comments on the CB than anything. More than a few truckers referred to it as that “little Ferrari” as we raced passed.

    Seattle was great for a cup of coffee and a plate of king crab but I hadn’t been back to Couer d’Alene, Idaho for 8 years. Fill er up, a cup of coffee to go and back on the road. Driving up Snoqualme Pass with a 20 year old car that’s loaded 300lbs over capacity had me reciting prayers I had forgot since i was a child and remembering my father cursing the entire time. That little 4 cylinder attached to a 4 speed trannny made it up the pass without a hitch (albeit, not in the #1 lane). The rest was clear sailing like a dream. A crisp spring morning with fresh pavement, the top off, and unlimited visibility, who could ask for more? Speed limits were still 55 back in 94 but we opened her up and she seemed to love it as much as we did. We arrived in Idaho in time for dinner.

    I could go on for hours about this trip but wouldn’t want to be like some jerk showing you his vacation slide show. Let me just sum it up that we put on 4,500 miles in 10 days, drove that car hard, and enjoyed every minute of it. It even survived a 50 MPH collision (somebody tried to pass us on the left while we were making a left turn) and made it back to L.A. without a single problem. That car fit like a glove, handled like a dream, and has to be an all-time favorite.

    She is sorely missed.

  • Manolomiramar

    My dad drove a FIAT from Argentina to New York City back in the 70’s 

  • My first car was a blue Fiat 850 Sports Coupe.  I received it in 1977.  I think it was a 1971 or 72. I loved that car.  I commuted to college with it. It never failed me in the fierce lake effect winters of upstate NY.

  • In the early 60’s, my Dad came home from work one day driving a different car, which he often did.  He’d sell whatever he was currently driving and buy something different or trade it.  This day, he came home with the cutest little red car I had ever seen.  It was a Fiat.  I can’t tell you the year or the model.  It seemed to already be old or at least used, but I didn’t care.  I was in love.  At that time, we were a family of 4 kids so obviously, that was not a good family car.  I can’t remember either what other car he might have had at the time or if he only had his old Harley Davidson, but sometimes he’d leave the little red car parked in the driveway.   During that particular summer, my parents would go off to work, I would stay home with my two younger brothers and a little sister.  I’d get in the car (turned off, of course) and have my brothers push me to the end of the driveway then push me forward toward the garage, back and forth until they complained that they were tired and threatened to tell our parents.  I loved pretending that I was actually driving!

    We lived in East Los Angeles, CA and one time we needed a relative picked up in Azusa.  I begged to go with my Dad so I could drive in the little red car.  I think we had to go side streets all the way as there was no freeway built back then.  We enjoyed the ride, windows down, and he let me listen to the radio all the way.  All was good until we picked up our passenger and all her stuff and I had to squish into the teensy back seat and drive all the way back home!

    Now, at age 61, I am hoping to be able to own a Fiat before I die! 

  • YogiO68

    In the early 60’s, my Dad came home from work one day driving a different car, which he often did. He’d sell whatever he was currently driving and buy something different or trade it. This day, he came home with the cutest little red car I had ever seen. It was a Fiat. I can’t tell you the year or the model. It seemed to already be old or at least used, but I didn’t care. I was in love. At that time, we were a family of 4 kids so obviously, that was not a good family car. I can’t remember either what other car he might have had at the time or if he only had his old Harley Davidson, but sometimes he’d leave the little red car parked in the driveway. During that particular summer, my parents would go off to work, I would stay home with my two younger brothers and a little sister. I’d get in the car (turned off, of course) and have my brothers push me to the end of the driveway then push me forward toward the garage, back and forth until they complained that they were tired and threatened to tell our parents. I loved pretending that I was actually driving!

    We lived in East Los Angeles, CA and one time we needed a relative picked up in Azusa. I begged to go with my Dad so I could drive in the little red car. I think we had to go side streets all the way as there was no freeway built back then. We enjoyed the ride, windows down, and he let me listen to the radio all the way. All was good until we picked up our passenger and all her stuff and I had to squish into the teensy back seat and drive all the way back home!

    Now, at age 61, I am hoping to be able to own a Fiat before I die!

  • They told me FIAT stood for Fix It Again Tony but I love my Italian Stallion ’68 124 Spider Red with blacked out wheels…and these days, it only cost $30 to fill him up!

  • They told me FIAT stood for Fix It Again Tony but I love my Italian Stallion ’68 124 Spider Red with blacked out wheels…and these days, it only cost $30 to fill him up!

  • Fruitiondollsandgifts

    I was the owner of  one of the very first FIAT X19 ‘s when they were introduced!!! I’ll never forget driving that car out of the showroom…it’s design was so unique!!  At times, too unique as it drew the attention of everyone as I was driving it and I had only learned to drive stick so it took awhile before I was able to “look cool” driving it on the road!!!  Aaah …good memories!

