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Add a boost to your afternoons and reinvigorate your daily routine with coffee portraiture. The FIAT brand is serving followers a daily pick-me-up of latte artwork. In the coming days we’ll post inspiring GIFs and videos of the swirling foam designs of Michael Breach, one of the top coffee artists in the United States. Just follow the FIAT brand social updates and see what we’ve been brewing. 306A0968_RT We recently traveled to New Jersey in a FIAT 500L Urbana Trekking to see Breach’s foam artwork firsthand in the center of urban coffee culture. The “Espresso Shots” we captured were of some beautiful FIAT brand artwork—thanks, Michael. Here’s a preview of what we found in our ceramic mugs. Part of the beauty of Breach’s artwork is that it’s designed to be consumed—literally—because unlike traditional sculptures or paintings, Breach’s canvas is liquid, courtesy of Lavazza Italian espresso coffee, an iconic coffee brand that represents an authentic Italian experience. What Breach puts on the temporary coffee canvas is personalized artwork that inspires you to drink in the flavors of the imagination. C80A0399 Breach honed his craft while working as a barista. He would use his downtime to dream up designs and practice his unique coffee representations of the world, adding details and complexities as he perfected his technique. His work has since been widely lauded on television and online, and he’s created custom works all around the world, representing his enjoyment of coffee, popular culture and the therapeutic process of creating the art itself. C80A0180 Breach’s unique, individualized works of art are the perfect inspiration for a vehicle designed to stand out from the rest. And what better way to head to the coffee shop than in a quintessentially Italian vehicle? The FIAT 500L Urbana Trekking is built for city streets and urban terrain, with Matte Nero exterior mirrors and bezels on the front and rear fascia, side sills and body-side molding, and 17-inch wheels painted Matte Nero. It’s a vehicle that exudes Italian energy and style, and it’s one head-turning ride for a mid-afternoon espresso. 306A0880_RT_small Coffee, like art, is best when it’s fresh. Pour a shot of Italian motivation on your day with an afternoon espresso and discover new roads. When our fans’ feeds hit that 3:00 p.m. lull, we’ll start posting artistic latte shots and inspirations to get you through the day and set you off on new adventures. Follow the FIAT brand for daily latte inspiration, and to drink up even more creativity and fun, check out Michael on Instagram at @baristart.

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