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Parliamo (Italian) – verb a) To talk, to speak with. b) A series in which we sit down with, interview, and get to know innovators and trendsetters from the world of FIAT, art, music, fashion, and design. This is your chance to listen in on those conversations you’ve always dreamed of, and a chance to catch a glimpse of that intersection where passion and creativity meet.
  • tleckert

    Recently, purchased 500Sport for my wife, She loves it.  Gets high on the comments and questions from bypassers and follow owners.  In approximately 4 months she has racked up well over 10K.  I am impressed with the little car and enjoy driving it.  However, we are finding service is lacking.  She has been waiting 3 month for a replacement part.  Yesterday, the airconditioner stopped working and she was informed the part would be order but the service department had no idea how long it would be to receive the required part(s).  She was informed this was the dearlers 2nd ac problem.  I search the web and it appears this is more or less a common problem.  She had a flat need towed service said she had an onboard flat repair system.  She ask how it works and was told she should read the owners manual.  She called me for assistance by the time I arrived she had been pick up by the recovery service.  I went looking for the service depart, called local studio to get a msg that they were open 10 to 9 M – S closed sunday.  No number for the service department of emergency contact number;  checked the internet only to be provided the same studio number.  Not a very good experience.  Oh yeah, call studio which was stilled closed, left msg on sale manager phone 2 days and still no response.  That away FIAT!!! 

  • Nick Angiuli

    I own 2 Fiat 600 Jollys that I completely restored.

  • FIATDriver

    I own FIAT2012
     I get stop a lot people asking question, made new friend as well its a great car and people  love the History behind the FIAT

  • Gina Trevino

    Made come to party

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