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When you meet a FIAT enthusiast, you know it. Their passion for Italian design and their appreciation for fine craftsmanship show through when you get them talking about their favorite pastime, driving. At this year’s FIAT Freakout we had the opportunity to meet someone who embodies this spirit through and through. Before we tell you his story, we’re going to let Damon Kane introduce himself in his own words. Damon has been a FIAT enthusiast for a lifetime and a member of FIAT Lancia Unlimited (FLU) since 1988. He and his wife, Michelle, have been active members of the FIAT community in just about every facet. From organizing events, to hosting gatherings at their home, to designing runs that bring the driving experience to a different level, the Kanes enthusiasm and attention to detail has become legendary within the community. As we arrived at this year’s FIAT Freakout, one question was posed to us over and over, “Have you met Damon yet?” No matter where our conversation started with a FLU member, it always seemed to touch back to Damon. The sentiment was always the same, and the adoration that people felt toward the Kane family was apparent. An architect by trade, and a fine dining aficionado, Damon’s love for his X 1/9 reigns supreme in his heart. It began with his love for the vehicle itself, but the story of his prized X 1/9 is much more than that. Recently, Damon was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig ’s disease. At this point, the X 1/9 was still a project in his garage and he was unsure if he would be able to finish the project and get the car back to the scenic runs and winding turns that he loves so much. This is where the FIAT community came together to help. Local club members started to come by the garage. As Damon oversaw the project, the X 1/9 came together piece by piece. Sooner than he could have imagined, the X 1/9 was ready to roar once more. The community that had enjoyed so many runs designed by the Kanes decided that there was no better way to lend a hand than to hold their own charity run in his honor. The proceeds from the run went to benefit the ALS Association – Greater Philadelphia Chapter, a group that has been a great help to the family.


Where can you find Damon these days? When the weather is right, you can expect to find him behind the wheel of his X 1/9, hugging turns, rounding curves and opening it up in the straight away. When you talk to him, you can see that he would have it no other way. If you’d like to lend Damon a hand as well, you can find more information about the ALS Association – Greater Philadelphia Chapter here, or to Damon’s fundraising team here . You can also see FIAT of Maple Shade doing their part by holding a walk-a-thon to raise money in the fight against ALS here.
  • TK

    It has been an honor to participate in these causes to benefit our friend and others!

  • Steve Patchin

    I miss Damon! We are here today near Philadelphia on November 16, 2013 to honor his memory. It would have been his 55th birthday today.

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