Get Crafty: Espresso Yourself with FIAT® USA

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As the days grow longer, attention spans grow shorter. So for this installment of Get Crafty, we thought we’d keep it simple (and cheap, since you may already have what you need). In any case, assemble:

- Permanent markers or porcelain paint markers

- Deep porcelain bowls

- Espresso beans

- Votive or “tea light” candles

- Rubbing alcohol

- Cotton swabs

- An oven

Did the oven throw you? Fear not. It’s merely the final step to producing your very own hand-drawn scented candleholders. Together, we’ll put a FIAT® twist on the marker-mug trend sweeping the interwebs and fill your home with the welcome scent of your favorite coffee.     


To get started, gather your markers and bowls, and apply the former to the latter. How you apply is all up to you. Stripes, dots, freehand sketches of your FIAT 500 … sky’s the limit. If you’re going for an intense wraparound design, work in sections and let each dry before moving to the next (to avoid smudging). If smudges do occur, apply a bit of rubbing alcohol to a cotton swab and gently swab them away.


When you’re done decorating, let your bowls set while you preheat the oven to 425 degrees (if your bowls have an extra slippery finish or still seem a little tacky, you can give them a period to dry before preheating the oven). Once the oven is heated, carefully insert your bowls and set a timer for 30 minutes. When time’s up, turn off the oven, but leave the bowls to cool inside. 


Once the bowls have fully cooled, carefully remove them from the oven and gather the espresso beans and candles. If you went with longer votives, place them in the bowls first and then add the espresso beans around them. If you chose shallow tea lights, add beans to the bowls almost to the desired level, plop a tea light in the center, and place a few more beans around the tea light to anchor it. Then arrange your bowls wherever and however you find them most aesthetically pleasing, light your candles, and enjoy as they fill your home with the fragrant aroma of Italy’s unofficial beverage.


Note – To avoid fading or other wear, always wash your candleholders by hand. Also, depending on the brand of your markers, the finish of your porcelain, and the “temperaturement” of your oven, you may have to try different set and cooking times to get the perfect lasting result.

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