Confessions of a Customizer

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While three unique models, a wide array of color, wheel and equipment options mean there are literally thousands of ways to make a stock FIAT 500 one’s very own, some brand fans like to kick customization up a notch or two…or five. To celebrate that glorious excess, we’re launching the “Confessions of a Customizer” sweepstakes and sending some truly shameless aftermarket aficionados to Las Vegas for the 2012 SEMA Show. From Sept. 14 through Oct. 5, tell us if you are obsessed with customizing your one-of-a-kind ride. Few brands understand the deep-seated need to customize as well as we do, and we’re much less expensive than a therapist. You could a win an all-inclusive, four-day trip to Las Vegas for you and a guest to attend the 2012 SEMA Show, scheduled for Oct. 30 through Nov. 2. SEMA Show is one of the world’s premier automotive specialty products trade events and not open to the general public – but the FIAT brand will be there, and we want to bring along someone who lives and breathes customization. A FIAT brand representative will introduce you to members of the Magnetti Marelli design team and will give sweepstakes winners a personal walk-around tour of our 2012 SEMA roster. To confess your obsession with customization, visit Confessions of a Customizer, here. Don’t want to confess but still want in on the action?  Be sure to follow @fiatusa on Twitter for all the latest news from SEMA Show – including two special FIAT confessions of our own! Stay tuned!
  • Kevin Gault

    I’ve taken the plunge with step one of my customizing. 20% tint on the windows. Next up will be lowering the car, then exhaust. I’m debating on cold air intake but I’ll be adding some stabilizing too. I see Magnettii Marelli also has a throttle ECU kit that I may add later also. My idea is to basically create a stealthy pocket rocket. 🙂

  • Giuseppe

    Somehow I know what I do is crazy. I have no control anymore.. My obsession is consuming my every waking moment and now my nights,oh my nights. I want to sleep and i think I am sleeping but everything is so real. I know it is happening, every detail, so clear. The parts fit perfectly, the paint is smooth and speck free. I rub and rub until the luster is blinding. Tweaking the engine till it screams and then purrs. Getting into the harness and knowing it feels right. being in control,holding back than releasing all I have and all she can give…..then I awake but in the light of day it all repeats and I’m in Fiat Ecstasy, Oh sweet pleasure,let me dream…….

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