Have Child Will Travel: FIAT® 500 Road Tips

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  Spring and summer are prime seasons for road trips, and we’re excited for more families to trip in a FIAT 500® this year. While space won’t be an issue, traveling with children is likely to present its own…challenges. Here, then, is our guide to making sure the whole family looks back fondly on your next warm-weather treks.


Go Lo-Tech

Road trips are a fantastic way to bring the whole family in touch with nature. Plot your route so that you’ll be able to stop as frequently as you want to run along a seashore, roll down a hill or ponder quirky roadside attractions (think “World’s Largest Ball of Twine”) that only a child can truly appreciate. 

Go Hi-Tech

Unfortunately, not even Mother Earth can hold young attention spans forever. Load a tablet or notebook computer with favorite games, movies or TV shows, but feel free to sneak in content related to wherever it is you’re traveling. Consider it the e-quivalent of mixing broccoli with the mac ’n’ cheese.

If you don’t own any portable computers, rely on your car’s own features. A premium stereo such as the Beats Premium Audio™ system is great for listening to tunes from your kids’ favorite movies or to recorded versions of their favorite books. 

Pack a Snack (or Two)

When all else fails, eat! Bring your own snacks to cut down on costs and take advantage of any prime picnic areas. You can also plan meals around when you’ll be driving through a town with fun new restaurants or old favorites your kids are sure to consider a special treat.  

Hire Copilots

No matter how tasty the distractions, at some point you’ll get the dreaded “Are we there yet?” Hand over a map and ask your kids to figure out where they are in relation to your destination. With the available navigation system, they can check their progress against the “expert.”

Mix It Up

Bring a new toy or book along with the expected novelties and pull it out when a boredom-related tantrum is brewing. If you’ll be driving overnight, let the kids wear their pajamas to create an easy sleepover effect. If your car has a convertible top, you can open it on a clear night and search for constellations. In that sense, the sky’s quite literally the limit!

Are you already planning a family road trip for this spring or summer? What advice do you have based on your past experiences traveling with kids? Share your wisdom in the comments below.    

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