Name Your FIAT Day

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We spend so much time with our cars that they often become more like trusted companions than mere appliances to get us from Point A to Point B. And when your car has a FIAT badge, it certainly has a personality all its own.

Why shouldn’t it have a name? October 2 is “Name Your Car Day” (no really, it’s a thing), and we’re celebrating. Tell us what you named your ride (and why), and you’ll be automatically entered to win some awesome FIAT swag. Is there a vintage Salvatore Spider in your garage? Did you go with a fully assimilated Fran 500 to celebrate the FIAT brand’s U.S. return? Did you just really need to drive an Abarth named Alberto? We want to know!  We’ll even be sharing some of our favorite submissions here on FIAT Backstage! Share your story in the comments below, and be sure to include your email address (don’t worry, it will remain private) so we can let you know if you’re one of 30 fans randomly selected to win a $100 gift card and FIAT-brand hat. You can find the official rules here. If that’s not incentive to play along, we don’t know what is.
  • Andi Busch

    My baby is called Briciola <3 (italian for crumb)

  • Amy

    My Azzurro Sport is named “Little Boy Blue.” The name is pretty self-explanatory I think. Of course, every time I have to sound my horn I smile.

  • Tricia

    We named our FIAT “Baby Car” because she looks like such a cute little baby next to other cars. 🙂

  • Gumdrop 🙂

  • I love my Fiat 500! His name is Vincenzo!

  • I named my Red Fiat Pop 500 “Topo Gigio” because they are both adorable and Italian!

  • I named my Fiat 500 Sport, Luigi Auditore. This is a blend of two of my favorite Italian video game characters. Luigi from Mario Bros and Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed!

  • Cheryl

    My new Fiat is named Marco, ’cause it’s a sexy Italian!

  • So, I lived in Italy years ago and of course got turned on to ‘real’ coffee…espresso/cappuccino, my life does not work properly without it. My children know, don’t talk to mom in the morning before she has her cappuccino fix. SO it was quite fitting for me to get my 500C in espresso brown with the caffe aulait colored top and of course, we all quickly nicknamed her The Bean!!

  • My beautiful Verde Chiaro 500 Pop is named “Papillion” I purchased her after a string of severely bad luck with my previous car. The first time I went to test drive her, there was a butterfly, the EXACT same color as the car, affixed to the driver’s side. I drove her a couple of miles, and when we returned to the dealership, the butterfly was still there! The day I bought her, I was about a mile away from home, when she spoke to me and told me her name was “Papillion.” And I just knew that was her name. Her license plate now reads “PAPIYON”

  • I love, love, LOVE my little Fiat 500, and I named her “Piccola” (since “piccola auto” is Italian for “tiny car”).

  • Lisa Willis

    I love my Fiat 500!! My girls helped name him “Luigi” they say he reminds them of the Fiat on the movie “Cars”

  • i call mine “lil red”

  • I named my gray Fiat 500 Pop “Wall-E” because he resembles the darling little robot in the movie. Friends always ask “How’s Wall-E?”

  • “sugar” because it is a sweet ride!

  • Rocket, it wishes it was a Fiat!

  • Freedom because it allows me to get out of town.

  • Crystal

    Stella- Italian for star…

  • Ira Klein

    Fanny Fiat!!! I love my pop!!!!

  • squishycar

    I love my Fiat 500. I named it Sergio after my awesome salesman at Kelly Fiat in Peabody, Massachusetts. His name was just perfect for it.

  • I named my car “the grape”, cuz it was burgundy, and was practically a lemon.

  • Corrin

    I named my FIAT 500 Pepe, or Pepito (little Pepe) because it looks like he has a mustache. He’s very European.. 🙂

  • Maria

    Coco–the name serves dual purpose. 1. After stylish CoCo Chanel 2. I’m a dog lover and work @a pet resort, one of of boarders is a tiny yorkie who thinks he the resort giglio. My Fiat sport is stylish and the cats meow!

  • pink cause i love pink

  • kim minton

    I don’t have a Fiat ( i wish I did!) but I did name my friends Fiat..Lil reminds me of my niece,Fiesty and always on the go!! 🙂

  • I named my Fiat Sport “Rose”, as she is such a beautiful shade of red, and she makes people smile.

  • My Prima Edizione is named “FITITO” and has its name on the license plates. It seemed like a suitable name!

  • Alicia Smalls

    I named by babygirl..FiFi! It just sounds fun and fab like me!! I plan to get FAB FIAT on my tags!! 🙂

  • I don’t have a Fiat 500 yet, but I have already named her “Twisted Shifter”. I know she comes from Italy, but only a girl with some attitude would cross the giant pond to straighten out some US roads. A little rock and roll is good for your soul!!

  • Boppers cause we’re always bopping around town.

  • Emily

    Our little car is named ‘Olive’. She looks like she could hang out in a martini fit for a giant. She’s a lady because aren’t all Italian autos girls?

  • nellie belle old school name with tradion/respect

  • Allison Smith

    Don’t have a Fiat (yet) but named my black on black Nissan Sentra Spec V “Black Betty” after the song!

  • Our Verde Chiaro 500C is named Fanny. Just look at her from behind when the top’s down: “Hello, Gorgeous!”

  • mike Lirones

    Roberta…gf put eyelashes on her.

  • My Pop Cabrio’s name is Stella Fia Menta!!! That’s right full name. Small car with BIG presence! She is a STAR -like a fickering flame of mint green light 😉 Angie Freesmeier Happy FIAT owner!!! 🙂

  • I would name my bright red FIAT, my little Gum Drop.

  • Named my Abarth “Little Demon” it roars like no other fiat around…lol

  • I named my Fiat 500, Black Widow, with her eccentric all black with a little red paint job. With Black Widow’s speed and superb handling it is one of the deadliest cars on the track. Team Abarth has shown the power under the hood numerous times.

  • Abarth67

    My black Abarth is named Nero (for obvious reasons). I also have a 1959 FIAT 600 named Sophia (for less obvious reasons) I figure that if I park them both in the garage, some naughty things might happen that result in a bit of FIAT swag (fingers crossed).

  • Sweet Pea Lima Bean

    I call her “Sweet Pea Lima Bean” usually just Lima Bean for short… She is of course verde chiaro- lima bean green and shaped like one too!

  • I just dream I get my dad’s 1961 Fiat 1500S with Osca racing engine that my brother took over. He will never give me the money that he said he owes me for it. The Fiat 500 Abarth named “Hot little thing” would make me feel better!!!

  • i want one and i would her blaze because i want the red

  • Fidler577

    I call her little red rocket but my daughter calls her tomato

  • I named my Verde Chiaro Lounge “Pistachio” (Stache for short). He’s the same color and shape as the little nut and the logo on the front reminds me of a cute Italian mustache!

  • I named my FIAT Belle. She’s yellow just like Belle’s dress from Beauty and the Beast 😀

  • My son named his grandfather’s truck…Sally

  • Carley & C.C.

    When I got my Fiat Sport Cabrio earlier this year, I sent a friend a picture of me driving with the top down – she replied back, “Carley’s Cute California Car” – and I had been thinking about a name, so I took that and shortened it to “C.C.” – fits her and our California lifestyle!

