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  Featuring 123 cubic feet of interior space, the FIAT® 500L comes ready to meet the demands of any busy lifestyle. With modern technology in the dash and plenty of headroom and legroom, the 500L is ready to tackle the demands of your daily commute. But the 500L is not just about utility, it’s also about injecting a little Italian flair into your daily drive.

 FIAT 500L

We have three commercials, new to YouTube, that showcase how the 500L meets both the demand for practicality and the desire for style, in situations most anyone can relate to. First, watch how the size and maneuverability of the 500L help ease the stress of being late for a wedding – and how the added passenger room can work in your favor!

Next, the 500L takes on the challenge of the pushy parents. When two lovebirds plan to take a relaxing drive together, some parental interference makes getting closer nearly impossible – but that’s nothing a few long, dark tunnels can’t help fix!

Finally, the 500L helps bridge the cultural gap between two families by helping a father get aquatinted with the customs of his son’s new girlfriend’s family.

Which of our FIAT 500L spots did you like best? Tell us in the comments below, and be sure to check out all four versions of the 500L on the FIAT USA website.
  • Brittany

    I just recently bought the Fiat 500L yellow trekk and I love it!!! Worth every penny spent on it.

    • Rousse

      How do you like the ride, is it smooth? Thinking about buying one…..How do you like the yellow color? That is a great color!

  • Michael

    Congratulations, I like them all, wish to have such funny spots in Germany too

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