Get Crafty: National Poetry Month with FIAT® USA

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  April is National Poetry Month in the United States – 30 days dedicated to celebrating the ongoing contribution of American poets while introducing new audiences to one of the oldest forms of self-expression. Being pretty good at self-expression ourselves, we decided to “Get Crafty” by capturing our feelings for the FIAT 500 in a sonnet and, naturally, want you to craft along with us. Sonnets are 14-line poems typically focused on love. While popularized by William Shakespeare, sonnets originated in Italy, where they have been linked to 13th-century Sicilian poet Giacomo da Lentini. The word “sonnet” is actually an English translation of the Italian word sonetto, which means “little song.” Traditionally, sonnets follow a strict rhyming structure across three 4-line stanzas, concluding with a two-line rhyming “couplet” for the full 14 lines. Think A-B-A-B; C-D-C-D; E-F-E-F; G-G. Each A rhymes with each B, each C rhymes with each D, etc., with the result looking something like this:

Oh FIAT® 500, my car for all seasons

Whether winter, spring, summer or fall

Behind its wheel, I climb for all reasons

Off to the movies, the gym or the mall


It’s true that 500 is compact and nimble

With doors that number but two

Yet within is room for my bass drum and cymbal

And not much exhaust does it spew


No we must not judge a book by its cover

Though my 500 has style in spades

Such that passersby stop to admire and hover

While some ask if I’m willing to trade

Oh no I cannot give up on this ride, as my affections do daily grow

And though sad it makes these fine folks be, my 500 they must forgo

Now it’s your turn! Think about which features contribute to the great love you feel for your 500 and Get Crafty. Be sure to share your work in the comments below for a chance to have your literary masterpiece featured by FIAT USA on Facebook and Twitter.
  • safford fredericksburg

    not a sonnet, and past the deadline, but this is a poem we featured on our blog on the last day of National Poetry Month….. (

    For My Dear FIAT,

    On This Unusual Day,

    I Write You This Poem

    In My Own Special Way.


    I Wanted To Tell You,

    In Words Of My Own:

    You’re The Most Precious Car

    That I’ve Ever Owned.


    Your Chassis Is Striking

    And Unique – That’s A Fact.

    And Your Sport Tuned Suspension

    Keeps Me On The Right Track.


    Your Head Lights Have Sparkle;

    I Can’t Live Without.

    And Your Performance Disc Brakes?

    That’s What I’m Talking About!


    I Can’t Help Lose Control,

    When I Turn On My Beats;

    The Bass Is Just Stunning,

    It Takes Me Out Of My Seat.


    You’ll Always Keep Me Safe,

    Says The IIHS,

    35 Safety Features

    And Seven Airbags Attest.


    What Attracts Me The Most?

    You’re One Of A Kind;

    I Customized Your Exterior,

    And That Makes You Just Mine.


    So Stay With Me FIAT,

    Together We’ll Be;

    Unmistakenly Italian,

    Undeniably ‘We.’

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