  • My Verde Oliva 500C Pop is named Figaro…..In So. Cal, everyday is a top down day & when the top is down we are singing along to the stereo! Love my lil’ head turner!! <3

  • I have named my blue van Tardis. Helps it to be more fun to travel in.

  • I named my Fiat FRANCESCA, which is a nice
    Italian name but also a family name as my Grandma “Marnie”, Great
    Grandpa “Friday” and Aunt Frankie were/are all Franceses. I hope she is fun
    and spunky and looks after me like my family has.

  • i am waiting for fiat to come to south carolina where i live and go look at one blaze would be her name 🙂

  • Our Fiat 500 Sport in Rosso is “Fabrizio”. We added a handling package offered by the dealer and also added graphics. Our other cars are named DoxiBox (Scion xB), Manfred (Mercedes 230sports=coupe) and Big Red (1950 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup, restored and used in parades, etc.)

  • Bonnie

    I named her my “little blue goddess” She’s a beautiful azzurro Sport. I was
    Jealous of everyone I sold a Fiat to, so I just had to get one for myself.

  • Katie Cahnmann

    I purchased the Olive Green Fiat EXACTLY a year ago (Happy Anniversary to me and my awesome Fiat!). I was thinking of either calling it “Calabrone Verde” (Green Hornet) or “The Hulk” since it’s small but powerful!

    Honestly I love my FIAT and would love to win some cool Fiat gear!

    Thanks FIAT USA!

  • Loius V named after my handbag

  • zorana

    When I was a wee one living in Belgrade, my mom had an old red Fiat 500. I remember that car well and I remember sitting on my uncle’s lap one day as he let me steer little “Ficha”. I consider that my first driving experience at the age of 3. I named my Fiat 500 sport Fidget. Fi- for Fiat and -idget for, well, midget. It came naturally, as did buying a new Fiat when they returned to the states. It’s in my blood.. xx

  • irma

    This car is on my list to buy. I would name this little shinny red Flat car of my dreams -Candy Apple.

  • milinda

    Nero is his name … because he’s the “nero” color!

  • Peggy Keller

    We have two, a white Prima Edizione we call “Luigi” and a black Abarth we call “Guido”. Named after the characters in the “Cars” Movie.

  • My 500 pop is Sophia Fiat!

  • Darth Vito

  • Barb

    Named my Fiat Marcello, what else could I name my sexy Italian!!!!! I tell people not to park to close to him, cause he might get to fresh with their car…..I don’t want no babies

  • Joy!

  • dske

    “Big Blue” it’s a old school 78′ Matador Barcelona wagon,it’s big blue and floats down the road 🙂

  • Duncan

    I had a HUGE 1965 Chrysler 300 that, as it was blue, was named Elwood. All of my named cars have been male. A guy needs another buddy to get him places, not a jealous lady!
    If I had a 500? I would break the rule and name her Angelina… for my long lost Italian girlfriend. Sigh.

  • Walter F.

    Piccola Terrore (Little Terror). Yes, she’s an Abarth.

  • TracyR3675


  • AZPe’

    We have multiple “pet names” for my Yellow FIAT… I call her Luigi, my husband prefers the FLAT and my son calls her the Space Pod.

  • greg browne

    I name my car after my favorite dog COCO growing up, because she die to young and I want her to live on forever !! Gregbrowne

  • Shonokin

    Lupin! Named after the first Fiat 500 I remember seeing and that was in the cartoon movie Castle of Cagliostro where Lupin III has an amazing car chase in a yellow 500.

  • My Fiat’s name is Mario. 🙂 This is the first car i ever named.

  • 1957…college graduaton present from my mom and dad….her name was cara mia…37 mpg when gas was 16 cents/gallon!!!!!!!…

  • My brand-new Fiat 500 is affectionaly known as Fifi!

  • Virginia Weiss

    Am a fairly new Fiat owner and LOVE my 500c!! I used to have an ML320, formerly my Big Guy, so this Fiat is my Little Guy

  • Rae Lambie

    I name mine old faithful, because it is so old but keeps on running.

  • Melanee Romero

    My Fiat 500 Gucci is my sweetie fee

  • Jeff

    Mine was Fifi but may change due to popularity.

  • MjM

    The minute my co-workers saw my bright red 500c, he was dubbed “The Gumball” and it stuck. (pardon the pun). Love my Gumball!

  • Vivace, ‘coz we move right along!

  • Shelli

    My Abarth is named “Bart”

  • nicole

    “Mario” is my red FIAT 500 Sport. Got him just over a year ago!

  • I don’t have one but I would have to name it “Charlie”. Get it?

  • “pici,” a milanese (italian dialect from milano) word that means little one.

  • Rozi

    My 500 is known as Daisy. : o)

  • melissa

    Gotaway gia, never getaway always gotaway 🙂

  • Ken Spickler

    We call our 500c “EVOO”, because of its olive green color.

  • Our wonderful ’12 Pop is named “Squirt” for it’s diminutive size and its ability to “squirt” through traffic and up the canyons of Colorado!

  • jacqueline

    Elvis—shake, rattle, roll!!!
    A True Legend Never Die!!!

  • Ken

    I named my Fiat 500 “The Olive” as it is an olive green Lounge and the red Fiat emblem in the front even resembles a pimento,

  • Fran

    We named our Fiat 500 “Lil’ Red Car” because it is….

  • I named my car, ” Little Rocket Car” and it’s a tough little car.

  • My car’s name is Baby. I named her that because she is my baby and I take care of her as such. Had to get some repairs done recently and was lost without her.

  • Julius – my 1981 Westfalia – named after my orange cat of the same name.

  • sophia because i have the white/maroon conv. And she is a beautiful italian women

  • Our car is named SNOWY. But be careful of Snowy — those red stripes on her hood are all that remains of the last person who didn’t take her seriously.

  • bellaitalia

    I got the 500c by Gucci and have named it ‘bella italia’ because she’s gorgeous and a stunner on the road 🙂

  • Plainly Frank

    I was the second owner of my first car. He was the only male car I’ve had. Willie (short for William Hercules) was a two door 1966 Dodge Coronet. Isn’t it said that one never loves another like their first? All my vehicles have had names. My current is a 1995 Ford contour. Her name is Red. However, at 266,000 miles, she is showing her age. That leaves me looking for another new car! Does the Abarth Fiat come in white? White has been a fortunate color for my vehicles.

  • My yellow 2012 500 Sport is called Mello Giallo, appropriate for a (mostly) laid back little car… (

  • We named ours Jackie Blue. She is Blue and Ozark Mountain Daredevils’ Jackie Blue was the first song we heard on our new radio!

  • I name my cars Nellybelle the name of Roy Rogers Jeep in the TV western. His car had character and so do my cars.

  • I am a huge Disney fan, so of course …. ‘LUIGI’ from the Cars movies!!! (although my 500 sport is red)

    • Luigi is my favourite character from Cars! 🙂 I’m intending on painting my 500 Giallo so to have a similar colour to him!

  • brandi ellison

    I play world of Warcraft and my license is warcrft, and i tend to speed:P so we call my car Fury! Lol the other cars have to beware of the Warcraft Fury! Yes i fly my dork flag high and proud:)

  • I named my Fiat 500 “Joan” after Joan Jett from The Runaways and their song “Cherry Bomb.” She’s a red car, so it made sense, and it’s a fun car to drive with punk rock blasting!

