Sexy SFX with FIAT® USA – A Look At The Special Effects Used in the “Sexy People” Music Video

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The first things that strike viewers when they watch the new video “Sexy People – The FIAT® Song” are all of the stunning visuals laced throughout the entire video – well, they might notice the sexy people first, but we count them as stunning visuals, too. What many people don’t know is that some of the shots in the video are a blend of CGI graphics and real-world execution. Today, we’ll give you a look inside exactly what brought the world of “Sexy People” to life.

Starting with one of the unique visual sequences in the video, viewers are introducedto Arianna as she drives her FIAT 500 underwater, heading toward the shore. This sequence was entirely CGI; however, the according to the design team, the video wanted to achieve maximum realness. They emphasized this so that viewers could see the true versatility of the FIAT 500, even when envisioned underwater. 5181425c26ece2732700009b To achieve this goal, film references of the cars driving were used to model realistic movements of the suspension, acceleration and handling of the FIAT 500. The realistic movements of the underwater scenes are a testament to the diligence of the design team in delivering the most realistic fictitious sequence possible.


Another of the memorable scenes in the video is the image of the FIAT 500 rising out of the water and appearing to ride effortlessly on the waves as it heads to start the party on the shore. While most people would assume that this shot was the product of CGI design, the opposite is actually true. The design team literally gutted three FIAT 500s and placed the remaining frames on top of personal watercrafts! Once the frames were secure and placed in the water, the team had a trio of truly seaworthy FIAT 500s.

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  Finally, we come to one of the video’s signature scenes, in which FIAT USA’s favorite Abarth-driving bad-boy, Charlie Sheen, is discovered using his Abarth to help assist in removing the tops of some very lovely mermaids – and of course, they’re loving every minute of it – because that’s the hypnotic power of a Sheen-driven Abarth.


While the scene appears to take place on a solitary island, it actually was set up on a section of coastal beach. With the help of a team of video editors, sections of beach were digitally removed and replaced with open ocean, and using the help of computer editing, designers were able to use the real-life footage of Charlie driving the Abarth in a way that pushed visual limits…all the way around those sexy mermaids.

FiatBeachParty (90 of 400)

What were your favorite special effects moments in the new “Sexy People – The FIAT Song” video? Did you like the underwater scenes, or did you prefer watching Charlie Sheen work his mojo on those mermaids? Tell us in the comments below, and for a chance to win a trip to Miami to attend the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party and hang out with Pitbull, visit the FIAT USA Facebook page.
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    I loved all the underwater scenesf own right awesome.

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