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We may have announced the FIAT® USA Band Prix winner, but we’re not ready to lift the needle on the music just yet. We’re giving you an opportunity to get personal with the winner, Privet Earth, and the four finalists in a series of Google+ Hangouts. During the Hangouts, the artists will take questions from fans and the conversations will be broadcasted live to everyone watching at home. You can find the schedule for all of the bands below. On the date of your favorite band’s Hangout, you can click below to get connected! CONNECT ME TO THE BAND PRIX HANGOUT The four finalists, whose talent and sound made this race come down to a very close finish, represent the artists with the most votes in the country, alternative, urban and pop genres. Get familiar with the winner and finalists right here on FIAT Backstage.   North of Mason-Dixon (NOMaD) – Country Genre Finalist Mason Dixon This hard rockin' modern country group combines infectious lyrics and melodies that have people talking far beyond the Mason-Dixon line. NOMaD has supported some of the biggest names in country music and has even had two singles top national music charts. Watch the Hangout with NOMaD Band Members:  
    • David August - Vocals
    • George Elliott - Bass
    • John Waclo - Guitar
    • Bobby Kunkel - Drums
    • Jay Pfeifer - Guitar
    • Luke Zacherl - Fiddle
  Sub-Radio Standard – Alternative Genre Finalist Sub-Radio Standard With distinctively powerful vocals and focused songwriting beyond their years, Sub-Radio Standard is bringing a rebirth to the standard pop rock song. Their signature style consists of shimmering guitars, melodic piano and instantly recognizable vocals. The band shifts between genres and arrangements while remaining true to the alternative sound. Watch the Hangout with Sub-Radio Standard Band Members:
    • Adam Bradley - Lead Vocals
    • Matt Prodanovich - Lead Guitar/Vocals
    • John Fengya - Keyboard/Guitar
    • Mark Berry Siford - Bassist
    • Mike Chinen - Rhythm Guitarist
    • Michael Pereira - Drums
  Tuan X – Urban Genre Finalist Tuan X Tuan X is a true artist: an MC, singer/writer and actor from the streets of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, New York. Tuan X sets standards in a new era of music, crossing genre boundaries with a sound that is his own. As an R&B entertainer, Tuan X has performed on various stages, from the floors of City Hall and collegiate auditoriums to legendary venues. Watch the Hangout with Tuan X!   Taylor Marie – Pop Genre Finalist Taylor Marie Taylor Marie walks the fine line between pop and new country. Her compelling voice belts undeniably catchy hooks and insightful lyrics that don't sacrifice substance for marketability. Her albums, Breaking Points and Sleepless Nights, are a refreshing reminder that quality pop music can be more than computer-generated beats. Watch the Hangout with Taylor Marie!   Privet Earth – FIAT USA Band Prix Winner FIAT Band Prix - PRIVET EARTH - VH1 8 PRIVET EARTH was a rock project founded by Ivan Smirnov in Los Angeles in 2007. Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Ivan moved to the United States to pursue his dream of music. In 2013, after a great deal of struggle as a solo artist, he was joined by Megan Mullins (drums) and Mikael Oganes (keyboard), forming a fiery blitz-rock trio. The band’s musical style, which they have coined as blitz-rock, combines elements of classical, punk and electronic genres. Their explosive performances and vocal styles have helped them develop a loyal following of fans. Watch the Hangout with Privet Earth here! Band Members:
    • Ivan Smirnov - Lead Vocals
    • Megan Mullins - Drums
    • Mikael Oganes - Keyboard
If you would like to receive a reminder for each of these events, all you have to do is subscribe to the FIAT USA YouTube Channel, and we will send you a notification before each Google+ Hangout.
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