  • I am officially naming my car Zazzles because it is zazzy, just like Sheldon Cooper’s cat.

  • otto42

    She’s been Sophia since the day she came home, and I love her. I saw a little red car go zooming past my work one day, had no idea what it was, and had to have it! Spent an hour online when I got home trying to find what that little thing was, found it, and announced to my husband “I know what my next car is going to be!” And 3 months later, Sophia came home. She’s my baby. The kids are gone, the dog is gone, I have no need for a large car anymore, Sophia is perfect for me.

  • Linda Helms

    sweet red, because it would be sweet & red!!

  • My car is a Suzuku – her name is Contessa von ZuZu

  • I just got my truck last week and I asked my friends for ideas. The winner: Camion Rouge of course 🙂

  • I leased a 2012 Red Fiat 500 Pop for my wife. She had no clue it would be setting in the garage when she arrived home from work. Red is our favorite color for the cars we own and have owned. So, in that our Fiat 500 is Rosa Red, my wife decided to name our Pop “Rose!” We love the car, she is a part of the family!

  • Our 500 is Verde Oliva (Olive Green)…so, of course, it is affectionately called “the Road Toad”!

  • Karol Geiger

    My boyfriend named the Fiat “Lola” because what ever Lola wants, Lola gets!!

  • Kimberly

    If I ever get my Fiat I want it will be red, so I will name her “Sally” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. My car I have now is called “the piece of junk.”

  • redhaven

    Our Fiat is called “Rosetta” because it is red but we have taken to affectionately calling it “the Meatball.”

  • Iwon1 family won’t let me have a small car, so I have worked hard to win a car, to show the family, I will have a small car, any kind of small car I’m 56 and I want a small car….Iwant1, iget1 or I’ll win one….haaa family

  • My name for my Fiat 500 Russo is L PRSDTE (on the license plate)…il presidente!!!

  • Mike Soliman

    I grew up in Egypt in the 70’s , FIAT was the most popular car back then. Models such as FIAT 128, 127 and 132. I fell in Love with FIAT from a very young age. I call FIAT my first Love.

  • I named my little grigio Fiat “Tidbit” because….well…she sure is a sweet little morsel, isn’t she?

  • Emily Ridgway

    My car’s name is “Chiara” because she is Verde Chiaro. It seemed fitting, also because she is the light of my life!

  • I named my future 500 Giovanni, after the brand’s founding father.

  • TSK

    I just call it “Prima” since it is Prima Edizione #100.

  • I named my Rosso Brillante 2012 Fiat 500 Sport Fiametta – which I’ve been told means “little fire” in Italian. Of course we call her “Fia” for short!

  • I dubbed my new blanco 500 Sport “White Fang.”

  • Jeff @ Keeler Glade

    My 128 was Umberto. My 124 was Flavia. My 600D was Hannibal.

  • Larry

    The name of my car would be “power” for the respect that comes with responsible engineering, uniqueness, care and personality. This car is a tribute to appreciating our planet without sacrificing personal character. Some day I too will be driving my FIAT “POWER. “

  • tara

    I call my 500c lounge Fiona.

  • Bella

    My wife and I named our 500C Bella. She is truly a beautiful car and has been commented as being so from San Diego, CA to Orkando, FL. She also is wonderful therapy for my wife whenever she drives Bella around with her Burgundy top down.

  • RedDawnsRevenge

    My Abarth’s name is belladonna, because its beautiful and dangerous

  • We nicknamed ours the “Turd Mobile” since the color is Expresso 🙂

  • Alexa

    Mine is named sweet pea. Small, green, and sweet as a pea!

  • gabbyt

    I named my 500 red fiat leo, short for leonardo as a small reminder of my inspirational and favorite actor leonardo and famous italian genius da vinci 🙂

  • My baby is named “Olivia”. She is my favorite color – green and loves to drive through the green forest along the river with her sunroof open.

  • Laura

    My car’s name is Bianca, to match her Bianco Perla color. I love it!

  • My FIAT 500 sport is named by BAMBINO, it’s a fun small ride!!

  • My daughters named Him “Benny” as a dreivation of “Malto Benne”

  • Andy Smith

    My olive-colored Fiat 500 Lounge is named OLIVIA! Bellissima Olivia!

  • emily cornelius

    I named my white fiat shelly because she reminds me of a cute little white seashell, and we love going to the beach together.

  • Jellybean ;P

  • Smooch

    I would call her “Smooch”, the perfect name for the a car which is just perfect for tight NYC street parking spaces. You can just “Smooch” between two cars and still have wiggle room.

  • lanell

    if i had a blue fiat–i would call it ‘blue moon’! and it would fit perfectly with the saying “once in a blue moon”- which is a rarity –so owning a fiat would be a rarity for me –lol

  • Dannah

    Meet Lulu!

  • SharonGS

    My car is ‘Chocolate Drop’ because it’s small, chocolate-colored, and a true pleasure to drive.

  • She would have to be “My Sweet Thing”…. I love the color red and she is so pretty.

  • PaTti

    I don’t have it yet but already My two girls call her Pollito (Chick). It is a FIAT 500 SPORT, Sunroof, Black leather trimmed bucket seats. And six speed automatic transmission. 🙂 Can’t wait to have Pollito on the road. 🙂

  • Steve

    My Fiat 500 Sport in Espresso is called Bruno, if course!!!

  • Bayou Tigress

    My red Abarth is named Mini Red Monster after the Looney Tunes Character Gossemer. We have a red Challenger named Gossemer, so the Abarth is mini me 🙂

  • Diego Avila

    I Named it DORY from Finding Nemo! because i have the Fiat 500c Azzurro 😀

  • I’ve named him Giuseppe. Mostly because I’m just getting in touch with my Italian heritage.

  • christie W

    My Car’s name is BLU (although she’s red) because I’m Blu without her!

  • Named it DORY from Finding Nemo! because its the Fiat 500c Azzurro 😀

  • I have a white Fiat 500 sport with a sunroof. I actually have a personalize license plate of TARD15. It is for the TARDIS or Time and Relative Dimension In Space. It also has a plate frame that says my other vehicle is the TARDIS with Dr. W
    ho. This is because it is bigger on the inside than the outside. It always takes me where I need to go and it is always a fun adventure! I also have a sunroof to view the universe by. I just need to carry my sonic screw driver more often.

  • Bella Fiat

    I call her “Bella”. She is my “beautiful” Fiat Lounge and she puts a smile on my face everyday!

  • Cruisebirde

    I named my Fiat “Franco Luka” also known as “Franco Luka Fiat 500 Pop”. My car is a male because he’s dark, handsome, and looks so good! What lady wouldn’t love Franco Luka Fiat. 🙂


    My red 500 Sport is named “BELLA”, and the license plate cover says “CIAO, BELLA”. I get sooo many compliments. I love her 🙂

  • Robert Casler

    Mine is green, so we call it Giuseppe (Verdi)

  • Caterina

    My Fiat 500 Sport is named Caterina, because she’s cute and sexy.

  • James Morin

    I am waiting for the 500L who shall be named bambino.

