Environmentally Sexy Interview with Kimberly and Fabrizio

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  On the road of life, FIAT® 500e drivers want a vehicle, and a date, that offer more than you’d expect. They crave stamina, impeccable Italian styling and a passion for Mother Earth. They lust for something electric. That’s why we created EnvironmentallySexy.com, an online destination where drivers can meet the electric vehicle and soul mate they’ve always dreamed of. Kimberly and Fabrizio are just two of the lucky Earth-lovers to find each other on EnvironmentallySexy.com. Read their interview to learn more about their budding love for each other and the FIAT 500e.


  What did you think when you saw each other’s profiles on EnvironmentallySexy.com? Kimberly: When I first saw Fabrizio’s picture on EnvironmentallySexy.com and then I read how much he loved the Earth, I thought, “This guy’s too good to be true.” He’s like the FIAT 500e, sexy, handsome and environmentally friendly. Fabrizio: It’s true. When I’m not modeling or spending time with beautiful women, I recycle and save the sea turtles. Kimberly: See what I mean? I saw Fabrizio and thought, if I were a tree; I’d want him to be my tree hugger. Fabrizio But then I read about her passion for electric cars and Italian models and I knew she appreciated all the things I love.   It sounds like being environmentally sexy is very important to both of you. Kimberly: Oh it is. We do all kinds of things to protect the environment. Like, we bring our own reusable shopping bags to the farmers market every weekend and we decorated our whole house using sustainable materials. Our coffee table is made of reclaimed oak from Italian wine barrels. Most importantly, we always make sure to turn off all of our appliances and lights when we’re not using them. Fabrizio: We spend a lot of time with the lights off.   What did you feel the first time you met? Kimberly: Our first date was at a public charging station, which was Fabrizio’s suggestion. At first I thought it was a strange place to have a date, but then I saw Fabrizio and his FIAT 500e and instantly felt the electricity. Fabrizio: Yes, I was lost in thought, charging my FIAT 500e and daydreaming about using its 108 estimated highway range to take nice road trip. Then I looked up and saw Kimberly admiring me and the car. I knew she was the perfect road trip companion.   There’s more to come. Visit FIAT Backstage again soon to hear the rest of Kimberly and Fabrizio’s environmentally sexy love story.

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