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Next weekend the music industry will celebrate another year of great sounds by handing out awards to its brightest stars. But if you've been cruising in a 2013 FIAT® 500 equipped with a Beats Audio system, then your own musical celebration likely started long ago. Beats Audio™ was developed in 2009 by legendary hip-hop producer Dr. Dre. He sought to deliver the full spectrum of sound experienced in a real recording studio by combining science and artistry in portable audio equipment such as headphones and notebook computers. Two years later, Dr. Dre brought Beats Audio™ to the automotive industry, working directly with engineers to design and tune an exclusive 10-speaker sound system first introduced at the New York Auto Show. The Beats Audio™ system made its FIAT debut a year later, in the new FIAT 500.  What makes the Beats Audio™ experience unique to the FIAT 500? Well, Dr. Dre personally worked with FIAT engineers across all FIAT 500 models to create a sound experience customized to the shape and size of each individual 500 model. This guarantees our drivers a truly one-of-a-kind sound experience. Beats Audio Speaker Now available in all 2013 FIAT 500 models, our segment-exclusive 368-watt Beats Audio Premium Audio System™ includes six a-pillar, door and rear-quarter-mounted speakers, along with an 8-inch Dual-Voice Coil (DVC) subwoofer operating Beats Audio’s™ exclusive Digital Sound Processing (DSP) algorithm. Through that careful blend of hardware (the speakers) and software (the algorithm), the Beats Audio™ system provides a listening experience as close as possible to what an artist intended in the studio – an experience enhanced with USB connectivity for your MP3 player and SiriusXM Satellite radio available on all 500 models, and the hands-free audio controls that come standard across the 500 line. You can learn more about all of the audio systems available in 2013 500 models at FIAT USA. Let us know what you love about yours and which songs of the past year had you performing a one-man/woman concert behind the wheel.  
  • walter

    I,m going to the dealership with some CD,s to check out the sound today.

  • I just bought a 500 turbo yesterday. It had the Beats audio in it although I really didn’t want it. That was the only model that met my other criteria for purchase. It actually sounds pretty bad to me. There’s no way to programs it beyond treble, midrange, and bass that I can see. Waste of money. I would of rather had the sunroof than the audio.

    • wq

      I just bought a 500c with beats….wow really bad sound….great service guys that are doing their best to address. It sound like a. I’m in a tin can when I pay louder…no clarity.
      Am working with dealer yo resolve

  • Beats audio is really disappointing, way too much bass no possible way to equalize the sound, already thinking to remove it.

    • Natasha

      wish they would have kept the Bose system for the later models … the audio quality was MUCH better in my Bose equipped 2012 Fiat 500 vs the Beats equipped 2014 500L

    • Mikey G.

      The Beats systems are amazing! I will say they are tuned for music that has a lot of bass, but beats out Bose in my experience, same for headsets and in-home. I listen to a lot of electronic music, but have pretty eclectic taste, and I haven’t found the bass to be too much on anything I’ve heard. Just adjust your EQ! If you remove it, sell it to someone who can use it!

      • Luis A. Troconis

        Beats it is gone in my car. I replaced with Harman/Kardon and even not being an AuraVox I am very please with it more than the noise making Beats. Perhaps Beats is made for people who like today’s extremely high bass music, I am more into classic rock and rock but not rock and roll

      • LakhiD

        Beats Premium Audio sound in my Renegade is not that good. Just hyped up.

  • J Brown

    Why would you want to ruin a car by fitting beats?

  • Any way to get a better sound system than this in a 500 or Abarth? Abarth has really been on my mind and I don’t have a car at the moment…but I don’t think I can stomach Beats sound…I’ve been ruined by really good headphones (HD 650, HE500). I don’t really want to be stuck with a ‘fart-can’ audio system if it’s at all possible.

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  • tandrews

    Beats doesn’t have enough bass but then again I have 13.5 in jl w7s 1200$ each 4000 watts of pure clean bass and 600 watts of jl tweeters jl audio is the only way to go … However beats is right there in sound quality all you people who don’t know anything about sound should quit bashing on top of the line sound equipment

    • Al

      Ha ha ha you cannot put ‘Beats’ and sound quality in the same sentence. You sir, have no idea what real sound quality is. Brainwash masses indeed.

  • akash
  • Emilio

    Want to hear really good music in a really sharp car? Get a new Lincoln MKZ with the THX II Certified sound system. Not only does this system, considered the best manufacturer-provided system in any brand with the best speakers, have plenty of power and exquisite sound, but it plays .WAV files from a flash drive all the way to a TB! That way you don’t have to settle for mp3 garbage sound and don’t have to drag 10,000 CDs with you! What is the point of great speakers with a lousy input signal anyway? It totally defeats the purpose and existence of the speakers. Try it. You will be amazed.

    Lincoln is not your old man’s car anymore!

  • Bruce

    Today I bought the Fiat 500 sport. I did not listen to the radio when I took the display model for a test ride. If I would have I would have never bought this car. Fiat should be ashamed of themselves and every dealer who sells this car with the beats radio and it. The only thing I can say about the beats system is YOU GOT BEAT ! do not under any conditions get this system. My only way to describe it is it sounds like a nine transistor a.m. radio from the 1960s it is appalling tinny and has No power!

  • sensor

    I have started replacing this system a bit at a time. First begin with some sound deadening. Then either a new head unit or speakers. I chose speakers since everything is going to be cracked open anyway. Installed the Focal Expert PS 165s and wow,, very crisp, the tweets are money you can actually hear some highs and mids. Going to deaden the floor next and install a better cabinet for the sub and replace the head unit with a Kenwood KVT-7012BT so i can control the EQ better and just have a cleaner signal without the “exclusive Digital Sound Processing (DSP) algorithm” which is probably 60% of the sound quality problems.

  • Krinj

    Surprisingly, the Beats Audio system in my little bucket doesn’t sound half bad. But I would never willingly add Beats or buy anything Beats. My car just happened to have it. Otherwise, unless you’re a 15 year old hip-hop teeny-bopper, Beats is just an overpriced, gimmicky product- set the bass to 11 and sell it as “premium audio.”

  • Michael

    is the Beats Audio System the upgraded sound, or is it the standard sound system?

  • Bo Keeton

    Anyone know which wires are in & out on beats sub? Please help

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