  • I drive a school bus. My first bus’ name was “Bessie-the-bussie”. I now drive B.Y.O.B. (which stands for Big Yellow-Orange Bus) aand it’s nickname is “The Bob-ster”.

  • I’m name my car “Little Em” after my daughter

    email: smarkman /@/

  • Al

    Copper, cuz it’s copper.

  • Christie

    I named her Allegra because she is lively and spirited!

  • JessicaRae

    My lounge is named Fifi!!! 🙂

  • DJ

    My 500 Lounge is named “Patti”

  • Donna Mancuso

    I call him My Cous’n Finny…my front license plate has a shark on it.

  • Ashley H

    My car’s name is the TARDIS, like in Doctor Who, because it’s blue and bigger on the inside. 🙂

  • Jose Velazquez

    I call her “My Yaut” hence the license plate. People get a kick out of it. Plus it reminds me of that old 80’s Huey Lewis and the News song “Stuck With You.”

  • Livvy Davis

    My red prima fiat 500’s name is polpetta which means meatball in Italian because that’s what she looks like.

  • I call my car the “Pesto Mobili” – since it is green and italian.

  • john c

    the red rocket ,fast sleek and awesome

  • Sparkle!

  • SingDanielle

    My car is named Giovanna because she’s a sweet sexy Italian!

  • Our little Verde Chiaro is “Luigi” from Cars when my wife is driving. But when I’m alone with the car, it’s “Olivia”

  • Janet Guerra

    I named my new Fiat 500 “Rosie” which is short for Rosa because she’s red and Italian! Janet Guerra

  • Guest

    I named my Ninja 650R “Fiat,” ’cause I wish it was an Abarth!!

  • I named my Ninja “Abarth,” because I wish it was a Fiat!!

  • Blue Devil

    I have a blue Fiat POP i named her Blue Devil !

  • Ryan Jurnecka

    Named my 500 sport Nino after Niño Barlini (from “Grand Prix”) and F1’s first world champ, “nino” farina ( he was from Turin too)

  • I’ve name my car Rubi. she’s as beautiful as she’s shameless… She’s a sexy woman.

  • Hog- because it’s a gas hog. ( Jeep commander) I’m saving for a FIAT!! I want a Abarth!

  • Johnny W


  • My Fiat will be Car-avaggio

  • Redeye

    We named ours ” RedEye” as it is red with lot of chrome accessories and it does catch an eye when on the road .

  • mine will be called Carr-avaggio

  • Mary Spickler

    I saw my olive green 500 on the dealer lot as we were driving somewhere else to buy a boring hybrid. We stopped, and an hour later “Olivia” was mine.

  • Erika Borg

    My charcoal grey fiat 500 is Roly Poly. 🙂

  • Our black Fiat 500 is named Villain. It’s my husband’s nickname from my uncle. It even has the customized California plate. 🙂 We bought our Fiat the second it came to our local dealer.

  • FifiGirl

    My Fiat 500, who I call FIFI, makes me smile every day. Not a day goes by that I don’t look at Fifi and am instantly filled with joy. She radiates happiness and has this beaming personality that is contagious. I purchased Fifi one year ago and every day I receive a compliment about how adorable she is. I love my little Fifi!
    My email is

  • George Satterfield, I’m going to name my black Abarth “Speedy Gonzalez” because he will be My “Speedy..

  • Cheryl Mehler

    It’s name is GUCCIGU because it’s a FIAT 500 GUCCI and it’s very cute. I can’t even count how many people have stopped me to ask about it, some even want photos! It’s name is on the plate so my husband refuses to drive it! My evil plan has worked!

  • Teresa

    My white cabro 500C is named Zippy!

  • I call my Fiat 500 sport ” Lu Blu ” because it’s a head turner. I love my Fiat

  • Alex Hillermann

    My black FIAT 500 is named Veritas (truth in Latin), truly the greatest vehicle!

  • David M. Myton

    blackie, same as our old pony

  • My new Fiat Abarth in Rosso is named Giulia in honor of my wife Julie. While it’s not an Alfa Romeo, it’s the best shot I have of getting a car with my wife’s name for now in the US!

  • My new 2012 500 Pop was Named Sofia, because my wife said so.

  • Catrinel

    I will name my car catrinel someday when i ger one. after the fiat commercial model, because that’s how I see fiats when I look at them.

  • Rhez S

    “Snap Crackle” cuz he’s a Fiat 500 Pop. He’s no rice rocket, but he sure is a great rice crispy (ride)!

  • We call our 500 Pop “the Cutemobile,” because it is an amazingly cute car; conversations regularly occur with lines like, “did you leave the GPS in the Civic or the Cutemobile?”

  • Richard

    I purchased mine on 4/2/11….it’s a Rosso Brillante 5speed Sport……and was immediately named “Enzo” after Enzo Ferrari.

  • Jannine

    My 500C Lounge is a sassy capuccino with a cabriolet top. I call her Abigail and she’s cute and spirited, stopping heads wherever we go.

  • Andrea

    Bubbles! My 500c by Gucci is a bubbly car and makes me happy!

  • I called my Fiat 500 ” ITAL QT ” – Those are my plates!

  • I named my Fiat “Little Lion”!!! It is also on the license plate LTL LION!!! I have the Espresso Fiat 500 C with the Tan roof and when the top is down he looks like a little lion!!! I love my Fiat. Too much fun!!!

  • Maureen S

    We named our silver 500 sport Annabella.

  • My 2012 500 is the Dario Speedwagon.

  • Honeycutt Girls

    My 16 yr old named her Fiat “Stitch” it is bright blue and she LOVES this car! She got it for her 16th Birthday 🙂

  • My is named Cooper Luigi Miller,..Cooper because I was going to buy mini cooper but, fell in love with the fiat,..Luigi after the character from cars had too =0) and my married name Miller since he is after all part of the family. Email:

  • Mary Schmerer

    “Ralphie” I love giving my cars silly old men names 🙂

  • dd dipinto


  • Angela A

    I have an old Ford Windstar minivan that I call “Miss Old Betsy” b/c of it being so big, old, and bulky. I wish I had a new car/suv. I’m so tired of “Miss Old Betsy”!

  • CC

    I named my Abarth, Lucky, because I was lucky enough to win him.

  • Hector gonzalez

    I named mine Guccio, in honor of the founder of Gucci, Guccio Gucci.

  • DDeFusco

    My red FIAT 500 is named Antonio after my grandfather who came over on the boat from italy and its my middle name.

  • It’s a ‘bed bug’ like mini auto by looks roads SUV’s and so say in Italian ={ “Radiotrasmettente” buffo } = BEDBUG JOKER !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keith Manmiller

    I have called my 500 Pop, Gianni

  • wes

    My car is named Brena. My drunk friend called it that.

  • Mizino

    I bought myself a Rosso 500 sport, and named her Fiona, or Fi for short. I named her after a hot, and dangerous character from burn notice that the car just reminded me so much of. Both are small, firey, and red hot.

  • I call it ” “. It takes up no space and parking is absolutely a dream.

  • &E

    My 500 Sport is Bully since it reminds like a little bull dog.

  • bella ragazza

    My adorable girl is called “Bella Ragazza”! It is obvious as to why! Just look at her! If you don’t own one, you just aren’t living! (her name is even embroidered in PINK on her white headrests! Her seats are pink suede and white!!! sooooooo Bella!)

