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  Instagram is one of our favorite social networks. It’s simple, it’s clean, and it’s housed within our smart phone. Instagram gives users the opportunity to share their lives in pictures, and we’ve found it to be a great way to give some behind-the-scenes coverage to our live events. If you do a quick search for photos tagged: #fiat, #abarth, or #fiat500, you’ll see that the FIAT community has found Instagram to be a comfortable home, as well. We always keep an eye on what our fans are sharing, but we wanted this first Top 10 list to be an opportunity to toot (honk) our own horn. Here are our Top 10 Instagram photos from @FIATUSA.

The winners of our first Abarth Track Experience celebrate with a champagne shower.

The Abarth is too fast for our camera to capture.

Our vintage FIAT draws the attention of a very lucky guest in Washington, DC.

It wouldn’t be a proper FIAT party without a killer DJ.

Here’s what happens when the FIAT not only inspires but becomes the art.

Taking our top down at this year’s Fader Fort.

These scorpions look right at home in the Las Vegas desert.

One of our winners gets to see his design come to life at the 2011 SEMA Show.

We get up close and personal with Luigi, our vintage FIATHe says, "HELLO!"

When tackling the FIAT 500 Abarth, you’d better come prepared.

Now it’s time for you to show us your best. If you’re an Instagram user, tag your photos with “#fiatfan.” We’ll be patrolling the thread for our favorites. If your photo has what it takes, it may even make a future Top 10 list!
  • Kudder60

    i had one in the 70s it was great then and now too

  • bill s

    Ha! LOVE the name…Luigi! Appropriate!! Great cars…daily am stopped by passersby asking me how I like it! Love it!

  • I love my 500c Pop!  Every time I drive into Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA, one of the team members always stops me to ask me if I still love my car!  He (Luigi….no joke) worked a the original Fiat plant as a young boy & he loves my choice in cars!!  I have to admit…..I LOVE my choice in cars too!!  Graci Fiat for bring the love to America again!

  • Curtis

    I don’t get the contest! I clicked on all the words does that mean i’m entered? 

  • Gionata Parente

    In 1972, I bought my first car, a 1968 850 Spyder with Abarth headers. A white ragtop with red vinyl interior. Man, it was hot! My girlfriend and I went everywhere in Southern California. I really can’t remember ever putting the top up  in that “Italian Stallion-etta” [!] Then life after high school came rushing in. College, marriage,minivans, children, SUVs, graduate school, jobs, sons-in-law and grandchildren. Then last August I  got my verde chiaro Sport. As happy as I was, I was even more elated when my girlfriend (now wife, mother and grandmother!) gave me the (forgotten) key fob, a red and blue FIAT logo,  from my first car 40 years ago. The Spyder may be gone but the Sport lives on!

  • Gordon

    I was saving to gut a Fiat Spyder and just when I had enough money the gas crisis hit in the US and anything that wasn’t an 8 cylinder went way up in price. Didn’t ever get that Spyder. It is great to see cars like this coming back.

  • Gabri

    I love my Fiat Sport… it has been a year of a complete love affair! 

  • R Siciliano

    I love my Fiat 500c Lounge. I live in Chicago and everyone thinks your crazy with a convertibile top. But there is nothing better then driving on a beautiful day with the top down. Smaller cars are becoming a big thing in the city now, gas prices are very high, but for me it was more about the size and style. The smart car is just a bubble, the mini looks like a small station wagon. When I drive down the street I see all heads turn to check out my car. I have not seen another one in the city, hoping that will change soon. Until then I will just enjoy my ride! Have never felt this way about any car! And the Commerical brings me back to my Honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast. Ciao

  • Diane_bianconi

    Party with a chamagne shower

  • Rob

    When I was a kid, one of my only memories of my father was him driving his Fiat 850 Sports Coupe with leather driving gloves. I only have the gloves to remember that occasion. My father, a French native who was born in the US of French parents escaping WW1, was raised in France during WW2 and joined the US Army Air Corps right after liberation to escape the devastation of the war without speaking a word of English. I was 5 when I lost the chance to know him but I do cherish the spirited drives and have always appreciated Fiat.  I’d love to test drive an  Abarth, but they keep getting snatched from the showrooms!

  • carolynmannino

    fiat partycome


    Started buying fiat spiders in 1979, have owned 9 of them with 2 850 spiders mixed in for fun. Owned a 131 Milafiori and a 128 3P coupe. Now I am a proud owner of a 2012 500C (not abarth) Fiat makes a greeat car, great handling with great comfort. My dad started this in 1969 with a 124 coupe then he moved on to a 74 X1/9 and then an 85 X1/9. I guess we are just a fiat family.

  • I have had a love affair with the Fiat 500 for a year! I could be considered a Fiat ‘stalker’ that has an obsession. Well I got my Fait yesterday and I am Happy, happy, happy! COME and PARTY Italian style.

  • Gina Mathers

    I just love my Fiat 500c Lounge! It’s been a year, and everytime that I’m driving it, I feel as if I’m in Italy! I have a red Fiat with the red, white and green stripes along the sides (I know, I’m an Italian affictionado at heart, it’s in my blood!) Well, as I’ve lived in Italy for about 30 years on and off, I feel as if my heart is split between Italia and the U.S.A. So, with my little Fiat, I have the best of both worlds!

  • Monica Ciuffarin

    Come to the Party with your FIAT!!!

  • Beverly Marcum

    Given: Life is a ride. Come to Life’s party.-Ride a Fiat.

  • sandra rafolski

    i’d have a blast driving this car……… would be fabulous. SELLing REAL ESTate WOULD BE SUCCESSFUL

  • I need and WANT this CAR!

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