  • My first car was a 73 Fiat 124 Sport Spider. To this day that is the funnest car I ever drove! It was my right hand, where ever I turned the wheel it went. So responsive and quick it had my passengers on the edge of their seats! The speedometer went to 140 mph and I pegged it out once with the top down! Not only quick but fast too, I miss that ride!

  • Ken. Conoly
    This is me in my New Abarth, bought it several months ago, this is as awesome a car as I have ever owned…

  • Ken. Conoly

    Taking delivery of my New Abarth, ‘Oh Happy Days’…

  • John Hoffman

    Over the years, I have owned 3 FIATS, and loved them all.
    First bought a white FIAT 128 for the wife.
    Then a FIAT 131 for me.
    The best was the Orange Convertable 128 Spider, great fun !!!

    ~ John H.
    Jacksonville, FL.

  • Kgzone

    Wow, so many……..lived in southern Italy in the lates 60’s and needed a car……..yn cento vente quatro, 124 Spider Convertable was my choice. Drove to Roma every weekend; one time with two guys and three girls squeezed in; and, of course with the top down.  A crazy and fun ride to a great city.   More tales to tell as I took this car all over Europe.

  • Jethro123295

    I bought my pop fiat basically on a whim.. was going to Orlando with my sister and happend to see a Fiat dealer on the way down. As we drove back my sister asked if I wanted to stop and look at one, and I said sure. Well, the minute I got in, I was hooked!!! Couldn’t believe that after about a hour, I was the proud owner of a black pop Fiat with black and maroon interior and I didn’t even have my trade in!! I have only had it for a couple of months, but it is destined to become my final car! Especilly after drivin it from Jax Fl to Lexington SC on one tank of gas! And of course, love the 5 speed! NEVER will I have a automatic!! Thanks Fiat, Love You!!!!!!

  • About 1982 I flew to Atlanta (from Omaha) for a company meeting. Two buddies drove my 1980 Spider 2K to Atlanta,
    we hit several Braves games and drove home after my meetings. That’s 3 of us 1500 miles in a 2-seater! God, I wish I
    had that car! This trip was the perfect example of “youth is wasted on the young” ! 😉

  • Louis Long

    I had a ’59 model 600 I bought in 1963.  The asking price was $395.  One time I had it to the garage for fuel top off, oil change, and grease job.  I was out close to $5.00.  The suicide doors were missing windows till we put glass in them, never did get them operable, closed all time.  One time there were 2 passengers, a dog, tv, and myself on a 240 mile trip, when we filled up, it took 6 gals. of fuel for fillup.  One winter I was afraid it may not start this particularly cold morning, so I idled it all night.  I picked up a neighbor on the way to work the next morning, he said “boy, this car is warm”, I said “you would be too if you had ran all night”.

  • Michael Keene9191

    My first Fiat was a used 1973 Fiat 128 SL. She introduced me to front wheel drive one rainy evening on a highway exit ramp when her rear end tried to pass the front! I loved that car so much that I went out and bought a brand new 1981 Fiat Spider 2000. Eventually life changes caused the Fiats not to be practical and I traded them in for a bigger German sedan (no place to put the kids car seats in the Spider and still have room for their mother). Fast forward to about 4 years ago. I was shopping for a motorcyle. My wife said if I got a bike, I would need a sidecar because I was no longer welcome in our bedroom. Remembering how much fun the Spider was, my next suggestion was to go look at a local 1981 Spider. She agreed and we now own a total of 3 Fiats: our green 1981 Spider, a 1972 124 Sport Coupe in restoration mode, an our recent purchase of a 1969 Fiat 600 that is next in line for restoration. Now if I could only talk her into trading in her car for an Abarth!

  • Kaydivine1

    I am stuck in this little game of Boarding pass. The instructions don’t tell us what to look for in this blog for the next secret word. I only have the first 2 words. How do we get beyond this point?

  • Kaydivine1

    Finally got the links to work.

  • Gina

    In the early 60’s when we moved to California, my dad sold Fiats for a while.  I remember the cars being so much smaller than the ones everyone drove.  When I was 19 and ready to buy my first car, I choose a Fiat 128 Sport Coupe.  What a fun car, good on gas and stylish.  Now, as my kids are more and more on their own, and I don’t need so much car space anymore, I’d like to purchase another Fiat.  Andiamo!!!

  • Mortegasr

    While serving in the US Army in Germany in 1974-76 I was fortunate to have a friend who had wheels. The wheels in this case was a Fiat 128. I had never been in a Fiat before. This was a four door that while it looked rather small compared to American cars of the day I was very surprised to see how roomy it was in both front and back seating areas! The car ran well and even sounded good for a 4 cylinder car. That car took us from one end of Germany to the other without missing a beat. Maintainance was easy and consumables were very accessible. As a result of this experience i took a chance on an Italian car (dare I say Alpha here) years later. Although the Alphetta GT was sexier looking than the 128 it was only so-so on how cheap it was to operate. In reflection, I miss those days of zooming around in that 128. Thanks Fiat, for bringing those days back to me.