  • Guest

    My 2012 Abarth is named Brat. She is sexy, fast and has way to much attitude for any other name.

  • Nikolas Dixon

    Cherry Chopper

  • “My Little Red Fiat” because I never had a “Little Red Wagon”, thanks for the opportunity of winning my own
    “My Little Red Fiat !!!
    Good Luck to everyone !!!

  • Meet my 2013 Abarth named, Abilene!

  • My 2012 Fiat Abarth is named Brat. She is sexy, fast and has way to much attitude for any other name.

  • jack


  • My first car was nicknamed “Stang” by me. I miss that ride.

  • “Cherry Bomb de Guadalupe”

  • My baby is named “Squish”… Love my Fiat.

  • Kris

    I have a Latte 500 POP convertible. I call her Coco ‘cuz she’s stylish like Coco Chanel and because she’s the color of a milky cocoa.

  • Bel Fuoco.
    Fitting for an Abarth, I would say. 🙂

  • Panda

    I painted a “S” on my Fiat and named it Escargot because I wanted people to say “Look at that S car go”!!!

  • My white Abarth is ‘Luccia” and My wifes red 500c is “Guido”!

  • Joseph M

    Our 500C is a beautiful Rosso sport and his name is Luigi. His name was inspired by the feisty Fiat from the movie “Cars”.

  • Tiffiny

    I named my car Tooter! She is so old that everyday I just hope she will give me one more toot!

  • Guest

    Little Thunder cause my first car was a chevy van…but now ive got this little X1/9

  • Little thunder is my X1/9’s name not what im used to after the big chevy van…rolling thunder.

  • I introduce mine as Finale, the last and climactic car purchase.

  • I named my Abarth “Taz”, Cause you can’t really see it’s true beauty until it stops, and when Im driving it around town it goes “blurg blurg blurg,,gur gurg VROOOM!” If any car belongs in a Looney Tune clip its a Bold Animated FIAT!

  • My 500 Sport is named Gessica

  • Chris Horne

    I named my Abarth an Italian name, of course! Tony Pepperoni!!

  • Candace Pfeifer

    Chubby Buggy!

  • gtommy

    My cinquecento is name “Penelope” after a certain rather appealing actress.

  • I named my car “Fyn’s ride” for my daughter Fynley. She’s a fast little kid 😉 (ashlovesad(at)Yahoo(dot)com)

  • Karl

    Vincenzo Vehicle Vroom the 1st.

  • Raffaele

    Mine is “LUIGI” (in White), my Wife’s is “GESSICA”

  • Ken

    My pearl white 500 is named Topolino Veloce’ “fast little mouse”

  • Mine is “LUIGI”, my Wife’s is “GESSICA”

  • Kevin R Gault

    Mines Piccola Ombra it’s Grigio Sport and can’t help but think of it as a quick little shadow moving along among the big SUV’s and such.

  • Marto

    I called my car “Sexy”, because she is very sexy!

  • When we traded our Light Crystal Blue wagon, “Nell,” for a newer, Twilight Blue wagon, it was quickly dubbed “DarkNell”

  • My 500 Pop’s full name is Giuseppe Blanco di Fiat, but I just call him Zippy for short.

  • Mine is the CLT, for Cute Little Truck.

  • The Rolling Cannoli, because it is Chocolate and cream like a delicious Italian pastry:)

  • Dave McCord

    I was a bit hasty. Since it’s an Abarth, it’s a Bart (or Bertie if I’m feeling terribly English).

  • mio elmo

    my fiat….rosso.brillante black top 500c….so adorable I named mio elmo:-)

  • Cassandra Barker

    We named our sport 500 “fiammetta” which means little fire!

    • Cassandra Barker

      here she is ” Fiammetta “

  • Butter

    My yellow Fiat got named “Mantequilla” or “butter” in English the day we first met!

  • Bambina!

  • eng.entesar

    ketkat :))

  • Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

    Thank you so much for sharing my Name Your Car Day article with all your fans and readers! Hope everyone had a fabulous Name Your Car Day!

    Jace Shoemaker-Galloway

  • Siobahn Eaton

    My Abarth’s name is Capricia. It means ruled by whim. Pretty perfect if you ask me ;]

  • When I got the tag for my little 500 pop the letters on the plate they gave me are JFY
    So naturally its name is Jiffy Pop

  • I spent months searching, wondering if s/he was out there. I asked my dad for advice on how I would know when I met “the one”. I even resorted to browsing the internet, though I frequently believed that on-line profiles were too good to be true. When I was on my way to meet her for the first time I was so nervous, and so excited that I called my mom to tell her about it. And then, finally, exactly one year ago I finally brought home my great love — Kiki. I love her today every bit as much as I did then.

  • Ruthie

    My red Fiat 500 Sport is name Apple because she looks like a sweet and shiny little apple!

  • Lawan

    My Mocha Latte Sport is named Scoiattolo. Squirrel in Italian. On the day of my test drive and at least twice a week since, squirrels are always darting in front of me. Scoiattolo is so nimble, this is never a problem. My husband thinks the squirrels don’t recognize it as a car!

  • TheSchwartz

    Miailetto, And I want a horn that goes, Oink, Oink.

  • Andrew M

    The milk-go-getter since that’s all we seem to do with our twin boys

  • I named my 2012 500 Enzio. Full name- Enzio Alberto Nero Fiat. It so happened that I was playing a video game whose main character is named Enzio at the time I purchased my 500. That Enzio was strong of character and will, full of life, able to defeat even the most fearsome of enemies and quite handsome. I felt that summed up my new car. Randy H

  • John T

    I call mine Rocinante because this is what the title
    character in one of my favorite books–Monsignor Quixote, by Graham Greene–named
    his Seat 600, which I feel is a cousin (at least in spirit) to my Fiat. I hope
    to travel around next summer having similar adventures as described in the

  • Ed Rivera

    I call my Abarth “La Perla Nera” since she is a black pearl!

  • bone2pick

    I named my rig the Green Taco. Mostly because it’s green…

  • Mark French

    I Fiat would give me an Abarth (in RED please), I’ll name is “Prego!”.

  • “The Silver Bullet.” Because of it’s color argento.

  • We named our Fiat 500 Sofia, which means wisdom, because she’s wise and fun, like Sophia Loren!

  • Jennifer B.

    my cars name is gogo because that is what the kids named it.

  • this was my 1st car in1960

  • Cindy M.

    I named my 500C “Zita” which means little girl in Italian. She really is my little girl, and people everywhere I go love her!

  • millersdad

    my ride is named Hellboy.

  • I call my Fiat 500 “the Copper Pot”. It’s something my dad came up with it obviously because of it’s color.

  • I named it… Serenity, because is my favorite tv show, and like the ship, It will stay with me till the end.

  • My 500 Pop is named Annetta, after my wife, Nancy. I used the Italian version of her name. ! Both if these ladies make me smile

  • Laura

    My handsome Rosso Fiat 500 is named Fabio…simply because he is FABIOlous!

  • I named my new Fiat 500 Sport: FiFi.

  • Brutus! Ironic and Italian!

