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Surfers from coast to coast are celebrating the launch of the FIAT®500L. With 33 additional inches of rooftop, this cinquecento’s lengthy silhouette serves as the ideal foundation for a surf rack to transport their precious surfboards.  Since the surfboard is considered an art form in the eye of a surfer they appreciate that the styling of the 500L complements the curves and craftsmanship of the board. Sun-kissed surfer and model Erica Hosseini proved that she can cruise all day and night with the help of her FIAT 500L in this video for the GrindTV video series,  which celebrates our upcoming urban surf parties taking place on a coast near you!  

This 25-year-old multi-talented beauty from Newport Beach, CA, started surfing at 13 and set the bar high entering her first professional surf competition at the age of 15. FIAT Backstage got to hang ten with Erica during her GrindTV video shoot. FIAT Backstage:  Tell us what it’s been like having the FIAT Brand and GrindTV capture a day in the life of Erica Hosseini? Erica:  I got to give FIAT Backstage and GrindTV an exclusive tour of my hometown. I suspect that it’s going to be a very adventurous shoot as we film lots of surfing and yoga during the day and then head back to L.A. tonight for some cool nighttime shots.  We’ve been having a ton of fun so far – I especially enjoy getting to chat with people and showing off my new puppy, Astro! FIAT Backstage:  All in all, what was your favorite highlight of driving the FIAT 500L? Erica:  Driving it has been rad. We went down to Laguna the other day and I had to do a U-turn and I cleared it by miles, the 500L has a great turning radius. Also, yesterday when we were filming along the Newport coast, I noticed that some boys were filming me from another car. Since I was driving by myself, I cranked up the stereo and got the beats going pretty loud. A rockin’ sound system is a must-have feature for me and the FIAT 500L got me amped up. FIAT Backstage:  Was the FIAT 500L larger than you expected? Erica: My dad has a FIAT 500 and it’s a great size for him. However, I found that the 500L was the perfect size for both my surfboard and me.  The 500L surpassed my expectations. FIAT Backstage:  What is your favorite beach for photo shoots? Erica: I would choose Newport Beach because it showcases where I grew up. The beach is a big part of who I am and has influenced me my entire life.   Want more access to the world of surfing? Be sure to keep an eye on FIAT Backstage in the upcoming weeks to hear from some of the biggest personalities in the surfing world during our series of GrindTV urban surf parties.  

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