Environmentally Sexy Interview with Ryan and Sofia

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  We kicked off our Environmentally Sexy interview series hearing from the Earth lovers Kimberly and Fabrizio. But, they are just one of the many couples who have found a romance, and an electric vehicle, with incredible range on EnvironmentallySexy.com. To continue our series, let’s hear from another couple, Ryan and Sofia, and learn more about their electric love affair with each other and the FIAT® 500e.   ryan_sofia   What did you think when you saw each other’s profiles on EnvironmentallySexy.com? Ryan: I went on EnvironmentallySexy.com because I wanted to meet a woman who was beautiful, inside and out. When I first saw Sofia’s picture, I thought she must be a model. When I read more about her and learned she was actually a lawyer and Italian game show hostess, I knew she was someone I would do anything to be with. Sofia: When I read Ryan’s profile, what I liked most was how…flexible he seemed. I thought, “Here’s a man who will try new things for me, like wheatgrass and the FIAT 500e.”   What was your first date like? Ryan: For our first date, Sofia suggested we meet at this great little vegan Moroccan restaurant. All night I couldn’t stop staring, er, I mean listening to all of the interesting things she had to say. By the end of the date, I knew my life had changed forever – can you believe I used to eat steak? Sofia: Our first date was magical. Meeting Ryan was almost as exciting as learning how I could monitor and control the heating and cooling, charging status and door locks of my FIAT 500e from a mobile app.*   What’s next for you two? Ryan: Sofia wants us to have a long life together, so she’s started me on this great diet and exercise routine. I tell you, I’ve never felt better. It’s like I’ve got the energy – and stamina – of the state-of-the-art battery-electric powertrain in the FIAT 500e. Sofia: I’m also teaching him Italian, and we are planning a trip to Italy, well a road trip to Little Italy, so he can meet my family. The FIAT 500e Pass program gives us up to 12 days of car rental service each year for three years, so we don’t have to miss out on trips that require the range of a gas vehicle.   ryan_sofia2   Come back soon for more. Visit FIAT Backstage soon to read the rest of the story about Ryan and Sofia’s environmentally sexy romance.   * Visit www.fiataccess.com/termsandconditions to learn about the 36-month operability period of FIAT Access Services. Available for iPhone® mobile devices and Android™.

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