  • Sharon

    My cute little fiat 500 is BIG RED #2 Cause br1 had a discussion with a motorcycle. The motorcycle didn’t win, there was an issue with the transmossion. And I Loved br1 so much and was so dishearted when it was wrecked that I just had to have another, hence BIG RED # 2. This car is awesome!!!!!

  • My nickname for my 500 Sport is “motor scooter”…with those hot custom graphics I can get around town quick with all eyes on me!!!

  • Mine is named Luigia, after Luigi the 500 in Cars. She has eyelashes and a mouth, too, not just a name.

  • I named my red 500c Rachele (Ray-kay-lay) when I brought her home in July 2011. 🙂

  • Dan Brickley

    We named our Fiat500 “Shelley Long”… Because, you know, what ever happened to Shelley Long? She was the best!

  • Mine is named Pepe, because he is so peppy!!

  • An announcer at an Autocross broadcast the name of my car as “Angry Bird” given it’s look and the noise. 😀 Have to get stickers!


  • My 500 Pop’s name is Giuseppe Blanco di Fiat, but I just call him Zippy for short.

  • my blanco perla sport is named creme puff… she is adorably cute and girly! 😀

  • My girl is named “Fiona”, my wife had been refering to her as my “girlfriend” then one day while we were talking about names of other peoples cars SHE suggested “Fiona” the Fiat, fits my girl well (78 spider, burgundy/tan W/ bumperettes & Rota wheels)

  • “Spud”, because the red Fiat reminds me of the former Atlanta Hawks super short slamming star Spud Webb.

  • Linda

    Gigo! It’s short, sweet and fits my Pop perfectly. Nothing else would do.

  • My graphite 500c sport has been named Rocco.

  • Jessica Mullins

    Francesca the Fiat…Frannie for short 🙂

  • Gina

    My mom Ines was born and raised in Italy. She passed away recently. I used some of my inheritence for my Fiat. Since both the car and she are cute, fun and red hot (she was a red hot mama!) and from Italy, I named my new Fiat Baby Ines after mom.

  • My Abarth is The Monster and my plate is AMNSTR

  • Acaro

    My rosso Fiat 500’s name is “Acaro”! It sounds like it might mean “a car” in Italian, but “Acaro” actually is Italian for “mite”. It’s smaller than a Mini and quicker than a bug! It’s a Mighty Mite! Acaro has his name proudly displayed on his license plate. -Joe Sheeran,

  • LuLu

    My 500 lounge is “LuLu the Lima Bean”. The plates with her name will be here 2 weeks!

  • The Wild Dingo

  • We went with the Cars answer. Luigi

  • Doha

    My baby is RED, so RedRidingHood is what I named her 🙂

  • Peg Harmon

    I have a 500C lounge in biánca pearla – and I’m a girl, so I named mine Luigi – he has a custom euro Italian plate with his name on it, and of course a small Luigi figurine from Mario Bros.

  • Karen

    I named my new Fiat, Biscotti- because it’s a pretty beige color, just like the Italian cookie.

  • named him Gigi Buffon, the heart of the Italian National Team.

  • cs

    Her name was “baby” after Dirty Dancing….loved the movie and my car.

  • My Volvos are named Ilsa and Hans, and if I had a Fiat I’d name her Isabella or him Fredo!

  • My fabulous FIAT 500 is called “Perlina” (little pearl) – she is of course the Bianca Perla color!

  • I call my Fiat Wish, Because I wish I were not so darned tall so I could fit in it!!!

  • Ruby…a jewel

  • I named mine ” The DooDstermobile……” or ” The DooDster Way……” I like both names…..

  • He’s Pepito. Which means “nugget” in Italian. Only the real translation is “pepita” but since he’s a 5-speed (and therefore a boy because of the shifter between his seats) I changed the “a” to an “o”

  • My FIAT is named, Pepino. Why? Fond memories of the song “Pepino the Italian mouse” from childhood. (if you haven’t heard it before).

  • My first Fiat was a ’77, named Nunzio.We bought him from my dad’s Italian friend and he was already named. I named my new 500 Fazio because….well, it just suites him! A cute little Italian name for a cute little Italian fellow.

  • My 500C Pop’s name is Pepito, which means “nugget” in Italian. Only the real translation is pepita, but since he’s a boy (he’s got a stick shift between his seats), I changed the “a” to an “o”.

  • “Bella” Because she is so pretty!!!

  • Casey

    Thadeus Longtooth. You can’t get anymore classy than that!

  • We named our 500 Giovanna. It means “God is gracious” in Italian. We’re a couple of fortunate guys so the name seemed fitting.

  • kitty mama

    My azurro is called Idris, the name given to the physical embodiment of the TARDIS, in an episode of Doctor Who written by Neil Gaiman. And the obvious TARDIS-related observation than my little blue baby is “bigger on the inside”

  • kitty mama

    My azurro is called Idris, the name given to the physical embodiment of the TARDIS, in an episode of Doctor Who written by Neil Gaiman. And the obvious TARDIS-related observation than my little blue baby is “bigger on the inside”

  • Liz walton

    Gigi – because i like the movie.

  • I don’t have one but I would call it “Mini Me”

  • Colleen

    “Bippity Boppity” is my Fiat 500C’s name.

    When we were in Italy last year with my stepsons, you couldn’t throw a cannelloni and not hit a Fiat – they were that prevalent. I began to fall in love with the Italian lifestyle – and the Fiat itself. One day, on the highway in Naples between my son’s apartment and the Naval Base where he’s stationed, he and the driver of another car got into a small altercation, which is common among drivers in Italy, and my son and the other driver began gesticulating aggressively with their hands and arms and cursing loudly. His brother, sitting in the passenger seat and being the quiet observer that he is, lowered the window and waving his hands in the air, did his best impression of the Italian “in a snit” and yelled, “Bippity Boppity!”

    The tension broke, we all cracked up, and we knew that when we got back to the states to buy our Fiat, Bippity Boppity is what she would be called.

    We bought her the day after we flew back.

  • Sylvia B

    When I found out there was going to be a Gucci edition of the Fiat 500, I have eyes for no other car. I call her Gigi and I love her!

  • raspberriski

    I’m the proud companion of Massimo, an espresso brown 500 POP. He came into my life in June and nothing has been the same since.

  • Jennifer

    I name my Fiat “Bella”

  • Johnna Yoakum

    We’re getting a Grigio Abarth soon, like maybe this week, and her name will be Fiona.

  • Ida Pendleton

    I have a 95 jeep Cherokee, red her name is tow-mater.

  • My wife named it Nelly bell after her mother NELDA

  • Red Barchetta

    I named my red 500 Sport “Red Barchetta” because it is red, it is Italian and as Rush says:” Wind-In my hair-Shifting and drifting-Mechanical music-Adrenalin surge…”. Hey, FIAT should run TV ads using this song!



  • Piccola-small in Italian. Small but a mighty gas saving and attention grabbing little baby!

  • lily

    My fiats name is peppy, he’s a red 500 pop, i am not sure why i named him peppy thats just what i have called him from day 1, peppy just fits him perfectly because he is just a peppy little car!

  • Ryan

    I have two our red Abarth is Mario and the Gucci is Luigi

  • Donia Tella means Donia tella where you been, and donia tella where you are a gonna go.

  • I have a little red mini and she’s The Pretty Lady. 🙂

  • Jennifer Lowrey

    I named my car Baby!

