Arianna’s American Dream Comes True

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  Arianna, a successful singer and actress in her homeland of Italy, never imagined that a cameo on Torna a Surriento, featured in the popular FIAT® 500 commercial Immigrants,” would one day lead to her first American single. “Sexy People – The FIAT Song,” is an exuberant international anthem that transcends cultures and establishes her as a musical artist in the U.S. As a young girl, Arianna was heavily influenced by music, growing up in the vibrant graces of her mother, Italian pop singer Graziella Caly. Arianna found inspiration from the voices of classic American musicians she heard as a child.  Admittedly, Arianna was somewhat apprehensive to follow in the musical path of her mother, but she prospered and developed her own unique sound. Even though she is just beginning her career in America, Arianna has already carved a successful reputation in Italy. Her journey to stardom began at age 14 as the voice of Disney in Italy. The multi-talented performer starred in several Italian films and televisions shows and major Italian theater productions including Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz and Pinocchio. Among Arianna’s most recognizable achievements, she had the privilege of being personally selected by Pope John Paul II to perform in front of an audience of 350,000 in Rome. It wasn't until Arianna's first spotlight on the FIAT 500 commercial Immigrants” that America began to take notice of this talented Italian powerhouse. She even captivated the attention of national recording companies and signed, impressively, with RCA Recordings.

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With the help of her new friends, Arianna's American video debut, “Sexy People – The FIAT Song,” is guaranteed to heat up coastlines and clubs nationwide. Have you seen the star-studded video for “Sexy People – The FIAT Song”? Which of Arianna’s friends were you most surprised to see make an appearance in the video?
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