Reasons to Rent a FIAT® 500 on Your Next North American Vacation

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When traveling out of town, whether for business or leisure, chances are you’ll need a reliable set of wheels to get you from one place to the next. Appreciate all of the perks that come with driving a FIAT® 500 the next time you find yourself in need of a rental car. In conjunction with upscale style, the FIAT 500 is great for driving in crowded downtown areas and in situations where parking space is limited. When the time next comes for you to take a rental retreat, consider these five benefits of opting for a FIAT 500: Wallet friendly

Ultimately, of course, renting a car is about enjoying the road trip, but it’s always nice to save a few bucks along the way. Rental companies offer various levels of vehicles categorized based on size, cargo space and featured amenities. Commonly classified as economy cars, FIAT vehicles are typically less expensive to rent in comparison to compact and standard size vehicles.

Channel your stylish alter ego

The FIAT 500 is built for the fashionable — for people who know they look great in linen pants and red-soled stilettos. Never underestimate the transformative power of a FIAT 500! When behind the wheel of a FIAT, you begin to personify the distinguished style of iconic Italians. Armored with your new found Italian panache, you’ll quickly make being seen in this car a priority.

Pack a sporty edge

One of the most unique features to come with a FIAT 500 is Sport mode. Kick your rental into Sport mode with the tap of a button, and enjoy sharpened steering and automatic transmission shift points. Sport mode will help build up your torque tolerance, increasing torque from 150 lb-ft. to 170 lb-ft, for a more engaging drive. Trust us:  Life is definitely more fun in Sport mode!

More miles for your money

There is fun to be had when you rent a FIAT 500. With its ultra-efficient fuel management, boasting an EPA – estimated fuel economy of 34mpg* hwy / 27 mpg city, renting an automatic 6-speed FIAT 500 can save you a pretty penny at the pump and leave you with extra spending cash that you can use on treating yourself to an upgrade at your hotel.

Feel at home 

Inside the FIAT 500, comfort is designed, just like a sculpture. The deeply scalloped, one-piece bucket seats that welcome you as you slide behind the wheel will leave you wanting to stay in your FIAT 500 for extended periods of time.  Travelers will uncover 9.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the vehicles rear seats. A fully-functional four-seater, the 500 offers a comfortable fit for adult passengers.

We strive to change the way North American drivers think about style and function, efficiency and handling. Designed with European flare and sophistication, the FIAT 500 will provide you and your family with a one-of-a-kind driving experience sure to leave lasting memories for years to come. Call your preferred rental company and secure a FIAT 500 for your next expedition today. Where will you go in your FIAT 500? Share your FIAT 500 rental stories in the comments below! *EPA estimates with 1.4L engine, premium gasoline + 6-speed automatic.
  • Renato Sunico

    I rented a 500 for a week in San Diego. It was fun taking it through mountain passes to Tecate, California where I parked and walked into Mexico. I liked the car so much I know drive a 5 speed 500C which I bought in VA and drove home to NH

  • Henry Menke

    Which rental companies carry FIAT 500 Convertibles in the USA? I found that Avis rents them only in Canada.

    • Dan MacDonald

      Sixt says they rent them in the US but I have not found them in any of my attempts so far.

  • dickerin

    So, what rental companies have them?

  • Dr. Anne Steiner

    I wish car companies rented them as they’re near impossible to find as a rental. They are the perfect Northern CA car.

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