  • Red Barchetta

    I named my red 500 Sport “Red Barchetta” because it is red, it is Italian and as Rush says:” Wind-In my hair-Shifting and drifting-Mechanical music-Adrenalin surge…”. Hey, FIAT should run TV ads using this song!

  • fritz

    it’s a Sam, girlfriend named it

  • Andrew P

    I named my car Michael Bolton because it is so smooth

  • My little baby is Pepino. Why? Fond memories of a song from my childhood: Pepino the Italian Mouse. If you haven’t ever heard it –

  • My little baby is Pepino. Why? Fond memories of a song from my childhood: Pepino the Italian Mouse. If you haven’t ever heard it –

  • “The Been” an espresso 500C.

  • Ruthie

    I call her Rita. It seemed right for a little red Fiat.

  • Shawna O.

    Jack – after my youngest son Jack who can make anyone smile!

  • My daughter name her car Stan Lee – she got in July 2011 and loves it!

  • nenieves


  • I named my first car “Bobby”. Not sure why, really.

  • I named my Abarth LIZLIZ after my daughter, Elizabeth.

  • Mario

    When I had the bordeaux one I called it my “SWEETTY BUG”, since it was the same colour as those nice inofensive bugs, the yellow one I had after it was called my “FITITO” and the white one was called My” FITO”, both words derivated from ‘FIAT’. Ohh heavens, how I missed them.

  • Suze Lewis

    I had a blue Fiat 124 who was the most reliable car ever. He was named Baby Blue.

  • That would be The Weasel. since it can go anywhere and slither through the smallest hole. and its a Pop, so pop goes the weasel

  • Her Name is ……. StellA!

    because I felt Like Brando screaming the “name” when I sat in Her! I o not own her YET, but the 500c in Espresso spoke to me in volumes!!! Thus the name “STELLA” 😉

  • I would call mine Il Duce

  • Candie

  • Hubby just calls ours the Silver Box. Yes, he’s the silver fox in the silver box. ::shaking head::

  • sujo

    I call my beautiful Azzurro “Honey Bunny” when we’re alone, “Blue” when other folks are around…

  • Racer Acer Pacer for my Fiat 500 Abarth cause it a small car that look like a race car for city. I would like one in Black with Black wheels. A guy can dream can’t he. Well I’m a college student so I need a car really bad.

  • Kimberli Bean

    My car’s name is Miss Olive, after her Verde Olivia color – everyone tells me she lookslike an olive, so it stuck!

  • Cutechini


  • Laura G.

    I had a red, 1971 500 when I lived in Italy. Her name was Lili. I loved her. Until my fiance rolled her making an illegal left just outside of Gaeta, on his way to the bakery on my birthday. LAst I saw her, she was in the medieval quarter, with hay and chickens living in her.

  • Kati Orr

    We just bought the little guy tonight! His name is Copper!

  • helen delashaw fivus

    I raised three daughter and a husband so that makes 5 so my car would be called “fivus”

  • I named my Fiat “Baby” because it is so cute and small

  • bella azzurro machinna

    Bella azzurro machinna

  • My wife named her baby Sophia.

  • tricia stephenson

    I have been dreaming of owning one for the longest time. I told myself it will be my reward for getting the promotion so now I can get one, and it will be called “did it”.

  • Miracles

    I would name it “Miracles”!!!!!!!!!

  • Mine is Luigi…….my little Italian cutie!

  • My Fiat 500C is named Choco because she is black and sparkles in the sunshine.

  • My car is named Claire. It fits her. She is adorable.

  • Since seeing the photos of the new Cinquecento back in 2008, I knew I wanted one and eagerly awaited it’s arrival Stateside. When the first dealer opened here in Columbus, OH, I wasn’t ready/able to buy, but that didn’t stop me from making monthly visits to the Studio to look around. Of course, making all of those visits made my heart ache for my own Fiat… Then one Tuesday evening in April 2012, we started to watch a movie called Letters to Juliette, where a red 500c made a cameo appearance (this made me want one even more). The movie was about following your heart and it really resonated with me. The next morning I woke up and decided to finally listen to my heart, so I went over to the Studio and bought a white 500 by Gucci off the showroom floor! I quickly fell in love with that charming little car and decided to name it Juliette to pay homage to her legend and the inspiration from the movie.


  • Nicole

    I named my 500c “Piccolo”…. Italian for “small”!

  • Kristen Cannon

    I just got a 2012 creamy white Fiat yesterday! In honor of his Italian heritage I named him Alfredo!

  • I like to call my car Luigi.

  • Simonenarissa

    My 2012 fiat 500c is named candy! With her all white and red “candy shop” interior everyone thinks its the perfect name (and of course this is how I refer to her).. My real reason for naming her is that an off-the-boat Italian girl named candy bought my previous beloved car from me, giving me the money I need for my NEW candy!

  • my amazing red 500c is called the “meatball” and every time my husband gets in he proclaims “it’s a spicy meatball bipity bopity boop”

  • Bob Gordon

    My 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth is named “Flash”, cause that’s how quick it is!

  • al

    i call my miata “minimal lady” and my jeep yj is “old mother glory” they are both just old cars – but neither has ever let me down – when the jeep gets stuck – i say, “old mother glory – don’t let me down” or she never lets me down when i get out of a tricky spot.

  • Mr. B. Wilson

    Grace – “Because none of my women wear gloves”

  • I don’t have my little Fiat yet, but soon, I am looking. I really want a Brown one with the brown and white interior…and I am going to call her Joy…(for Almond Joy)

  • I drive an older sedan that my grandfather had a heavy duty motor put in for trailer-pulling purposes. We call it the “Speed Boat” because it is both huge and fast.

  • My car’s name is Cecilia…. she’s a ’93 Toyota Celica

  • Robert Davis

    Our 2013 Fiat is named “Abby” the Abarth. She is our very beautiful newest addition to the family.

  • My car is the “Curver Swerver” because it holds it’s own in the curves and swerves me into the straight ways ! My email is

  • Tony is the name of my Fiat 🙂

  • Fix It Again Tony

    Fix It Again Tony

  • Fix It Again Tony

    Shakea di Coil

  • Bill

    My Abarth is AH BART!!!

  • Casey

    Ossobuco, because he’s white on the outside and red on the inside.

  • A. Brunory

    Olive Oil (2012 Olive green Fiat 500 Pop)

  • Captain Bligh

    The Captain Mobile- My last name happens to be Bligh and while vacationing in the south, I was loving my drive in the Fiat and after seeing a certain summer blockbuster, a very special person in my life christened the car The Captain Mobile and it stuck!

  • paula

    Little Mack because this is great name for such a awesome car….and my daughters nick name 🙂

  • Susan A

    Our little Rosso sport is “Pepino”. This is from the Lou Monte song about a little Italian mouse. The license plate gets as much attention as the car.

  • SeattleSpider

    My 1978 124 spider was
    named “My Italian girlfriend” by my wife about 6 years ago.

    One day I called her
    at work saying “I just need to hear the sound of your voice”, after
    her panic died down she found out that I had had a small engine fire.