  • Monica Ciuffarin

    My story …. mmm is so simple I was almost change my BMW to another BMW…. but my husband he really wants to take a look to the new fiat, we went to the dealer and there is was we found the Abarth (black Abarth like the ads but with out the lady off course;) ) then…. he loves that car and…. we bougth that car… that its simple Love at first Look, and of course I said Yes 🙂 why not? Is so nice and funny and small perfect to us and so funny because we live in texas and in texas all is Big… and the car is so cute and small that everyboday look the car 🙂
    Rigth now the Abarth is our party car, car club car, daily car and all…. Have a Fiat day!!!!! have a funny day!!!!

  • Mary

    My husband loves to drive MY new FIAT. I can’t blame him really. So one day we were driving along somewhere in Northern New Jersey and we were passing a beautiful Ferrari going in the opposite direction. As my husband was about to give him the customary thumbs up, he and I were surprised to see the Ferrari owner giving us the thumbs up first. Who says price trumps style? Fantastico FIATa mia! Yes, she is mighty pretty!

  • Bruce

    I owned a Fiat 500 in 1961 when i was 11 years old. I drove it for 5 years from the San Fernando valley over
    Topanga canyon to the beach every day at 11 years old. I have owned Fiats , Simca Sport Coupes and Wartbergs and many more Euro cars. I own a large auto body shop and would love to be the BEST shop
    for Fiat !!!. I repair all but lots of Porsche, MBZ and older hot rods.Boyd Wheels are on all my older Tahoes
    care of Boyd and the work I did for that Artist. Bruce

  • I love my yellow fiat (his name is buttercup)! Just seeing him every morning makes me smile. I love driving him and noticing people check him out. Parallel parking is a JOKE now; I never have to do it. I drove him up to the Catskills to go skiing, I was the only one with a small car and everyone around were amazed that all my ski equipment fit.

  • Michael McDermott

    Fiat we have owned them since 1972. I purchased two 1100R’s, got one running and found the car a joy to own and drive. 30 years later I bought an X/19 for $150.00, got it running and again began to enjoy the Italian driving experience! We own three X/19’s all waiting work each runs and need paint and rust repair. They fit my driving needs are cheap on the fuel and are just fun to drive, very few are seen and are therefore unique on the road in these modern times. We also own a TR7, the wedge design today is unique and both cars offer a great driving experience.

  • Michael McDermott

    I have owned fiats since the 70’s. My first was two 1100 fiats 1959. Not quite a 55 Chevy, but amazing room and the seats folded down. It got really good fuel economy. I blew a piston, but it ran well on three and I also replaced the flex joint on the drive shaft… never heard of such a thing? They cost $50.00 for the pair, one came home home in the back of a pickup.

    Some years went by and a friend had this sweet ’74 X/19. I bought it for $150.00, the clutch was frozen, I fixed this and began driving finding a fuel issue. The thing would just stop running. If you waited a small time it would start and run fine often getting home, some 50 miles before it would do the same all over again. I fell in love with the fit and feel of the car, I was hooked. I then bought a ’81 X/19 and another, along with an extra engine.

    While in storage for the winter, a bull walked over the car, it ran fine but one can only imagine what a 2000 pound bull would do to the sheet metal of my ’74 which only had 34,000 miles? The pain I felt was real, but I resumed body work and now have all three in various running stages preparing them for a paint job this summer, 2014.

    My wife and I have gotten the wedge fever, we also own two TR7’s. We love them and enjoy driving them. While the two cars look alike their driving experience is quite different. They are unique vehicles in these modern times were all the cars seem to look alike. Hard top, Drop Top, or sport roof of the X/19 few cars offer the fun of driving sweet curves on a warm sunny day as an X/19 or a TR7, why not buy both and compare the fun for the dollar?

  • Michael McDermott

    Ok, my Angus-Belgian Blue bull broke into the center barn, walked over my 1974 X/19 and killed the cow in the corner. A bull on any car would total it right? Not so…. still runs just fine, so its apart waiting for a paint job and some tin repairs. We own three the ’74 and two ’81’s fuel injected. Its a driving car, you don’t have to go fast so long as it drives fast and the sweet sound of that little engine running hard, just what a poor working Man or Woman needs after a hard days work on the way home and it gets 30mph as well….

  • Michael McDermott

    Poverty found my need for a car and a Fiat 1100 1959, two infact found their way home. What a fun car to drive. The seats would fold down into a bed, great for drive-in Movies, the year was 1973. Many years later we are still driving Fiats, owning three fiat X/19’s. Its the driving experience which has held our interest for 45 years. These cars are seldom seen on the road today, but with a little work the best driving experience for the money and a true classic Bertone design, one of the safest cars in America.

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