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More than simply a vehicle, a FIAT can serve as a tangible expression of its owner’s worldview or an inspiration for adventure. For some owners, their FIAT represents a dream realized or a four-wheeled member of their family. The reasons for purchasing a FIAT are, as you are about to see, as varied as the lives and personalities of FIAT owners. The series of seven documentaries below provides a brief glimpse into the lives of real FIAT owners and illustrates the fact that there is a FIAT for every personality. This isn’t a collection of car commercials. This is simply real life.   Video by David Crowther Teresa Marie transformed her passion for health and fitness into a career — first at the corporate level before ultimately striking out on her own. To balance her time between the demands of an entrepreneurial career, her friends and her active lifestyle, she had to become more efficient in every aspect of her life. She wanted a car that fit into her new outlook — and she found it in “Todd,” her Bianco (white) FIAT 500.   Video by Federico Fracchia Heritage means everything to Thomas Martellone. The drive to connect with his Italian roots led him to purchase his FIAT 500X and ultimately embark on a journey from Medford, Massachusetts, to the village of Issiglio in the Piedmont region of Italy and then on to an encounter with Italian family members he had never met. The vehicle he chose during his Italian adventure? It was another FIAT 500X of course.   Video by Tarik Karam Kenneth Curry plays many roles in his life: an officer of the peace in the sheriff’s department, National Guardsman and, most importantly, a single dad. The Covington, Virginia, native needed a vehicle that was good for his son, efficient and equipped with a hatchback to easily haul his army gear. His ideal ride also needed to be quick, fun to drive and so pretty that when he walks away from it after parking he has to want to turn back for a final look. The FIAT 500 Abarth™ was the only car that could tick all those boxes.   Video by David Oster When Thad met Maria more than three decades ago, he saw a cute Italian girl with a black sports car. Thad didn’t know it at the time, but the car was a 1978 FIAT 124 Spider. And Maria? She would be his partner for life. After 32 years of marriage, Thad and Maria are still in love, and a distinguished list of FIAT marques, from their Spider to their new FIAT 500 Abarth, has found a home in their driveway.   Video by Gene Nagata Dennis and his wife know that any moment presents an opportunity for the next adventure. When their road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego in search of perfect waves requires a pit stop to recharge their FIAT 500e in the coastal town of San Clemente, Dennis doesn’t see it as time to wait. He seizes the chance to surf a local break. Thanks to his all-electric FIAT 500e, he can get “VIP parking” close to the beach. Why waste time looking for parking when your next adventure beckons?   Video by Dreamscience Films Todd knew he was driving the right car less than 30 seconds into his FIAT 500 Abarth test drive. The vehicle, however, had an unexpected impact on Todd, particularly his self-described introverted lifestyle. The FIAT 500 Abarth does not exactly blend into the background. Racing DNA runs through every individual part of the vehicle — from the turbocharged four-cylinder engine to pro-style handling. All the extra torque pulled Todd right out of his shell and put him on the road to new adventures.   Video by Tanner Tillo Jesse moved to Portland, Oregon, without ever visiting the city. Seeking likeminded people, the outdoors and adventure, she packed up her belongings and her pup into her FIAT 500 and headed west. Her FIAT 500 enables her to maneuver nimbly through Portland traffic and takes her far and wide on the open road as far as Yellowstone National Park or down to Santa Cruz, California. Her FIAT 500 has transported her on the greatest adventure of her life, and she keeps adding new chapters every day.   Visit to find the FIAT vehicle that fits your personality.

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