    She really is my Italian girlfriend – I just had my 27the
    wedding anniversary, but I’ve had my spider much longer than my wife. In fact
    my wife is the ultimate Fiat accessory, and there was only a little jealous
    when she saw my girlfriend depicted as a human in that fiat 500 ad 🙂

  • Mary Byerly

    Zippity because I like zipping around corners…carefully of course.

  • I own a Volvo V50 with left-hand drive. He is metallic gray. I knew that the Volvo symbol was synonymous with the male gender, Mars, and iron. Therefore, I looked for a name that meant “iron” and came up with “Ferris.” My car’s name is Ferris.

  • Tammie McGinnis

    Just plain ol’ Betsy lol.

  • Guest

    “Sophia Límon”… She’s my 1973 850 Spider. I had a 1971 with the same bright 70’s lime green color that my ex-wife “procured” in our divorce. We NEVER named that car and I LOVED it. I searched for 30 years until I FINALLY found “Sophia Límon”. Her name is an homage to the lovely Italian actress “Sophia Loren”. I did a play on the last name to reflect the truly 70’s lime green color. We are very happy together.

  • Lynn’s Ruby

    so cute!

  • MGCarter

    “Sophia Límon”… She’s my 1973 850 Spider.
    I had a 1971 with the same bright 70’s lime green color that my ex-wife “procured” in our divorce. We NEVER named that car and I LOVED it. I searched for 30 years until I FINALLY found “Sophia Límon”. Her name is an homage to the lovely Italian actress “Sophia Loren”. I did a play on the last name to reflect the truly 70’s lime green color. We are very happy together.

  • Carole Ward

    Guiseppe – named after my grandfather; an adorable, little Maltese guy with an interesting accent. Pretty apropos, I think 🙂

  • Joy. Because she’s such a joy to drive.

  • We’re a three car family and they’re all Fiats. We named our first Fiat 500 Aldo because he was the older of the two. The newer Fiat 500 Abarth we call Bambino because he’s the baby of the family. Our third car is a 1960 Fiat Abarth Zagato 750 (the double bubble). We call her “Her Majesty” –well– just because she is.

  • HillPTS

    He is named Dante for the Italian car designer who brought for the design of the 500, Dante Giacosa.

  • Verbena

    She is named Bettie as in Bettie Page. . . 😉 need I say more

  • Fiatabella – because ‘bella’ in Italian means beautiful

  • Noel Anthony Haughey

    Ladybuggy.. I would call this my automobile…Fiat

  • old red because it was my husband fathers

  • GloriaL

    I would name it Mr. Clooney..because it is just a sweeeeeeet!

    • GloriaL


  • Lyana after my deceased wife !!

  • sddfsdfsdf

    topolino 🙂

  • ChristianWilliamson

    I named my Abarth Lucia (pronounced loo-chee-uh). I wanted her to have an italian name. Lucia means light. It fit because no matter what kind of day im having, all i have to do is get in and drive, and she always brightens up my day.

  • I called my Sophia because she was sleek ~ sexy and tiny ~

  • Betty of Boo Boopsie

    Cute little Fiat all dressed in red.

  • barracuda

  • Eric

    FiFi (fee fee)

  • cruise mo bile!!!!

  • kidmom

    We’ve named our car Snowball…can you guess what color it is?

  • SG

    I named my Fiat 500 Biba (it translates to” Baby”). My new car was a gift to me from my husband as we are soon to be empty nesters and I’d still have a “baby” at home so to speak to take care of.

  • My Fiat 500 Prima is called “Nemo”, as he has one short fin (windshield wiper) and one normal fin (windshield wiper).

  • my Abarth’s name is “Stallion”. definitely a male, with a lot of testosterone, a muscular physique, prone to aggressive behavior, though with proper training reaches the highest level of many disciplines: racing, shows and competition.

  • I call it 1st. Love

    In 1960, The fiat 600D was my 1st love, Now the Fiat 500C is my 1st. love

  • The Bat Mobile, because It’s black, quick, an eye catcher, and it adds excitement to a trip (to the Bat Mobile)

  • Missy

    Mine is named Clementine! I just thought it fit!

  • KesleeM

    i named my fiat 500C sophie! although my dad calls it the J. Lo car.

  • I would name it my sweety because it’s lovely and i like this kind of car only for me jejeje..i’m from ecuador

  • edwin

    My little red riding hood.( she so pretty in red )

  • I wanted an Italian name for my C pop, obviously. We have a lot of Italians where I live so I had to come up with something authentic and not Americanized. So I named my wonderful little Fiat C pop Gigli after the Italian tenor opera singer. It doesn’t get anymore Italian than Opera which is often playing while I am driving with the top down!

  • Orsacchiottomobile, in English it’s Teddy bear Mobile…because I call my husband orsacchiotto and this is his car !

    • Orsa = Bear Chiotto = Little&Cute That’s my Italian…so in English Little cute bear…aka baby bear aka Teddy Bear ( just in case you need clarification ) ^._.^

  • My car is named Cheetarah after the Thundercats. My last car was Pantrho.. good times. Thanks! Simone – thedewdriesup(at)gmail(dot)com

  • I named her “Nella” which is short for Antoinella which is the feminine form of Anthony which is the long form of Tony as in “Fix It Again, Tony.” We were one of the first Fiat owners in VA so I got my choice of plates: LIL FIAT. We love our 500!

  • MGCarter

    “Sophia Límon”… she’s a youthful 1973 FIAT 850 SPIDER with 32K original miles. Took 30 years to find her! She’s named for the bright 70’s original lime green paint scheme. Turns heads all Italian ladies named Sophia do!

  • Of course my red 1980 2000 Spider F.I. is called Sophia. She is Italian, she is
    beautiful and she has the large bumps on the hood ;^)

  • Jon Davidson

    My verde chiaro pop is named SOPHIAT..that’s what’s on her license plate now! it’s lowered and has custom minilite type wheels. Awesome little car!

  • Segale

    Bart the Abarth. Truly a little hooligan.

  • call it TRASH which is what it is.

  • Lynn’s Ruby

    i love this little red car!

  • all fiats are TRASH

  • Cat Hare

    I named my ride Lucky LadyBug ~ she’s red & black.

  • Evelyne walls

    Schnucki, because it’s a real Schnucki like my sons are..not adding my email here because I was able to read several in the comments below

  • Lisa T

    It is named Stallion for the obvious horsepower reference.

  • Snapper

    I named it Lady Littlecost. Easy on maintenance and on gasoline.

  • Li

    I named it Scooby. No reason why; it just looks like a scooby

  • AntonW

    Kermit – Because the little verde chiaro fellow is il ranocchio, but in this case it IS easy being green!

  • “Shiny little work car” sounds right

  • Gandhi

    I would name it Gandhi

  • Ciao Bella because a Fiat 500 is SO beautiful!

  • “Cheetah”

  • I would love to get a FIAT, since I don’t have one yet, it would be great to win so I could get some FIAT accessories for when I get my own Fiat.

  • Guest

    I named my FIAT 500C “Purrr” because she’s soooo purrr-fect!!

  • I named by beautiful FIAT 500C “Purrr” because she’s so purrr-fect!!

  • Janice Rodriguez

    I named my red Fiat 500C, Coccinella. That’s Italian for ladybug! Cocci, for short!

  • I named my Abarth Waluigi. Cause, well, its Luigi’s evil twin.

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